Concluded a partnership agreement for the purpose of promoting initiatives that contribute to “sustainability and stability” and “improvement of regional value” in infrastructure projects

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Concluded a partnership agreement for the purpose of promoting initiatives that contribute to “sustainability and stability” and “improvement of regional value” in infrastructure projects

Tokyo Gas Network Co., Ltd. (President: Kunio Nohata), TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. (President: Tadanori Kaneko), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (President: Naoki Shibuya), Today, we concluded a partnership agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) aimed at resolving social issues.
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In order to prepare for the recent severe typhoon damage and large-scale natural disasters such as an earthquake directly hitting the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is necessary to further strengthen the resilience of lifelines. There is also a demand for the establishment of a sustainable recycling-oriented society by solving social issues in the infrastructure business. In order to achieve these goals, it is essential to link “gas,” “electricity,” and “communications,” which play a major role in the social infrastructure. Therefore, by concluding this agreement, we will utilize the strengths of each company’s business and promote initiatives that contribute to improving regional value through mutual cooperation.
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-Outline of this Agreement-
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-Company comments-
■ Tokyo Gas Network Co., Ltd. President Kunio Nohata
I think it is very meaningful for the three infrastructure companies that protect the same region to work together. Infrastructure operators, including two companies, have already participated in this year’s disaster drills. By having the opportunity to understand the characteristics of each company, I was able to imagine various possibilities such as building a common platform for the three companies and unifying information and data. In addition, by bringing together, layering, and multiplying the strengths of each company’s business, we aim to continuously strengthen regional infrastructure and further improve social value, not only in emergencies but also in normal times.
■ TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. President and CEO Yoshinori Kaneko
In response to recent natural disasters that have become more severe and spread over a wide area, there is a need for further strengthening of resilience, accurate information transmission and early recovery in the event of a disaster. This three-company partnership agreement is not only an initiative that contributes to the resolution of common social issues surrounding such infrastructure companies, but also improves convenience for customers and creates new opportunities by eliminating barriers between businesses and human resources. We will work together to achieve the common goal of providing services. In addition, in order to achieve carbon neutrality, we will take on the challenge of creating new value through collaboration and
collaboration with business operators, including those in other industries. I want to
■Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Representative Director and President Naoki Shibuya
We provide telecommunications services to connect local customers, such as fixed-line communications such as telephone and optical broadband services, and wireless services such as WiFi, LPWA, and local 5G. The maintenance cost of communication infrastructure, which is increasing even with the declining population, is a major management issue. In promoting smart infrastructure that utilizes digital technology, it is unprecedented for companies representing telecommunications, electric power, and gas to collaborate beyond their own interests, and I believe that it will have a great impact on the world. We are here. With this agreement as a stimulus, we will increase the number of new colleagues who share issues and purposes, and contribute to the realization of digital transformation in the infrastructure field and the creation of a sustainable society. -another paper-
Concluded a partnership agreement for the purpose of promoting initiatives that contribute to “sustainability and stabilization” and “improvement of regional value” in infrastructure projects
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