Crips Co., Ltd. Bringing the charm of Beppu bamboo work to the whole country! Announcing the results of the “Life with Bamboo 2022 Design Contest”!

Clips Co., Ltd.
Bringing the charm of Beppu bamboo crafts to the whole country! Announcing the results of the “Life with Bamboo 2022 Design Contest”!
The results of the “Bamboo Life 2022 Design Contest” sponsored by the Beppu Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center (Beppu City, Oita Prefecture) and planned by Clips Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) will be announced on November 11, 2022 (Friday) 20. We will announce it on the live stream from time to time. It will be distributed simultaneously on the live commerce platform “SharingLive” operated by Clips and on the YouTube channel “Interior Kingdom” of Tomonori Hiroshima, a guest judge and interior coordinator.
About “Life with Bamboo 2022”
Made from high-quality madake bamboo, the durable and beautiful Beppu bamboo work is known as a nationally-designated traditional craft that is both practical and fashionable, and has been loved by many people. Beppu bamboo work is said to have begun long ago when Emperor Keiko stopped by Beppu on his way back from the Kumaso expedition, and when he saw that the attendant had plenty of high-quality bamboo, he made tea bowl baskets. increase.
In this way, bamboo crafts began as daily necessities, but the techniques have developed over the years, and today, each artist creates a variety of products that make use of the beautiful weaves according to their own unique senses.
The “Life with Bamboo 2022” design contest was held with the aim of getting more people interested in bamboo crafts and making them feel more familiar.
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In this contest, we received 108 entries from all over the country. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated. Life with Bamboo 2022 official website
Introducing the judges
In this contest, entries were judged by traditional craftsmen who are active overseas and represent Beppu today, as well as design and interior professionals based on the design and interior qualities of bamboo crafts.
We judge functionality, practicality, beauty, etc. from a professional point of view, and select into two categories: the “product category” that can be commercialized, and the “idea category” that has excellent ideas.
Mr. Kenichi Otani
[Image 2d40160-58-f329ce4f70ce1a9e0431-0.png&s3=40160-58-52ea56aa542319d4438b069dd0838834-162x174.png
Beppu Traditional Bamboo Craftsman/First-class Bamboo Craftsman Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1965.
While working in the landscaping industry, he became aware of the beauty of bamboo fences and became a bamboo craftsman.
After studying at the Bamboo Craft Department of the Oita Prefecture Bamboo Craft Training Support Center, he studied under Masahaku Yufu, a traditional craftsman. Opened -studio Chikufusha- in 2005. His overseas exhibitions in Milan, Amsterdam, and New York were also well received.
Mr. Hayato Kameoka
[Image 3d40160-58-ee873468ebce45748b7f-1.png&s3=40160-58-9519a571fafae4defc5b5a3b2992cbba-162x175.png
Representative of Mashup Co., Ltd.
Specially Appointed Professor, Business Concept Graduate University After working at a distribution advertising agency, established a sales promotion advertising production company in 2002 and assumed the position of CEO. Handled many promotional projects for a wide range of clients, from large companies to venture companies. Major awards include the Japan Marketing Awards Encouragement Award, JPM Best Promotional Program Award, Dentsu Advertising Award Silver Award, ACC Bronze, Good Design Award, Japan Promotion Planning Contest Excellence Award, Sales Promotion Conference In-store Video Award Gold Award, etc. .
Established Mashup Co., Ltd. in 2019 and assumed the position of Representative Director.
Mr. Tomonori Hiroshima
[Image 4d40160-58-3e5a04fa8deeee9da1a5-2.jpg&s3=40160-58-7351fe9843d34c6d3425d3a180baffc4-491x532.jpg
A freelance interior coordinator who runs the YouTube channel “Interior Kingdom”.
Using a special tool, the interior is introduced visually and in an easy-to-understand manner.
With the motto “Interior is a world of self-satisfaction”, he continues to convey the appeal of interiors, especially for beginners, where there is no right or wrong answer.
YouTube channel “Interior Kingdom”
Delivery overview
・ Date: November 11, 2022 (Friday) 20:00 start
・Viewing method:
1. SharingLive *Please download using the method below.
2. YouTube channel “Interior Kingdom”
・Kenichi Otani (Beppu traditional bamboo craftsman/first-class bamboo craftsman) ・Hayato Kameoka (Representative of Mashup Co., Ltd., Specially Appointed Professor at the Graduate School of Business Concept) ・Tomonori Hiroshima (interior coordinator)
・ Asami Kuniki (MC)
・Announcement of contest winners
・Bamboo work experience kit lottery (3 people)
Oita Prefecture, Beppu City, Shinkin Central Bank, Oita Mirai Shinkin Bank, eiicon company *in no particular order
-How to download SharingLive-
Please download from the URL or QR below.

[Image 5d40160-58-54f494270d3da2829902-3.png&s3=40160-58-76d20274f05145a295cb9cb2ef5c5bf7-444x444.png

Overview of CLIPS Co., Ltd.
Company name: Clips Co., Ltd.
Location: 403 Yoyogi Air Heights, 5-16-10 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business: General live commerce support, general marketing, sales channel development support
Official website:
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