Crossmart, which promotes DX in food distribution, releases “cross-order invoice” compatible with the invoice system

Crossmart, which promotes DX in food distribution, releases
“cross-order invoice” compatible with the invoice system
Significantly reduce the time and effort required for issuing invoices
CrossSmart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshifumi Terada, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which promotes DX in food distribution, has created a “cross-order invoice” that complies with the invoice system and the Electronic Book Storage Law. Available from October 24, 2022.
“Cross-order invoices” can streamline the back-office operations of wholesalers by digitizing invoices between wholesalers and
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As the digitalization of society progresses rapidly, in the accounting work of wholesalers, most of the invoices exchanged with restaurants are still paper, and digitization has not progressed.
The restaurant side is also busy at the beginning of the month, and there are cases where the invoice is overlooked, and it is troublesome for both the wholesaler and the restaurant, such as payment omissions and the need to reissue the invoice. rice field.
Against this backdrop, we have added a new cross-order invoice, which significantly streamlines the back-office operations of wholesalers, from the cross-order ordering platform used by more than 30,000 restaurants nationwide. is now available.
About “Cross Order Invoice”
“Cross Order Invoice” is a service that allows you to send electronic invoices to restaurants’ LINE or email by simply uploading CSV data output from the sales management system to Cross Order. As a result, the series of operations such as invoice printing, tri-folding, and enclosing work that have been performed so far will be greatly streamlined, and it will support the realization of paperless and telework of accounting.
Normally, it takes several days from issuing an invoice to mailing it, but with “Cross Order Invoice”, you can issue an invoice immediately after uploading the CSV data, so you can send the invoice more quickly. increase.
■ Advantages of introduction: Wholesaler side
1. Streamline billing operations
Sending electronic invoices is completed simply by uploading CSV data, which greatly improves the efficiency of issuing monthly invoices. 2. You can check whether the invoice has been read or not, and can resend it. You can check whether the restaurant has read the invoice on the management screen, and narrow down the restaurants that have not read it or want to resend it.
■ Advantages of introduction: Restaurant side
1. You can check your bill immediately without the hassle of logging in You can receive invoices on LINE and quickly check the details of your invoice. 2. Easier to manage
Invoices are stored in the cloud, eliminating the need to store paper invoices. Invoices can also be easily printed and shared.
Voices of companies planning to introduce
Mr. Taisuke Yamada, Managing Director, Minato Co., Ltd.
At our company, the burden of invoicing at the end of the month and at the beginning of the month is heavy, and we have been considering ways to improve it, but we have not had a good idea in terms of
The reason for introducing this “cross-order invoice” is that it is easy for customers to understand because the burden until operation is light, and that it can respond to various customer needs because it has a function to send to e-mail addresses. .
Mr. Kazumi Takamatsu, Morinaga Foods Cook Co., Ltd.
Until we introduced the cross-order service, most of our orders were received by phone or fax, and there were many occasions when we caused inconvenience to our business partners due to mishearing, omissions in input, errors in receiving faxes, etc. However, with the introduction of cross-ordering, we were able to significantly reduce the time spent entering orders and responding to phone calls, as well as input errors and omissions.
When we received an offer to start an invoice service this time, we were convinced that it was the perfect service for improving the efficiency of our office work, which we are currently working on, and decided to introduce it. The most attractive point was that we could reduce the work time for printing and mailing invoices and the cost of paper and stamps every time the closing date came.
Currently, we would like to have business partners who have not yet been able to cooperate with Cross Order start using the invoice service first, and we would like to use this service as an opportunity to use the ordering business service.
Application destination
If you are interested in “Cross Order Invoice”, please feel free to contact the person in charge below.
Person in charge: Crossmart Co., Ltd. Mori
Phone number: 03-4500-8221
Email address:
Contact point:
What is cross-order
“Cross Order”, an ordering platform that connects restaurants and wholesalers, enables wholesalers to accept orders through the LINE interface (screen and operation) on smartphones, which has been the main method of receiving orders by fax and telephone. It is a service that realizes operational efficiency. In addition, in the “cross-order sales promotion” where wholesalers can propose products to business partners non-face-to-face, we provide wholesalers with a new sales method in the era of COVID-19. About three years after the service started, it has been used by more than 30,000 restaurants nationwide, and the number of orders received is increasing rapidly.
[Image 2d44256-33-379ddcdf488a8f7d9a5c-1.png&s3=44256-33-b93d62185a2632d1ca31f3a9fddce40e-3611x1562.png
Advantages of introduction: wholesalers
(1) Reduction of labor costs by streamlining operations
(2) Creating an environment for receiving and placing orders that can also support telework
(3) Increase sales with sales promotion functions
Advantages of introduction: Restaurants
(1) Orders can be placed anytime, anywhere
(2) Notifications will also be sent to staff orders
(3) You will receive leaflets of recommended products/bargain items [Image 3d44256-33-1b6f450dcfa0af6d23ba-2.png&s3=44256-33-9fdbcd11fb56506191179ff031212feb-3625x1549.png
[Image 4d44256-33-050a328024300677bb0f-4.png&s3=44256-33-244a9d75ac8af1d33e744e6f74bb45b3-960x502.png
About cross-order:
-List of cross smart affiliated companies-
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-Company Profile-
Company name: CrossSmart Co., Ltd.
Established: July 24, 2018
Representative Director: Yoshifumi Terada
Location: 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8285 Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura Street Building 3F
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Phone: 03-4500-8221
Person in charge: Hazama
Details about this release:


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