Crowdfunding goal achieved! Two protrusions accurately loosen the trigger point! Shiatsu substitute born in Germany

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[Crowdfunding goal achieved! ] Two protrusions accurately loosen the trigger point! Shiatsu substitute born in Germany
Accurately stimulate muscles with ergonomic settings!

Thanks to everyone’s support, the project “[Two protrusions are stimulating] Developed by a German professional trainer. Pinpoint Shiatsu Substitute”, which is being promoted by “Makuake”, a support purchase service for things and experiences, has reached the target amount thanks to your support. Achieved!
Thank you for your continued support.
Project page:
[Image 1: ]
《Release from daily fatigue. 3 points of [Pinpoint Shiatsu Substitute Device] Relieves stiffness in a well-balanced manner! Precise trigger stimulation. Easy to use! ! Just put it on and wait 90 seconds.
This is a substitute for shiatsu, which was born from repeated prototyping and allows for pinpoint stimulation.
[Image 2:] 1.Two protrusions stimulate the right place and relieve daily fatigue.
[Image 3:] An acupressure device with only one protrusion cannot relax muscles in a well-balanced manner.
Double Dude has two protrusions, so you can efficiently apply acupressure on your back and waist at the same time.
The protruding part is made close to the pad of the thumb, so you can reach places that you couldn’t reach with your usual shiatsu machine. [Image 4d59927-107-377ae2d975cc0071ee11-0.png&s3=59927-107-6b118abaebadb9d2d7c39ce62d18e811-640x680.png
2. Completely relaxing to use! Easy to use, just wait.
[Image 5d59927-107-9ff62b813f200bdef2b4-1.png&s3=59927-107-5d50a43b923503932a63bc8bee1a1779-640x300.png
Place it on the floor or wall and press it against the hardened trigger point. Just wait 90 seconds. By repeating this, the stiffness will gradually loosen. It hurts a little at first, but if you keep doing it every day, the muscles will soften and the pain will turn into a comfortable pain. [Image 6d59927-107-8fec633d067262a183f2-2.png&s3=59927-107-7b45a21a09c4a1374fc2d5c492b1eba3-640x810.png
3. A well-designed shiatsu substitute that does not hurt the spine because it does not hit the spine.
If you connect a tennis ball, etc., and use it as a substitute for an acupressure device, you may feel pain when it hits your spine. Double Dude is designed based on ergonomics by repeating prototypes many times with a 3D printer.
Set the two protrusions in a suitable position according to the width of the spine.
[Image 7d59927-107-de713078636a7429b98b-3.jpg&s3=59927-107-7310b52f4a03a6267cef59d13abf9b79-640x619.jpg
Product Specifications
Product Name: Double Dude
color: pink
Size: 6cm x 7.5cm x 14cm (height x width x long side)
Weight: 138g
Material: TPE (Thermoplatic elastomer)
Country of Origin: Germany
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