Corona has been trending for 3 years. A ring that supports couples who can laugh off negative env ironments. A new ring with a smile motif appears from the jewelry brand “Aflax”

Yasuei Co., Ltd.
-Wedding ring-It’s been 3 years since the corona epidemic. A ring that supports couples who can laugh off negative environments. A new ring with a smile motif appears from the jewelry brand “Aflax”
“What a ring can do” Made in Japan brand from the customer’s point of view
The customer-oriented jewelry brand AFFLUX, which has been nominated for many dramas and movies, will announce a new work with a smile motif that makes them laugh about negative things.
Yubiwa Kotoba “Let’s smile”.
AFFLUX bridal jewelry has a reason to be chosen by happy couples who value their “unity of two”.
One of the reasons for this is that Yubiwa Kotoba is like the language of flowers, and each ring has the feelings and determination that couples need to spend their lives together.
The Yubiwa word “Let’s smile” attached to this new work says, “Let’s not be swayed by the situation in the world, laugh off the negative things, and find happiness together.” I am drawing a couple. [Image 1

Two engagement rings from the top, two bottom wedding rings (pairing)

[Image 2

What facial expressions do you have in mind? A ring that makes you smile every time you look at it
Product overview of N.I.K.O.
・Product name: N.I.K.O.
・ Yubiwa Kotoba (R) ︎: “Let’s smile”
A ring designed with a smile as a motif. Yubiwa Kotoba (R) says, “I hope you will not be swayed by the situation in the world, laugh off the negative things, and find happiness for the two of you. ] is included.
・Price and materials:
Engagement ring ¥327,800
 Half eternity/on photo, platinum x pink gold/diamond 0.145ct Engagement ring ¥288,200~
 Second from the top of the photo, center diamond 0.2ct~ *You can choose according to your preference
Wedding ring ¥173,800
Nico parts included/3rd from top in photo, platinum x pink gold Wedding ring ¥212,300
Nico parts engraving/bottom photo, platinum
・ Sales date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Product details:
[Image 3

■ Negative Invader Kick Out
“Kick out bad feelings and things!”
The company announced this new work with the desire to “give the world a ring that will support couples who can laugh at the negative environment in a world where it is difficult to hear bright topics due to the effects of infection control and recession.”
I hope that you will not be swayed by the situation in the world, laugh off the negative things, and grab the happiness of the two of you.

[Image 4

N.I.K.O. Image of “Let’s smile”
engagement ring
Engagement ring (center diamond): The center diamond has three prongs. The round and rounded K18 pink gold stone seat gives a warm
impression. The smile part in the center shines with platinum, reminiscent of a bright smile.
Engagement Ring (Half Eternity): A practical design that can be worn as both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The smile parts are made of 18K pink gold, and the arm is made of platinum.
[Image 5

[Image 6

wedding ring (marriage ring)
Engagement rings and half eternity rings are available in a form similar to that of the round instep type. Both designs are accented with smiley parts in the center. Assuming that you can wear it every day, it feels very smooth on your finger and comfortable to wear. [Image 7

perfect set ring
The design symbolizes the smiles of the two, so you can freely choose a combination such as layering. Please pursue a style that makes both of you smile, such as changing the direction of how you wear it and combining it.
[Image 8

If you wear it like the photo, your partner can see the smile motif. [Image 9

It’s fun to report on their daily life and marriage

Find Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings Together at the New Museum Shop At “AFFLUX”, which has a flagship shop in Umeda, Osaka,
Necklaces and earrings with the same concept as each bridal jewelry are lined up on the wall like an art museum, and you can enjoy choosing a ring with Yubiwa Kotoba (R), which is a feature of the company’s rings that couples want to cherish throughout their lives. The company believes that the secret to how happy couples can continue to be close to their grandparents is to always “convey their feelings” to their partner.
Words for loved ones, words that make you feel for the other person, and words for the future of two people are put into Yubiwa words and worn as a “happiness charm”.
[Image 10

More than 180 kinds of original designs are lined up in the store where two people can move freely.
·store information
AFFLUX BRIDAL Umeda Main Store
A cafe space and an atelier laboratory are attached. You can observe the work of designers and craftsmen from the storefront.
Address: Herbis PLAZA ENT 2F, 2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
Access: Subway Midosuji Line “Umeda Station”, Yotsubashi Line “Nishi-Umeda Station”, JR “Osaka Station”, Hanshin Railway “Umeda Station”, Hankyu Railway “Umeda Station”
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 Same as Herbis Plaza ENT
Phone number: 06-6341-9310
Infectious disease prevention measures: Instagram: @afflux_ceremony
Store information:
High quality and build that lasts a lifetime
On the side (girdle) 1. “Yubiwa Kotoba (R)” of the ring you chose 2. AFFLUX brand logo 3. The GIA report number described in the appraisal certificate is engraved with a laser. It is a one-of-a-kind diamond engraved with feelings and trust.
It is a conflict-free diamond that proves the identity of the diamond and the certificate and has a clear sales channel. Rest assured that GIA will store your report number permanently and can be verified online.
[Image 12


Infinity custom-made
Pt900×K18 pink gold (as shown in the photo)
The material can be changed to 3 types of platinum (super hard platinum 900, hard platinum 950, platinum 999) and 4 types of K18 gold (pink gold, yellow gold, champagne gold, white gold).
The price is the same no matter which material you choose. In the case of photos, any of them is ¥327,800.
[Image 15d10808-56-b3058a62779f4d470e9c-15.jpg&s3=10808-56-c880704bcd590daf4f1de343c2274b47-1080x2160.jpg
Engagement ring from top/as sample platinum x pink gold, center yellow gold, bottom platinum

Gifts for all visitors
All visitors to the store will receive an “Amazon gift card worth 500 yen”! Please visit AFFLUX partner shops (authorized dealers) nationwide and show the screen you are looking at to the store staff.
The staff will give you a QR code for applying for gifts.
Please feel free to stop by during your wedding preparations. *Limited to customers considering purchasing bridal jewelry. *Limited to one per group.
* After applying, please answer the web questionnaire and send the form. We will send it to your email address within 2 weeks after sending.
*Please check the precautions in the form before applying.
*If you do not receive the gift within 2 weeks, please contact us using the inquiry form.
Fair details:
Efforts to protect the global environment
Based on AFFLUX’s design concept “Earth”, we are aiming for
“Environmental Conservation x New Customer Service”. If you can cooperate with simple packaging, please let us know.
We look forward to your visit with services that will please our customers while protecting the future where we can walk together with the miraculous planet “Earth” where we met our loved ones.
■ Company Profile
Yasuei Co., Ltd.
*”Yubiwa Kotoba” is a registered trademark of Yasuei Co., Ltd. ■ Store information/services
Click here for a list of 80 stores nationwide: Click here for the online showroom (free fitting service at home):

Details about this release:


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