Corundum Systems Biology Co., Ltd. Announcing the 2022 Corundum Systems Biology Award Winners

Corundum System Biology Co., Ltd.
Corundum Systems Biology Award 2022 Winners Announced
At IHMC KOBE 2022 International Human Microbiome Consortium
International Conference

At the International Conference of the International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC KOBE 2022 held in Kobe from November 8 to 10, 2022, research topics that lead to social implementation in the microbiome area Announcement of the Corundum Systems Biology Award (CSB Award) given to researchers working on The first recipient of the CSB Award was Dr. Trishla Sinha, a Dutch researcher on immune development in infants. An awards ceremony was held on the final day of the conference.

Trishla Sinha (Ph.D. Candidate)
Nationality: Dutch
Affiliation: University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands Research Topic: The crosstalk between infant bile acids and gut microbiome its consequences on health
Hidehiko Otake, CEO of Corundum System Biology, said the following about the reason for receiving the award. “Trishra Sinha’s research is a large and comprehensive study of immune development in infants and is an important study for lifelong well-being from infancy to old age. We believe that this research is suitable for the Corundum Systems Biology Award because we expect it to lead to social implementation, such as the development of intervention methods based on disease prediction models.”
Ms. Sinha made the following comments on receiving the award. “We are very pleased to receive the CSB Award. Funding from this award will be used for research to better understand the role of gut bacteria in bile acid metabolism in infants. In Lifelines NEXT, a cohort study of over 1200 mother-infant couples in the northern Netherlands, we believe that cross-talk between gut bacteria and bile acids plays a major role in the subsequent development of the disease. It will be studied.”
Sinha’s supervisor, Professor Alexandra Zhernakova, said: “Trishula is the metagenomic lead for Lifelines NEXT. She has strong organizational and analytical skills, as well as a clear scientific vision, and this award recognizes the importance of her scientific ideas. I am very happy to receive Trishla’s award and thank Corundum Systems Biology for giving this opportunity to PhD students. doing.”
The CSB Award is presented by Corundum System Biology Co., Ltd. as a continuous support for microbiome research, new scientific discoveries related to the microbiome, creation of start-up companies and new businesses, human health and quality of life. This award is given to excellent researchers who contribute to the improvement of life. The winner will receive a supplementary prize of US$10,000.
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