Creww The Hiroshima Bank and Creww will launch an open innovation program “Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2022 ” from November 7, 2022

The Hiroshima Bank and Creww’s open innovation program “Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2022” will start on November 7, 2022
We are looking for startups that can co-create innovative businesses with 3 companies in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Creww Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sora Ijichi, hereinafter referred to as “Creww”) and The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazuo Kiyomune) are working to realize the sustainability of local communities through open innovation *2 with startups *1. “Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2022” will start on November 7, 2022 with the aim of contributing to economic development.
■ About “Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2022”
This program, which has been held for the fourth time this year since 2019, has realized many collaborations and has been conducting demonstration experiments for commercialization, and is working to create new innovations in Hiroshima Prefecture. This fiscal year, we will use the diverse and abundant management resources of three regional core companies in Hiroshima Prefecture (ONSEC Co., Ltd., Keylex Co., Ltd., Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.-in alphabetical order-) and the new ideas and novel technologies of startups nationwide. The aim is to co-create new businesses and services and to innovate existing businesses by utilizing both.
Along with the start of this program, a dedicated website will be opened on the Creww website, and we will start recruiting
collaboration proposals for startups nationwide. Starting with the selection of collaboration proposals, the promotion of matching and commercialization will be held online (Creww’s platform). After about half a year of the program, we plan to hold a results report meeting in April 2023.
■Overview of “Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2022”
1. Entry overview: Recruitment period November 7th (Monday) to November 25th (Friday), 2022
We are looking for entries from the special page in Creww Growth below. URL:
2. Companies eligible for entry: All start-up companies in Japan and overseas. Any industry.
3. Company profiles of the three local companies (in alphabetical order) ONSEC Co., Ltd.
We are a marine blower manufacturer with 76 years of history. We are developing an engineering solution business that comprehensively provides blower/rotating machine manufacturing, maintenance of various infrastructures, maintenance of electrical equipment, and design development based on the technical foundation of manufacturing electrical equipment for ships. Hydrogen, which is attracting attention as a next-generation energy, has a “hydrogen explosion-proof certification standard”.
Keylex Co., Ltd.
In 2024, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding. Currently, as Mazda’s main supplier, we are in charge of development and production, mainly for automobile body parts, and we also design and manufacture tools such as molds for product development and production. We are a global company with six factories in Japan, mainly in Hiroshima and , and overseas bases in the United States, Mexico, and Thailand.
Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
In 2022, we will celebrate the 110th anniversary of our founding. Currently, the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture is the main business area, and in addition to the three businesses of trains, buses, and real estate, the group’s construction business, marine transportation business, air transportation agency business, Together with leisure services such as golf and bowling, we are developing a multifaceted business. In recent years, we have participated in various PFI projects jointly conducted by other companies.
We are also developing new businesses such as urban hire business using small mobility, AI on-demand bus operation, and gym operation. As a company that plays a role in urban development and the creation of bustle in Hiroshima, we aim to create a city where people can live safely and comfortably, and we are taking on the challenge of reforming existing businesses and creating new business opportunities. * Startups can apply to multiple companies. Please check the recruitment page for details of the program and management resources of each company.
4. Organizer: The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd., Creww Co., Ltd.
5. Support: Hiroshima Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Hirogin Area Design Co., Ltd. 6. Cooperation: Hiroshima Prefecture
*1 A fast-growing company that challenges existing markets by creating an unprecedented business model with unique technologies and ideas. *2 A mechanism for co-creating innovative businesses and services by not only relying on the company’s own management resources and technologies, but also by collaborating with external parties. ■ Overview of Creww Co., Ltd.
Location: 4th floor, 1-19-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Sora Ijichi, Representative Director
Founded: August 13, 2012
Capital: 964.55 million yen (including capital surplus)
Main business: Operation of one of the largest open innovation platforms in Japan. Management of startup community.
Creww Co., Ltd. has a vision of “creating an era of great challenges.” offers. Since its founding in 2012, we have implemented open innovation programs with more than 300 companies, local governments and startups, and have realized about 1000 collaborations so far. Currently, approximately 6,500 startups are registered on the open innovation platform operated by Creww.
Based on the domestic top-class achievements, we are implementing the “47 (Yonana) Cruise Project” to promote open innovation between local companies with management resources rooted in the region and startups. Details about this release:


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