Cosmoroute Co., Ltd. Released media “Homu DX Lab.” to promote legal business reform and DX

Cosmoroute Co., Ltd.
Released media “Homu DX Lab.” to promote legal business reform and DX
Cosmoroute Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Chairman: Naoki Maeda) is an owned media “Homu DX Lab.” We have started offering.
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◆Media concept◆
The operating company, Cosmoroute Co., Ltd., provides the contract business DX service “Legarage”. Legalage is a service that was planned and developed by engineers with practical experience in legal affairs to solve problems that they felt from their experience in the legal department.
We established Homu DX Lab. with the idea that the information obtained from the customer’s issues and the review of our own operations through Legalage would be beneficial to those involved in contract work.
Legal DX Lab. will provide useful information from the perspective of operational efficiency and DX.
The articles are categorized in an easy-to-understand manner, and we also cover a wide range of legal tech.
◆Free downloadable content◆
We also have free downloadable content that can be used in actual contract management work, so please make use of it.
[Download URL:] [Image 2d77093-3-2aa55e7c81105b1a3e24-1.png&s3=77093-3-e33a760fa1cf934cdafecc9bc416874a-790x540.png

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Stay tuned for future updates.
◆About Cosmo Route◆
Cosmoroot Co., Ltd. is a tech company with the philosophy of “transforming knowledge into value and bringing joy and happiness to all people”. Since our founding in 1987, we have been solving customer business problems through the design, development, and maintenance of various systems, including business systems. Since 2020, we have operated the contract management cloud service “Legarage”. We provide digital solutions for businesses and industries where conventional methods remain customary, supporting the realization of diverse work styles and improved productivity.
Company name: Cosmoroute Co., Ltd. | Tokyo Headquarters
Location: 2-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Meiji Seimei Building 8F Representative: Chairman and Representative Director: Naoki Maeda URL:
TEL: TEL 03-6259-1361 (representative)
◆Regarding Legalage◆
“Legarage” is a cloud service that converts the flow of contract work into DX. We divide the flow of contract work into three stages: 1) contract review, 2) contract management, and 3) contract information
utilization, and streamline contract work at each stage.
1) At the contract review stage, you can record version control of Word files and communication between the legal and business
departments, as well as view and manage the contract review status within the organization.
2) Regarding contract management, you can centrally manage both paper and electronic contracts because you can import electronic contracts as well as PDF versions of paper contracts. In addition, it is also possible to prevent omission of renewal by using the renewal management function of the contract.
3) Regarding contract information utilization, in addition to being able to search for each article from the imported contract, it is also possible to create templates for articles that you want to reuse and accumulate them as knowledge within the team.


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