Cosic Co., Ltd. Metaverse photography cloud “COSIC Photo Studio” can be linked with Ricoh’s “RICOH360 Tours” a nd “THETA” to enable shooting of 360° images.

Cosic Co., Ltd.
Metaverse photography cloud “COSIC Photo Studio” links with Ricoh’s “RICOH360 Tours” and “THETA”, making it possible to shoot 360-degree images

Cosic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryotoshi Muto, hereinafter referred to as COSIC) is a service that allows you to shoot realistic images like photos in the metaverse space “COSIC Photo Studio” * 1. RICOH360 Tours and THETA cloud services provided by Ricoh Co., Ltd.*2 (head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshinori Yamashita; hereinafter referred to as Ricoh) are compatible with 360-degree image rendering. ※We started cooperation with 3. [Image 1d40508-14-f2a525efe19271b0de78-1.png&s3=40508-14-821e62fb6e2d14d69c62c7f081d6c165-3000x600.png
With support for shooting 360-degree images, it can be used by any furniture maker or real estate company by using it together with Ricoh Co., Ltd.’s 360-degree virtual tour creation software “RICOH360 Tours” and “THETA”. You will be able to easily create a 3DCG showroom.
Through the provision of this service, COSIC is committed to the democratization of photoreal 3DCG and will support brand communication that conveys the appeal of products and properties.
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About 360° image support of Metaverse photography SaaS “COSIC Photo Studio” ■ Background
In the real estate industry, the spread of “virtual home staging,” which arranges CG furniture data on live-action 360-degree images, is accelerating. On the other hand, before the project is completed, we have no choice but to ask an external production company to produce a 3D perspective, which requires a lot of man-hours such as paying a cost of over 100,000 yen and handing over materials and checking back. In the real estate industry, it is required to conduct effective promotions by using both digital and real, and we hope that the collaboration between COSIC Photo Studio, RICOH360 Tours and THETA will be a new option for real estate operators. I will aim. Full CG 360° image produced by COSIC Photo Studio ■ Purpose of collaboration and future vision
Under the mission of “creating new information distribution with 3D technology”, COSIC is developing its business with a commitment to the democratization of 3DCG as seen in photographs. This collaboration brings us closer to realizing our mission, and we believe that it will be a beneficial collaboration for both COSIC users, RICOH360 Tours and users.
■ Comments from Ricoh
RICOH360 Tours and THETA are used by many real estate companies. could not be created. Through this collaboration, real estate companies will be able to create and share virtual tours with customers even before construction starts or is completed. I hope. Ricoh Company, Ltd
Smart Vision Business Center Sales & Promotion Office Japan Sales Group Leader Mie Shigeyama
*1 About “COSIC Photo Studio” (URL: “COSIC Photo Studio” started service in October 2022 and has provided a metaverse photography cloud that allows you to easily create 3DCG like photos.
The brands and manufacturers that have introduced the system have appreciated the effects of reducing costs and labor in taking product photos and creating proposal materials for each customer, and the system continues to grow.
*2 About Ricoh Co., Ltd. (Ricoh Group)
The Ricoh Group supports the digital transformation of customers and provides digital services, printing and imaging solutions that lead their businesses to success in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. 758.5 ​​billion yen).
[Image 3d40508-14-a0d27def48b0ccb7b9f1-2.png&s3=40508-14-97907299a172b781f038db3ff3391a4d-2500x620.png
imagine. change. For more than 85 years since our founding, we have been close to our customers’ work. We will continue to contribute to the improvement of human resources and the realization of a
sustainable society.
See here for more information.
*3 About RICOH360
[Image 4d40508-14-fb4d90785dd1da8f7a20-3.png&s3=40508-14-c771776501433bfc0e57ef4aa7f05ad5-799x128.png
“RICOH360” is a collective term for the RICOH THETA, a compact digital camera that can capture 360-degree images in one shot, and the “cross-industry 360 platform service” that provides data services that utilize the 360-degree images.
With the unique strength of Ricoh, which can develop both hardware (cameras) and software (data services), we will provide
high-value-added 360-degree image and video platform services, and activate the global data business based on 360-degree images. We aim to become
Cosic Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Cosic Co., Ltd.
Location: JPnoie 1F, 1-33-6 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: July 2018
Representative Director: Ryotoshi Muto
Business description: Development and provision of the Metaverse photography cloud “COSIC Photo Studio”

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