Concur Co., Ltd. Concur opens a special website on the invoice system and electronic book storage method to further promote DX in the indirect cost area

Concur Co., Ltd.
Concur opens a special website on the invoice system and electronic book preservation law to further promote DX in the indirect cost area
Concur Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masamune Mimura, hereinafter referred to as Concur), a leader in the business trip and expense management cloud, has released a special website regarding the invoice system and the electronic book preservation law. Recently, companies of various industries and sizes are embarking on the DX conversion of the expense settlement area, partly due to the tailwind of the government’s legal revisions. It is important to operate without problems in terms of governance in accordance with the law, rather than simply improving efficiency. However, due to the need for a correct understanding of the legal system and concerns about an increase in work burden, there are many companies that are at a standstill in promoting DX.
Concur is a site that provides the latest information on the invoice system and the Electronic Book Storage Act, based on its track record of leading the deregulation of the Electronic Book Storage Act, in order to support the conversion of more companies to DX in the indirect cost area. has been published.
[List of major contents]
Special site: Conker Learning Library
・ How to proceed with accounting DX starting from the invoice system and correspondence to the revised electronic book law
Speaker: Mr. Kikuzo Sodeyama, Tax Accountant, Director of SKJ General Tax Accountant Office
Content: Response to the consumption tax invoice system starting in October 2023 for all companies.
Mr. Sodeyama, a tax accountant, explains in an easy-to-understand manner how to deal with the electronic invoice system and how to comply with the revised Electronic Book Act.
・There is no “grace period” for “electronic trading”
~ “Appeasement measures” are not “deferment” or “postponement” ~ Speaker: Mr. Kiyoho Nakata, Certified Public Accountant
Contents: The revision of the “Electronic Book Storage Law” passed in 2021 provided a two-year “appeasement measure”, but it is regarded as a “grace period” and the necessary system maintenance has not been completed. The reality is that many companies remain. Mr. Nakata, a certified public accountant, will sound the alarm on this matter and explain what companies need to do now.
・Introduction of the revised electronic book preservation law application case using SAP Concur
Speaker: Hitoshi Nakajima, Concur Co., Ltd.
Contents: As the introduction of the Electronic Book Preservation Act expands, there may be some people in charge who are unable to apply it due to concerns about the workload and governance aspects. We will use SAP Concur to dispel concerns and introduce best practices based on multiple tax reform application cases in 2021.
・Understand in 30 minutes! Electric Book Law Series: 2020 Tax Reform Edition Contents: A series of explanations on the use of the electronic book storage method, close to the person in charge of accounting who is worried, correct understanding of the contents of the revision, and support to thoroughly utilize the electronic book storage method. [White Paper]
・[FY2020 tax reform response] Complete guide to digitizing receipts and invoices Concur will continue to aim for a “world without expense
reimbursement” by expanding the services of SAP Concur and sharing knowledge about the electronic book law and invoice system.
About Conker Manabi Library
The work style that relies on “receipts and invoices” in the accounting department has become a social problem, and the government is moving forward with legal revisions under the slogan of moving away from “personal, paper, and seal”. It has been amended and the situation is rapidly changing. There is also an invoice system that cannot be avoided when digitizing invoices.
As a learning library, Concur summarizes the knowledge of Concur, which has led the deregulation of the Electronic Book Storage Law. Deepen your knowledge of the electronic book storage law and invoice system, and promote the conversion of accounting operations to DX.
About Concur Co., Ltd.
Established in October 2010 as the Japanese subsidiary of SAP Concur, the world’s largest business travel and expense management cloud. “Concur Expense”, “Concur Travel”, and “Concur Invoice” will support the sophistication of corporate indirect cost management and work style reform for employees. We provide a group of cloud services that For more information about Concur, please visit About SAP Concur
SAP Concur is the world’s leading brand of integrated travel, expense and invoice management solutions, seeking to simplify and automate these processes. SAP Concur’s award-winning mobile apps support employee travel, automate expense entry, and automate invoice approvals. Using AI to integrate and analyze real-time data enables efficient spend management. SAP Concur solutions eliminate
time-consuming tasks, help you work more efficiently, and help your business run at its best. Learn more at or the SAP Concur blog.
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