Crezio Partners Co., Ltd. “M&A Honest Talk Caravan in Sanin” will be held.

Crezio Partners Co., Ltd.
“M&A Honne Talk Caravan in Sanin” will be held.
Wait a minute! ! Is that M&A really okay? Held an event to talk about the real intentions of M&A that you care about in Sanin

Crezio Partners Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, CEO Lee Zhixiang) will hold “M&A Honest Talk Caravan in Sanin”. “It’s a bit difficult to talk about in the Yonago area” “But I still want to know the delicate parts of M&A”, so I planned it with the idea of ​​listening to the parties in neighboring prefectures. We invite business owners who have actually experienced M&A transfers from Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures to deliver their honest talks. [Image 1

Content of the event
While business succession has become a social issue in the region, M&A is also attracting attention in the Sanin region (Tottori Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture). M&A is used for various purposes, such as solving the problem of lack of successors and business growth, but there are not many opportunities to discuss the actual situation. For this seminar, in order to convey the actual situation of M&A in the region, managers who have actually experienced M&A transfer from Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture will be invited to Sanin. We will hold a talk event where you can talk about the purpose of choosing M&A, how to spend time after M&A, and other real feelings that only experienced people can talk about. A Crezio Partners consultant from Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture will serve as a navigator and bring out the real intentions of M&A in the region.

Speaker introduction

[Image 2

Mr. Yozo Daimon
Muhana Co., Ltd. Chairman
Born in Hiroshima prefecture.
He moved to Tokyo when he was a student, and after gaining experience working at a restaurant, opened a Western-style confectionery shop “Mukaka” in Hiroshima Prefecture. Created many famous Hiroshima sweets and grew into a store loved by the locals. Due to the absence of a successor, shares were transferred to MIHORI, which operates restaurants in and Hiroshima.
[Image 3

Mr. Isao Emi
Director of Kojima Delivery Center Co., Ltd.
Born in Okayama prefecture.
Inherited Kojima Distribution Center, which was founded by his father. Developing general cargo transportation business, worker dispatching business, and contracting business with close ties to the community. Aiming for business continuation and growth, joined the group with a transportation company in the same Okayama prefecture area.

[Image 4

Takuya Masaki
Crezio Partners Co., Ltd. Sanin branch manager/manager
Born in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.
After graduating from Okayama University, he worked at Sanin Godo Bank, where he was mainly engaged in lending and consulting as a corporate sales representative. Joined Crezio Partners in 2019 with the aim of contributing to the local economy. We support various M&A such as transportation industry, general waste disposal industry, pastry shop, etc.

Date and time
·board member
・Person in charge of the corporate planning department
* This time, it is limited to the above people.
Please understand that if the above does not apply, we may refuse to participate.
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: Limited to 45 people (closed as soon as the capacity is reached) Location: ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Yonago (53-2 Kumemachi, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture)
Sponsor: Crezio Partners Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Tottori Prefectural Business Succession Support Center Application:
[Phone] 0120-62-9020
[FAX] 082-541-1233

Crezio Partners Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Takuya Saito
Phone: 082-243-9740 Email address: FAX: 082-541-1233

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