Courtesy mail order A gift for yourself, your family, or someone you care about. A web picture book “What co lor am I?” what color? “publish

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A great gift for yourself, your family and loved ones. A web picture book “What color am I?” what color? “publish
~ A work that gently pushes my back in search of my true self ~
Seikatsu Sogo Service (Headquarters: Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Junichi Koga), which operates the health food and cosmetics mail-order brand “Teinei Mail Order” represented by “Suppon Komachi”, is a gift story “Let’s give a small story.” As the 8th picture book of “What color am I?” what color? ] will be released. [Image 1

URL: A giftable story “Let’s give a small story” is a message gift service that allows you to send a digital picture book and a message together, completely free of charge and without registration. The service was launched in November 2020 with the idea of ​​“I want to be close to the feelings of “thank you” and “I love you” for important people who have not been put into words, and so far 7 digital picture books. This time, we have added a picture book produced by Cocorone, an Osaka-based production company that values ​​the “heart-to-heart network”.
“What color am I? what color? “about
[Image 2

I want everyone to be free and live their own lives. However, there is a lot of hesitation and anxiety. I’m curious about the surroundings… What is your true self? This work is delivered to those who can not disappear from their hearts. “Just be yourself and keep going straight, look♪”
“What color am I? what color? ] Synopsis
A woman who cares about what others do, meets a girl running happily in light blue rain boots one fine day. The girl is in a good mood because of the light blue boots she chose for the first time. Being drawn to a girl who expresses herself freely makes me feel like a switch in my heart has been flipped and a new me is starting to walk. What is your identity? Who are you really? For those who can’t get rid of such a moyamoya from their hearts. It is a work that gently pushes your back, saying, “Just keep going straight.”
[Image 3d59951-27-cb15b2d20072619e997e-2.jpg&s3=59951-27-bb4ff602bce8fc72cb0b1d3b5f99aaad-1157x674.jpg
[Image 4d59951-27-ce40b5806fee86f70b73-3.jpg&s3=59951-27-63d94fd8f33541e0be058a76b939bb61-822x773.jpg
[Image 5d59951-27-b226105e0125e9ad8046-4.jpg&s3=59951-27-e97fb7d130920e73a567d7bbc0200fe3-879x872.jpg
[Image 6d59951-27-218e1ecc41c0bf69b62c-5.jpg&s3=59951-27-55207d119f27edd668c67925580b4c7a-1014x852.jpg

Written by Cocorone
[Image 7d59951-27-33a42639cf265ea0e33c-6.png&s3=59951-27-4e3984e129fabd398f9273d127b0ab31-1200x128.png
Kokorone means the heart, the sound of the heart, and the mind. A network of hearts and hearts. communication between people. I want to deliver various thoughts and smiles to the hearts of many people. I want to connect my feelings and feelings comfortably. Advertising, public relations, creative activities… Every day, my heart is excited as I think about wonderful schemes and unexpected schemes. He advises the hesitant person in front of him, “Just be yourself and go straight ahead♪”. That’s what takes a little courage. But if I can convey that feeling through this story… Because that person knows the personality of the person the most… Please gently pat me on the back.
Illustrated by Yoshinobu Masuda (space craft)
[Image 8d59951-27-20ec4ea8e704a86e6aa7-7.jpg&s3=59951-27-adf60caeb9487cc1958575caf670eb62-473x443.jpg
After working at a design production company, he established an illustration office, space craft. Mainly using watercolor paints, he turns ordinary landscapes into memorable scenes that are somehow captivating. I aim to create such works. Graduated from Osaka Designer College. Currently a teacher at the same school.
Comment from Shiho Onaka, polite mail order
[Image 9d59951-27-76c6354ddc538aefce47-8.jpg&s3=59951-27-e2f21c6459e6704d0e3e88388e267f29-400x400.jpg
I can’t help but notice the eyes around me. I wonder if everyone has such an experience. This story makes us realize that by “progressing in our own way”, excitement and positive feelings are born. May your loved ones spend their time in their own way. I would be happy if I could deliver such an opportunity.
Seikatsu Sogo Service Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1997, Seikatsu Sogo Service Co., Ltd., which celebrated its 24th anniversary this year, is a mail-order brand of health foods and cosmetics that deliver energy and beauty to women, based on the concept of “supporting women who work hard”. Operates Teinei Mail Order. Based on the brand policy of “a long relationship even for one day,” it has strengths in building relationships with customers, and boasts a 94% continuation rate for regular purchases. Based on the idea that we can value our customers the most by valuing them from people close to us, we uphold the value standard of “valuing employees more than customers.”
Teinei Online Store Official Homepage: Suppon Komachi:
Official Instagram (@official_teinei):
“Let’s give a small story” official website:
■ Location: 6F Naniwasuji Honmachi MID Building, 2-3-2 Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0004
■ Representative: Junichi Koga, President and CEO
■ Website:
■ Business overview: Mail-order sales of health foods, cosmetics, etc. ■ Date of establishment: June 17, 1997
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