Create an opportunity to “think when using”. Changed the name of the eco-friendly paper file series to “Econan” and opened the website

Kosoku Offset Co., Ltd.
Create an opportunity to “think when using”. Changed the name of the eco-friendly paper file series to “Econan” and opened the website The brand name of the paper file series is “eco-nan”, aiming to realize a society in which everyone who makes, buys, and uses is conscious of the environment, rather than just “plastic-free”.
Kosoku Offset Co., Ltd. (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka; representative: Shinichi Hashimoto; hereinafter Kosoku Offset) has decided to change the brand name of its paper clear file series to ” The website has been opened under the name eco-nan.

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■Creating a system that encourages people to keep thinking about the environment, asking, “Why is it eco-friendly?” and “What is
eco-friendly?” Background of opening the “eco-nan” website
In recent years, high-speed offset has been receiving more inquiries about paper files from the perspective of eliminating plastic. the paper file
・Can write
・You can choose transparent or non-transparent
・Can be shredded
・Recyclable as paper waste
While there are advantages such as
・Weak against water
・There is some anxiety about strength
・Easy to bend
There is also a disadvantage.
Instead of simply using paper because it is “environmentally friendly” or “because it will be plastic-free,” comparing plastic and paper files and having them use files that suit their purposes will lead to the realization of a sustainable society. Then I thought.
In order for those who inquire about printing and production to know in what ways they are eco-friendly, we have changed the name of the paper file series that we have been handling until now to “eco-nan”. I gave it a brand name.
Instead of “changing to eco-friendly materials because they are in fashion”, “Why is it eco-friendly?”
“Where is eco?”
I hope that I can help you create a system that knows resources, chooses and uses them.
■We are particular about material. Paper file that can be selected from 3 types In addition, we reexamined the materials of paper files, and developed only paper files of “FSC (R) certified paper” or “banana paper” as the Econan series.
Since there are many companies who want to purchase paper files from the perspective of being environmentally friendly, we would like to clarify the point of “what kind of material the paper file is made of and where it is made.” I’m here.
・FSC(R) certified paper
Paper made from wood shipped from properly managed forests. It is possible to print the “FSC mark”, which means that environmentally friendly materials are used.
・Banana paper
The paper is made from banana stem fibers and is traded on a fair trade basis. In addition to environmental issues, we can also approach poverty and employment issues, and contribute to all 17 SDGs. You can choose from three types: the “hard to see through type” and “transparent type” that use FSC (R) certified paper, or the “banana paper type” made from banana stem fiber.
[Image 2d90597-24-b911f60b27c6ed7cd4eb-2.jpg&s3=90597-24-782074397ef6fe00d4a34c97a7a887d8-400x300.jpg
[Image 3d90597-24-d61963f0171cff9e7ae0-4.jpg&s3=90597-24-c073b21d6918c97ee47dfa6fdda060ac-400x300.jpg
[Image 4d90597-24-afaad3db66ae6e7cfb66-3.jpg&s3=90597-24-b31b6445776ecb445370e4eba0b6fcd1-400x300.jpg
* Paper files of other papers are currently under consideration. At Kosoku Offset, we will continue to deepen our research so that we can continue to provide high-quality services for companies that want to choose and use them for a sustainable future.
■ What is high-speed offset?
[Image 5d90597-24-5fa221cc2af533769f0f-1.png&s3=90597-24-83ce0c147e1a1dc607a26615c55ec704-400x110.png
Kosoku Offset Co., Ltd. is a core comprehensive printing company that supports Mainichi Shimbun Group Holdings. Established in 1986, “From idea to delivery. Under the slogan of “transmit what you want to convey”, we handle not only the main printing business, but also the production (paper/web) business, publishing business, online shopping business, and the development of our own products as services. Stable printing technology
We have a large number of printing presses, including newspaper printing presses and commercial rotary presses, and have achieved stable printing performance.
Providing products with awareness of SDGs
Acquired FSC(R)-COC certification on April 2, 2008. Focusing on the use of environmentally friendly printing technology and paper for many years, we handle a wide range of products that support SDGs such as waterless printing, vegetable oil ink, biomass ink, banana paper, bagasse paper / Tanzania cotton paper. We are also working on carbon offsets.
Be aware of the media mix
We also focus on the coexistence of paper and digital, and continue to take on the challenge of achieving further growth beyond the traditional framework of “printing.”
We provide convenient services and self-developed products such as “Qube” that allows you to issue gachas and coupons on your smartphone, “”, a cross-border service, and “Hitokoma” that allows you to create an original calendar by combining your favorite photos. . ■ Company Profile
Company name: Kosoku Offset Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-4-5 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka (Mainichi Shimbun Building 6F) Representative Director: Shinichi Hashimoto
■ Inquiries about this project
Please contact the following for inquiries regarding this project. ・Inquiry by mail form
・Inquiries by phone number
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