Cordless era A popular cordless hair iron that is convenient for traveling and carrying

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[Cordless era] A popular cordless hair iron that is convenient for traveling and carrying
Compact curling irons are convenient to take with you on trips or spas!
KEYNICE is a trademark of Fulin Weier Technology Co., Ltd., located in Hong Kong, and a partner company of Merishaw Japan Co., Ltd. “KEY” means “key”, “key point”, “solution” and “solution key”. It is our desire to find the “key” to make life beautiful and enjoyable, and to enrich people’s lives, and to provide it as a product. It focuses on people’s home life, travel and office. We focus on simplicity and comfort. Free yourself from all kinds of annoying things and things. [Image 1

Change your style depending on your daily mood
Why choose KEYNICE curling irons?
1. Unlike conventional curling irons, it is cordless and you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled during use. The compact design makes it easy to carry.
2. LCD display design allows you to check the temperature display and battery level at a glance.
3. Compared to other irons, it has multiple layers of protection: temperature lock function, automatic power off, battery protection device, etc., making it more convenient to use.
[Image 2

“Reduce damage to hair”
[Image 3

●The movable cushion plate reduces damage to the hair and allows you to create a glossy and straight hair.

“Straight & curl combined use”
[Image 4

●When the iron body is closed, the circular head can create fluffy curls. ● If you straighten the back hair and curl the bangs properly, you can finish it with this single curling iron.

“Temperature Control”
[Image 5

● The surface of the plate has a professional ceramic coating, which not only heats up quickly, but also makes it easier to transfer heat evenly.
●Automatic temperature control prevents temperature drop or
overheating during styling.

“LCD display”
[Image 6

●With an LED indicator, the set temperature and battery level are displayed on the display, so you can check the usage and charging status at a glance.
“Temperature lock function”
[Image 7

● After setting the temperature, press and hold the power button and temperature control button at the same time to lock the temperature. It is okay to press the button carelessly during use.

“Lock button style curling iron”
[Image 8

●When using, press the unlock button to open the plate.
●When not in use, press the open/close lock button to close the plate.

Product Specifications

[Image 9

[Table 2: ]
KEYNICE cordless hair iron (white):
KEYNICE Cordless Hair Iron (Black):
Twitter campaign held
To commemorate the release of the new “KEYNICE” product, we are holding a Twitter campaign [3rd edition] that will win 3 people by lottery for the cordless hair iron “KN-2606S”. It is also recommended as a present for your loved ones.
·way to participate:
1. Follow the KEYNICE official Twitter account
@keyniceJapan (
2. Retweet the corresponding campaign post
3. Increase your odds of winning with a comment
・ Application period: November 3, 2022 (Thursday) to November 14, 2022 (Monday) 23:59
・ Prize: KEYNICE cordless hair iron (KN-2606S) will be presented to 3 people by lottery

Details about this release:

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