Covers industry news in food, retail, lodging/tourism, and SNS! Industry trend summary report published October 2022 version

mov Co., Ltd.
Covers industry news in food, retail, lodging/tourism, and SNS! Industry trend summary report published [October 2022 version]
mov Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Makoto Watanabe, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as mov), which operates a store support SaaS “Mouth-to-mouth com” that turns word-of-mouth sites into “more” sales, is a restaurant, retail, accommodation /
sightseeing, SNS We publish a monthly report summarizing news related to the four genres.
This month, there was news that had a major impact on the restaurant, lodging, and tourism industries, such as the resumption of Go To Eat in Tokyo and Osaka and the start of nationwide travel support. There was also an event that will affect the future of the SNS industry, such as the completion of Twitter’s acquisition by Mr. Musk. This report will give you an idea of ​​the “now” of each industry. Please request a brochure and read the details of the report. Food and beverage industry summary Summary of the retail industry Accommodation and tourism industry summary SNS news summary [Image 1

* The above image is a summary of SNS news.
■ [Restaurant industry summary] GoTo Eat resumed in Tokyo and Osaka / Kura Sushi and Misudo expand overseas stores
The restaurant industry summary covers various news related to restaurants, such as major trends and data related to the restaurant industry such as Go To Eat, trends of major chains, and interesting initiatives by stores.
This month is,
“Go To Eat” resumed
Kura Sushi to enter New York, aiming for overseas sales of 150 billion yen by 2030
Mister Donut to enter Singapore
Start a new service that only undertakes delivery / Uber
100 major restaurant chains raise prices by 60%
11 topics are explained.
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[Image 3

[Image 4

[Free] Download the restaurant industry summary ■ [Summary of the retail industry] Unmanned stores open one after another / GU attracts tourists visiting Japan with discounts by presenting passports
The retail industry summary explains the rapidly progressing “retail DX” in recent years, the trends of major chains, and interesting initiatives. We also introduce data related to retail stores. This month is,
Kansai’s first unmanned family mart, inside Kintetsu station Introduced “face recognition payment” that does not require age verification even when purchasing alcoholic beverages / Trial Company Price cuts for daily necessities, or prices on par with supermarkets / Famima Aiming to Attract Tourists from Visiting Japan with Passport-Showing Discounts / GU
13 topics are explained.
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[Image 6

[Free] Download the Retail Industry Summary ■ [Accommodation and tourism industry summary] Start of nationwide travel support / ANA, business performance V-shaped recovery The accommodation and tourism industry summary explains major movements related to the accommodation and tourism industry such as national travel support, trends in hotel chains and airlines, and interesting initiatives by accommodation and tourist facilities. We also introduce data such as overnight travel statistics.
This month is,
[National travel support] Started on October 11, troubles due to concentrated access
[National travel support] Start in Tokyo from October 26
Hotel directly connected to Haneda Airport to open in December 2022 / Sumitomo Realty & Development
Final profit of 40 billion yen, deficit of 143.8 billion yen in the previous fiscal year / ANA
13 topics are explained.
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[Image 8

[Free] Download the accommodation and tourism industry summary ↓ ■ [SNS news summary] LINE official account, price plan revision / Mr. Mask completes acquisition of Twitter
The SNS news summary explains new features and major movements related to SNS, focusing on information on SNS marketing. We also introduce the latest data such as SNS usage trends.
This month is,
New features appear in Facebook feed, to be displayed according to personal preferences
Musk completes Twitter acquisition
LINE official account, price plan revision
Sentokun tourism promotion, TikTok and Nara Prefecture tie up 17 topics are explained.
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[Image 10

[Free] Download SNS News Summary What is “” that turns word-of-mouth sites into “more” sales? [Image 11 can organize and batch update store information on map apps such as Google Maps and word-of-mouth sites, while at the same time analyzing customer reviews and distributing coupons. It is a “batch management tool for word-of-mouth sites” that converts into sales. In addition, it also contributes to increasing the number of
word-of-mouth of stores that have introduced it, so it is possible to operate stores that value customer feedback more.
It is widely used regardless of industry, such as collaborating with local governments as well as restaurants, commercial facilities, and retail stores.
[Three points of introduction of word-of-mouth communication] ■ Part 1 Manage information about your store with this one
It is a very difficult task to update store information on map apps such as Google Maps and various review sites. By updating store hours and menu information as master data, you can update store information on each site automatically and collectively.
For information that changes frequently, such as business hours, it is possible to automatically update the master data by linking with the official website. It reduces the on-site work of using chain stores and multiple word-of-mouth sites, and supports MEO measures. ■ Part 2: Analysis of word-of-mouth with this one
You can centrally manage the reviews of shops scattered on various review sites. You can also start surveys or import surveys that you have conducted yourself.
By analyzing customer feedback, you can easily perform detailed analysis based on customer feedback, such as viewing by prefecture or franchisee, as well as recent trends such as word-of-mouth and ★ number analysis.
■ Part 3 This is the only move that leads to sales
You can also deliver customer-attracting measures such as coupon distribution and sale announcements on word-of-mouth sites and map apps all at once.
You can collectively deliver “measures that make customers want to come to the store”, such as announcements of sales, events, and campaigns on Google Maps, and leaflet data distribution of leaflet apps.
Read more about word of 【Company Profile】
Company name: mov Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin- Building 4F, 3-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Makoto Watanabe
Established: September 2015
URL: Business description:
Operation of word-of-mouth website batch management tool “”
URL: Operation of “Mouth Labo”, a store information media specializing in MEO and word-of-mouth marketing
URL: Operation of “Visit Japan Lab”, one of the largest media in the inbound industry
URL: Operation of “Visiting”, a document request site
specializing in inbound measures

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