Crips Co., Ltd. “Neppan! Site Controller ++” has started cooperation with “SwingClubCloud”!

Clips Co., Ltd.
“Neppan! Site Controller ++” starts cooperation with “SwingClubCloud”!
The cloud-based site controller “Neppan! Site Controller ++” ( provided by Clips Co., Ltd. (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Representative Director Hironori Abe), which has the top share in the industry, is Tokyo System House. Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Tomoyuki Hayashi) began collaborating with “SwingClubCloud” ( on November 25th.

[Neppan! Regarding cooperation between Site Controller ++ and SwingClubCloud] The golf course operation management system “SwingClubCloud” can also manage accommodation reservations and facility reservations with the optional function “hotel system” for golf courses with accommodation facilities. This is a system that centrally manages golf and hotel reservations, and allows you to pay for both locker numbers and room numbers. With this system linkage, “SwingClubCloud” will be able to automatically import reservation information from the accommodation reservation site managed by “Neppan! Site Controller ++”. It eliminates the need to manually enter accommodation reservation information, leading to labor saving and reduction of work time. [Overview of SwingClubCloud]
This is a core system that manages and supports comprehensive golf course operations such as reservation management, front accounting, competition tabulation, member and customer management. In addition to being able to link with incidental facilities such as hotels and restaurants (optional), it is equipped with a cloud function that allows you to inquire about reservations and register reservations even when you are away from home. In addition, front desk operations can be easily operated by anyone because of the touch panel operation. We have a manned support system available 365 days a year, and have been installed at more than 200 golf courses and related facilities nationwide.
[Neppan! Overview of Site Controller++]
“Neppan! Site Controller ++” is a cloud-based site controller with the top share in the industry that can collectively manage inventory, fees, and reservation information for multiple accommodation reservation sites. By reducing the effort that lodging facilities put into opening the management screen of each site and registering rooms and fees, it will be possible to increase the time spent on attracting customers, such as creating more attractive plans. In addition, by utilizing the pre-payment function for foreign-affiliated reservation sites where there are many local payments, and the thank-you mail function that can automatically send e-mails to customers before and after the accommodation date, we can reduce no-shows and cancellation rates, upsell, and increase repeat customers. We support the profit improvement of accommodation facilities such as enclosure.
[Neppan! Main functions of Site Controller++]
● Inventory management function (room inventory settings, room and plan closing settings, etc.)
● Reservation management function (automatic acquisition of detailed reservation information, display, various printing, CSV output) ● Price management function (batch setting of plan price, setting of seasonality, etc.)
● Analysis report function (entry status table, sales analysis table, booking curve, analysis report by plan, etc.)
● No-show countermeasure function (invalid card check function, automatic cancellation fee collection function, automatic
accommodation fee collection function)
● Batch plan registration function (batch new plan creation, batch copy of plans, sorting photos [*2], etc.)
● Plan automatic extension function (batch automatic extension of plans, extraction of extended plans, designation of sales end date, etc.)
● Various optional functions [*1] (PMS linkage, self-check-in system linkage, revenue system linkage, etc.)
● Other functions (reservation information automatic printing function, thanks mail automatic distribution function, reservation site login function, etc.)
[*1] is a paid optional function. [*2] excludes some OTAs.
[Overview of Clips Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Clips Co., Ltd. ( Representative: Representative Director Hironori Abe
Location: Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City, Chuo Ward, Abenishi 2-29-15 Pure Court Bell 3F
Established: July 1991
Business: Development and provision of cloud-based site controller “Neppan! Site Controller ++” (
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Person in charge: Clips Co., Ltd. Please contact “Neppan! Site Controller ++”. Phone: 025-290-5540 FAX: 025-241-7836
Email: URL:
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