Credit Saison Co., Ltd. The dance vocal group “M! LK”, which celebrated its 2nd anniversary of major debut, became the official ambassador of “Likeme by saison card” targeting Generation Z!

Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
The dance vocal group “M!LK”, which celebrated its 2nd anniversary of major debut, has become the official ambassador of “Likeme by saison card” targeting Generation Z!
[M!LK x Likeme] Lots of special benefits only available here. Limited original goods, M!LK LIVE invitations, offline events, and more!
The dance vocal group “M! LK” is provided by Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and COO: Katsumi Mizuno), targeting young people such as Generation Z. I was appointed as the official ambassador of the concept card “Likeme by saison card” (Likeme card).
To commemorate the appointment of the Likeme card official ambassador, we have prepared special benefits that are a collaboration between Likeme card and M!LK. We will provide Likeme card members with great benefits such as original goods limited to Likeme cards, invitations to M!LK LIVE, and holding offline events.
“M!LK x Likeme Collaboration Special Page”: [Image 1

About the appointment of M!LK as an ambassador
The Likeme card is based on the concept of “meeting my favorite me now”, and “I want you to think that you like yourself, including your life-sized self and yourself that will change in the future.” Released in March 2021, aiming for a credit card card that can be used as a companion.
The group name has the meaning of “being able to be dyed in any color”, and as the meaning suggests, M!LK is not only active in music, but also in dramas, movies, stages, and models. It is a presence that embodies the “personality” that the Likeme card values.
In addition, M!LK will celebrate its 2nd anniversary of major debut in November 2022, and both parties sympathized with the desire to grow and run up with the Likeme card in its second year of release, leading to this collaboration.
New membership benefit “M!LK x Likeme limited original goods gift” For those who have completed the application procedure from the “M!LK x Likeme collaboration special page”, everyone will receive a total of 2 original “trading cards”! (15 types/random)
Target period: From Monday, November 28, 2022
[Image 2

Original trading card image
*The above design is an image.
* If the card is not issued due to the examination, it will not be eligible for the gift.
*A total of 2 original goods will be sent to the main member two months after the card enrollment month. Family card members are not eligible.
*Original goods will be presented only once.
*You cannot choose the type of card. We will give you a total of 2 randomly combined gifts.
For details on other campaigns, please check the “M!LK x Likeme collaboration special page” below.
-M!LK x Likeme collaboration special page- In addition, 3,000 yen cashback for card enrollment and use! If you spend a total of 3,000 yen (including tax) or more in shopping by the end of the month following your card enrollment, you will receive a 3,000 yen cash back at the time of withdrawal 3 months after your card enrollment.
Benefits for “M!LK x Likeme” members will be held one after another! We have prepared M!LK x Likeme benefits for those who have completed the application procedure from the “M!LK x Likeme collaboration special page”.
As the first step, we will invite you to the M!LK CONCERT TOUR 2023 [ CHECKMATE ] held from March to May 2023 by lottery. In addition, we are planning to hold an M!LK x Likeme fan meeting and present signed goods. For details, we will update the special page below as needed. “M!LK x Likeme collaboration special page” (Click here for online application / card campaign details) About Likeme by saison card
[Image 3d4442-192-e2221d0b08aeabd8ffab-0.png&s3=4442-192-1958229759347b4217849141fdaeda1c-886x460.png
It is a concept card that targets the young generation Z as a core target. Based on the concept of “meeting the person I like right now,” we aim to have young people who have a credit card for the first time find their own “likes” and use it.
You can always get 1% cashback for shopping, and you can also use Likeme card original special benefits and Saison card member special benefits.
Learn more about Likeme by saison card ・ Official Instagram:
・ Official Twitter:
・ Official TikTok:
About M!LK
Formed in November 2014. A five-member dance vocal group consisting of Yuto Sano, Taichi Shiozaki, Shunta Sono, Jutaro Yamanaka, and Jinto Yoshida, who belong to Stardust Promotion.
In addition to music activities, he is expanding his fields of activity such as dramas, movies, stage performances, and models. Their greatest weapon is “Gap”, which combines humor while also challenging variety shows, and shows dazzling performances at live performances. In March 2015, he made his CD debut with “I can’t drink coffee”. The 8th single “Over The Storm” ranked 2nd in the Oricon Weekly Ranking, which is the best for themselves, and the 5th anniversary single “ERA” released in 2019 sold over 100,000 copies and was certified as a gold disc work.
On March 11, 2020, the long-awaited 3rd AL “Juvenilizm-Seishunism-” was released, and in order to overcome the current situation where live performances with audiences cannot be held from spring, movement such as moving around the venue freely. Held a live broadcast of the ceremony.
In November 2021, the major debut single “Ribbon” was released from Victor Entertainment.
In August 2022, she released her 2nd single, “Kiseki ga Sora ni Koi wo Kaseta”, which won first place in the Officon Weekly Ranking for the first time.
On November 30th of the same year, the release of the 3rd single “STARS”, which will be a winter love song, will be decided.
In the spring of 2023, he announced that he will hold a hall tour in 4 cities of Higashi-Meihan-Fukuoka, which has the largest capacity of his own.
Details about this release:


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