Contents Data Marketing Co., Ltd. Adopted “Uniikeyz” for Kodansha’s online “knowledge” school “Aca demeia”

Content Data Marketing Co., Ltd.
“Uniikeyz” adopted for “Academeia”, a school of “knowledge” delivered online by Kodansha
-The first offering will be a subscription to “Koichiro Kokubun’s Philosophy Laboratory,” where philosopher Koichiro Kokubun talks about philosophy through videos and texts-

・Uniikeyz from CDM was adopted for Kodansha’s online philosophical content “Academeia”
・ Readers can easily enjoy videos and texts with a subscription We are pleased to announce that “Uniikeyz” provided by Contents Data Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Osamu Yoshiba, hereinafter referred to as CDM) has been adopted for Kodansha’s online service “Academeia” site. increase. The “Academeia” site realizes member management with “Uniikey”, builds services using the CMS function and paid membership function of “Uniikey D2C Cloud”, and provides services and engagement measures for members such as e-mail magazines limited to paid members. is realized with “Uniikey Experience Cloud”.
About “Academeia”
“Academia” is an online media that replaces conventional books, and its origin is the school of “intelligence” of the same name founded by the philosopher Plato, which actually existed in the 4th century BC. In this service, as a 21st century academy, we will open laboratories of various genres.
Please experience the world of diverse “knowledge” by researchers who are active at the forefront.
In this service, philosopher Koichiro Kokubun talks to readers with videos and texts that are updated monthly.
Readers can enjoy the world of knowledge with a subscription (monthly billing). -Academy Website-
About “Uniikeyz”
“Uniikeyz” is a service for smartly conducting content fan business for all companies that provide fan business. “Uniikeyz” consists of the following three products.
・”Uniikey” Member authentication and management service to remember fans. Unique and Universal Key.
・”Uniikey Experience Cloud” Data marketing platform for smart communication with fans.
・ “Uniikey D2C Cloud” A service that realizes content fan business on one site. [Image


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