Crowdfunding for “Vasco Translator V4” will start on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) at Makuake

Crowdfunding for “Vasco Translator V4” will start on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) at Makuake
A chance to get up to 35% off a portable automatic translator that can be used all the time without Wi-Fi and free communication in 200 countries and regions around the world before it goes on general sale.
SOLMATE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture) is crowdfunding the new product “Vasco Translator V4” (hereinafter “V4”), a portable automatic translator developed worldwide by Vasco Electronics in Poland. It will start on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) on the advertising site “Makuake” ( “V4” is a new model following “Vasco Translator M3” (hereinafter “M3”), which was released to the general public in response to the response that 889 people purchased more than 25 million yen at “Makuake” in 2021. The software side, such as supporting 108 languages, which is 1.5 times larger, and the hardware side, such as a 5-inch full screen, have evolved significantly.
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Makuake project overview
Project name: [Built-in SIM card, no Wi-Fi required] Further evolution such as voice character recognition! The long-awaited second translator
Period: Thursday, November 30, 2022 to Monday, January 30, 2023 [AN1] URL (*):[object 2] Return: Early Bird Discount
・ 2 piece set discount 35% for 30 people
32% 50 people
27% 100 people
・ 1 piece 30% 50 people
         27% 80 people
25% 200 people
20% 500 people
*Makuake’s URL will be valid when the project starts. If you register with the official LINE account from the brand site
(, you will be able to receive
information such as the start time preferentially.
[Image 2d110772-2-194feb37fe44ec20b6f6-1.jpg&s3=110772-2-a23a6c91c2b1b44048fd6ca3d2779e41-3900x2605.jpg

Supports over 100 languages, enabling communication with over 90% of people around the world
With the V4, the total number of languages ​​that can be translated from OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which reads text with a camera, has risen to 108, an increase of more than 50% from the 70 languages ​​of the M3. 76 languages ​​can be translated from speech recognition, and 90 from text. This will cover communication with over 90% of the world’s total population.
Most general translation apps use a single translation engine, but “V4” selects the best one for each language pair from 10 types of AI translation engines that exist on the Internet. Therefore, more natural and high-quality translation results can be obtained. -Speech translation function- automatically converts the spoken voice of the other party into text and quickly translates it into the specified language. Equipped with a sub-speaker that achieves a 99% noise canceller function, and the volume can be increased up to 99db, so you won’t have trouble communicating even in noisy places. You can check the translated text on the “V4” monitor and read it aloud like a native speaker. Since the translated text can be saved, it is also useful for interviews with overseas people.
-Photo Translator Function- converts the characters taken with the camera into text by OCR, translates them into the specified language, and displays them on the monitor. By using this function, you can save the trouble of typing and searching, and you can translate restaurant menus, foreign language magazines, contracts, etc. all at once. You can use the camera’s zoom function and flash function to scan objects that are far away or in dark places. “V4” has enhanced the OCR function from “M3”, greatly improving the accuracy and speed of character recognition.
In addition, multi-language communication is supported with various functions such as a multi-talk function that allows mutual translation with up to 100 people on SNS (*), and a foreign language learning function that can be used like a vocabulary book.
*The multi-talk function requires an Android smartphone, and other users must also download the dedicated app.
[Image 3d110772-2-5734a052accfddf2f3c8-2.jpg&s3=110772-2-4d32a478d84ea595d2a414429673d57f-3900x2605.jpg
[Image 4d110772-2-8d19f17f32cc6adc02ac-3.jpg&s3=110772-2-1e90954c963378f309feb7a244e3442f-3900x2605.jpg
[Image 5d110772-2-0b035111dd7950594745-4.jpg&s3=110772-2-63e1bcbdb18af9bc675caf2814068909-1800x2700.jpg

No Wi-Fi required, communication charges free forever, available in 200 countries and regions around the world
“V4” is equipped with a dedicated SIM card that can be used in 200 countries and regions around the world, allowing you to connect to the Internet even in places without Wi-Fi. Moreover, there is no SIM usage fee, and it can be used free of charge for a long time. In recent years, smartphones have been equipped with translation functions and apps can also be used, but in most cases they cannot be used without an Internet connection, and they cannot be used overseas where there is no free Wi-Fi, or high communication charges are incurred. I feel relaxed. With “V4”, you don’t have to worry about such things, and you can use the daily updated translation function for free for many years.
[Image 6d110772-2-73b6f75e9d7975104ff6-5.jpg&s3=110772-2-bd0d0a3ca13f7c9ca69d52ff5c8e7036-3900x2605.jpg
[Image 7d110772-2-1117444f7305785f0a6b-6.jpg&s3=110772-2-f80fe5ca7f1475a332fc2a5836002582-3900x2600.jpg

The hardware side has also evolved, such as a 5-inch full screen The “M3″‘s 2-inch screen has been enlarged to a 5-inch full-screen screen for the “V4,” improving the visibility of text on the monitor. The characters can be displayed larger, making it easier to see fine characters. It has a size similar to a smartphone, weighs only 134g, and has an ergonomic design, so it is highly portable and can be easily operated with one hand. With IP64 grade waterproof and dustproof specifications, it can be used in rainy weather without any problems. The battery function has also been greatly enhanced from the “M3”, and a full charge of about 4 hours has achieved a standby time of about 288 hours (about 12 days) (about 180 hours for the “M3” = about 7.5 days).
In addition to the 2022 Good Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award (2022), one of the three major product design awards in the world, and the NY Product Design Awards. Also pay attention to the stylish design and functionality that won the (2022) award.
[Image 8d110772-2-68e6b4628df81efb3f2d-7.jpg&s3=110772-2-ed0e10d2b977cac07c7db0f2a13a8018-3900x2605.jpg
[Image 9d110772-2-b4fa138c95bdefeb5024-8.jpg&s3=110772-2-f0244a391cf7b53e9e4f1c039dd64dad-1920x800.jpg

Product Specifications
[Image 10d110772-2-23ae10f7237078aba775-9.jpg&s3=110772-2-6eee16928bf379129ef32baeb161cddb-2074x2478.jpg
▼ Color variations
[Image 11d110772-2-4bcc59303d2e1344db7b-0.jpg&s3=110772-2-7feaedbfcda8d8587ee58fc02890a31f-3900x2606.jpg
(From left) Black Onyx, Pearl White, Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, Stone Gray ▼Supported languages
[Image 12d110772-2-b48f117ad64f8fbb386b-10.jpg&s3=110772-2-23f48763cdfb25273074496903c5fdd0-1575x1117.jpg
▼Connectable area
About Vasco
[Image 13d110772-2-7ace9edfeab44667b67f-11.png&s3=110772-2-24614d6b55047bdbfa703debba81fff2-574x290.png
Vasco Electronics is a global manufacturer from Europe and Poland that manufactures and sells electronic translators to eliminate language barriers. We have been in the market since 2008 and have gained extensive experience in developing professional software and devices to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. Our products are perfect for travel, business and leisure. We have in mind to develop innovative, well-planned and top quality mobile applications. Our in-house R&D team allows us to follow trends and introduce cutting-edge solutions in both devices and software. Our mission is to help people communicate and understand each other. We believe communication is the key to making the planet a better place. With this thought in my heart, I am making a translation machine that wishes for the happiness of the world.
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