Credit Saison Co., Ltd. A new commercial for “Saison American Express (R) Card” featuring Nozomi Sasaki wi ll be released from Sunday, November 20.

Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
A new commercial for “Saison American Express (R) Card” starring Nozomi Sasaki will be released from Sunday, November 20th.
Please pay attention to the charming interactions between Mr. Nozomi Sasaki and the alien, which unfolds under the theme of “Peace”, “People” and “Love”!

Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director, President and COO: Katsumi Mizuno; hereafter: Credit Saison) has produced a new commercial for the “Saison American Express (R) Card”. I was.
As a sequel to the “Earthling Series” starring Nozomi Sasaki, which has been airing since December 2021, three patterns of “People Live”, “Rock Paper Scissors” and “Worries” will be aired on November 20 (Sunday). ) will be released on ABEMA and Credit Saison YouTube channels.
“People Live Hen (30 seconds)”
“Rock-paper-scissors (30 seconds)” “Worries (30 seconds)”
[Image 1

In this commercial, as a series that thinks a little about the future of the earth in space, the grandeur of the “Saison American Express (R) Card” that can be used according to the needs of a wide range of customers, and the “Earthling”. The copy expresses that it is not special for earthlings to have and use this card.
In addition, the new CM will send out the messages of “peace,” “love,” and “people,” and will make you think more deeply about various problems on earth.
[Image 2

Only by going outside can you see the beauty of the Earth: “Human Inhabitation Edition”
Mr. Sasaki and Alien Tugo quietly stare at the earth from space. You can hear beautiful music there. People live on the earth because there is music, and love is born because people live.
It is a story that speaks from distant space about the beauty and various problems of the earth.
[Video 4:]

A peaceful solution to sukoyaka “rock-paper-scissors”
A battle over mame daifuku is about to break out between earthlings and aliens. However, what they do is rock-paper-scissors as a peaceful solution. It is a story that wishes for a peaceful solution to the conflicts that are taking place on the earth.
[Video 5:]

Focus on charming aliens “Worries”
Two aliens are troubled at the bar counter of the space station. When Mr. Sasaki asks a question curiously, both of them seem to be worried about business management. The troubles of business management may not change even in space.
By drawing an alien with humor, we express the functional appeal of Saison Business AMEX.
[Video 6:]

shooting episode
This commercial was filmed as a sequel to the “Earthling Series” that started last year.
The co-starring of Mr. Sasaki and the alien was a natural performance that didn’t feel blank, and the shooting was done in a very relaxed atmosphere.
In the shooting of “Rock-paper-scissors edition”, rock-paper-scissors with a serious expression with Alien Zack who newly appeared this time. Pay attention to the performances of the two people who are in sync with each other.
Also, in the scene of eating the space-inspired bean daifuku, Mr. Sasaki looks deliciously stuffed with mame daifuku, but even when the shooting was cut, he couldn’t stop saying, “It’s delicious!” Performer profile
Nozomi Sasaki
Debuted in the entertainment world in 2006.
Since then, he has been active in a wide range of fields, including movies, dramas, commercials, and magazines.
Currently, he is appearing as a regular on KTV/CX “Tokoro JAPAN” and E-tele “Suteki ni Handmade”.
He also works on the one-mile wear brand “iNtimite”.
Overview of the new CM
Title: “People Live”, “Rock-paper-scissors”, “Worries”
Starring: Nozomi Sasaki
Broadcast start date November 20, 2022 (Sun) ~ * “American Express” is a registered trademark of American Express. Credit Saison Co., Ltd. uses it under license from American Express. Details about this release:


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