Cross Hotel Osaka Cross Hotel Osaka “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” Renewed as a restaurant that delivers an urban oasis surrounded by greenery

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[Cross Hotel Osaka] “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” Renewal as a restaurant that delivers an urban oasis surrounded by greenery
A menu that incorporates seasonal ingredients from Osaka and Kyoto selected by a new chef who has a vegetable sommelier qualification
The restaurant “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” at Cross Hotel Osaka (Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, General Manager: Satoshi Wakayama), located in the middle of Osaka Minami, will reopen on Friday, November 18, 2022. In addition, we will start accepting reservations from today. Cross Hotel Osaka Restaurant Official Website:

[Image 1

Lunch image of the new “TERRACE & DINING ZERO”
[Image 2

An example of monochrome art graphics displayed in the store The new TERRACE & DINING ZERO has an interior concept of “Urban Nature” from the desire to provide an oasis where you can relax in the hustle and bustle of the city. We produced a comfortable space that fuses the urban part of monochrome art graphics that cut out typical landscapes. The cuisine is genreless, including French, Italian, and Spanish, and the menu has been revamped to accommodate a variety of occasions, from everyday use to special occasions, as well as for hotel guests. The new chef, Yoshitaka Sugawara, who is certified as a vegetable sommelier professional by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association, has selected Kansai ingredients and regional co-creation, centered on Osaka and Kyoto. We offer a casual yet authentic menu. To the green oasis of Minami
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An approach that invites you into the restaurant
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Terrace image with a symbolic tree “olive tree”
“Urban Nature” has the meaning of interacting with nature from an urban perspective. With olive trees at the center, various greenery such as eucalyptus, grevillea, mafonia confusa, and rosemary are arranged so that they are not separated from each other on the terrace and inside the store, creating a hideaway oasis in the middle of the city. did. There is also a 60-year-old olive tree about 2 meters tall on the terrace. As the tree grows with the seasons and years, it will grow as a symbolic tree of the newly reborn restaurant.
Graphic art that makes you feel “time”
[Image 5

The image of the store decorated with graphic art placed everywhere [Image 6

The image of the store decorated with graphic art placed everywhere Based on the theme of “time” in Osaka’s Minami, we cut out the “Minami’s past” from valuable photographs that show the state of Shinsaibashi and Ebisubashi in the Meiji and Taisho eras, and the “Minami’s present” such as the symbols that represent Osaka today. Black and white graphic art that expresses the “connection (cross) from the past to the future” with art elements, “love for Osaka” and “love for Minami” decorates the store. In addition, botanical-image art is casually added to match the greenery installed throughout the store, giving the sophisticated space a nostalgic atmosphere. New lunch menu at “TERRACE & DINING ZERO”
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Image of 4 types of main plates to choose from
[Image 8

Image of mini dessert buffet
TERRACE&DINING ZERO can be used not only for hotel guests, but also for a variety of dining situations, from shopping, after work, dating and small parties, to casual casual dining and special occasions. At lunchtime, you can choose from 4 types of main dishes or 2 types of pasta, and 5 items such as an appetizer plate with 6 types [KY with 1], and a mini dessert buffet that you can enjoy as much as you like from about 10 types. We will prepare a lunch set that combines The main dishes, which are carefully selected for each ingredient, include Hokkaido-produced beef, which has been revisited from the perspective of SDGs, Hiyoshi pork from Kyoto, which is characterized by its soft marbling and is raised in a rich natural environment. We have adopted rich-bodied Oku-Tanba chicken from Tamba. In the future, chef Sugawara, who is a qualified vegetable sommelier professional, will incorporate ingredients from the Kansai region, mainly Osaka and Kyoto, as well as ingredients that make use of his experience in Hokkaido. We are planning to offer a full-fledged menu.

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Head Chef Yoshitaka Sugawara
[Image 9d101028-42-5d83b6969b19961b7145-8.jpg&s3=101028-42-2df87caf84809382abc41e7bf3ff31b1-2158x2700.jpg
Chef Eitaka Sugawara
Born in Hokkaido. He is active as a French chef mainly at hotel restaurants in Hokkaido. After working as head chef at Cross Hotel Sapporo restaurant “hache”, he became head chef at “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” when the restaurant was reopened at Cross Hotel Osaka. He is a vegetable sommelier professional certified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association. He is well versed not only in vegetables, but also in meat and seafood dishes, and is captivated by his creative arrangements and beautiful presentations inspired by his wealth of experience and various food elements.

Cross Hotel Osaka 3F Restaurant & Bar “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” Business hours: Breakfast: 7:00-10:30 (last order at 10:00)
Lunch: 11:30-15:00 (last order at 14:00) *Other operations are scheduled to resume sequentially.
Reservation method: Official website | TEL.06-6213-8291 (direct to restaurant)
*Please check the official website for business days.
About Cross Hotel Osaka
Located in the center of Namba, this stylish lifestyle hotel offers spectacular views of Osaka’s Midosuji gingko trees in all four seasons, as well as the nightscape of the Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi areas. In addition to a total of 229 guest rooms that create a new, powerful and sophisticated space with a colorful design based on red, the “TERRACE & DINING ZERO” that responds to various scenes offers special dishes and We serve sake. In addition, through food, art, music, etc., we are promoting activities that express the fusion of old and new local culture and history, contributing to the creation of regional bustle.
Official website:
Cross Hotel is a mid-scale lifestyle brand located in prime locations in major cities that conveys the appeal of the region in a new style. With the brand concept of “the entrance where you can feel new connections”, we convey the charm of the land as a presence that connects people and communities. The three cross hotels currently under development are located in the center of Sapporo, Osaka, and Kyoto, and whenever you stop by, you will find new discoveries and moments of stimulation.
ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS is the operating business brand of inns and hotels operated by ORIX Hotel Management Corporation. From luxury to casual, we have a wide range of categories centered on both ryokan and hotels, and provide experiences that match the various life stages of our guests in order to provide “places that you want to visit again.” We are delivering. Currently, ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS operates 15 inns and hotels under 5 brands from Hokkaido in the north to Beppu in the south, and will open a new hotel brand, CROSS Life, in October 2022. doing.
In addition, ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS strives to provide services so that all customers can use it safely and securely under the cleanliness policy (operation and service guidelines under “With COVID-19”). increase. Please see here for the detail.
About our sustainability efforts
All 23 facilities operated by ORIX HOTEL MANAGEMENT, including 15 ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS ryokans and hotels, are committed to
“decarbonization,” “environmental consideration,” and “safety, security, and We are actively working on sustainability based on the four pillars of comfort and coexistence with the community. As part of this, in May 2021, we launched the “Regional Co-Creation Project”, and so far we have discovered and created many new tourism resources, such as collaborating with local companies and local governments and utilizing the resources of the ORIX Group. I have come. In the future, we aim to promote a virtuous cycle through long-term and stable fan-building and regional revitalization of the region and the facilities we operate by communicating new attractions of the region.

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