Crystel Foundation General Incorporated Foundation Crystel Vie Ensemble New Project “Do you know dog dogs? ” Presentation and talk show

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General Foundation Christel Vie Ensemble New Project “Do you know dog dogs?” Presentation and talk show

“General Incorporated Foundation Christel V Ensemble” (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), where Christel Takigawa serves as the
representative director, will be held on November 10, 2022 with the cooperation of Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore. At the same time, we held a presentation and talk show for a new project “Do you know dog dogs?” In the first part, representative director Christel Takigawa explained the business and Ms. Naoko Yoshida, director of the Japan Animal Hospital Association, explained the effects of reading dogs. We held a reading class and a reading dog demonstration. In the second part, Christel Takigawa held a talk show with model SHIHO and Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore KIDS concierge Yoko Yamawaki about the effects of reading on children.

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event report
Plan explanation by Representative Director Christel Takigawa While continuing my activities with the aim of increasing recognition and promoting the adoption of rescued dogs and cats, I have always been interested in reading dogs. I was heartbroken by the news that pets were abandoned due to the coronavirus pandemic, and I felt a strong desire to convey the preciousness of life. He passionately talked about how he decided to start reading dog activities. Explanation of the effects of reading dogs by Dr. Yoshida, director of the Japan Animal Hospital Association
Next, Ms. Naoko Yoshida, director of the Japan Animal Hospital Association, explained the effects of reading dogs. From a veterinary point of view, he explained the reading dog activity, which has spread around the world and many research studies have been published, and the effects of contact with dogs on children.
Contact classroom
Learning how to interact with dogs before engaging in reading dog activities is an activity that the Japan Animal Hospital Association has long valued. This time, Takigawa became a teacher and held a petting class where four children received a lecture on how to interact with dogs. Among them, there are some children who do not have many opportunities to interact with animals on a daily basis. reading dog demonstration
A demonstration of the reading dog activity was held to introduce in detail what kind of activity the reading dog activity is. A live commentary was given by Mr. Koyoshida. On behalf of the children, Cristiano-kun read to Sunny-chan, the reading dog.
During the demonstration, the two would sometimes look at each other, showing that they trust each other. I wonder if Cristiano-kun’s gentle story-telling was relaxing, and at the end, Sunny-chan was lying on her side and listening to the voice of the story-telling.
talk show
In addition to Takigawa, model SHIHO and Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore KIDS concierge Yoko Yamawaki participated in the talk show. We discussed the concerns of raising children and the importance of reading. The morning was a battlefield, hugging was hard, helping children with their homework, etc. Now that it is said that reading is progressing. Mr. SHIHO and Mr. Takigawa listened intently to Mr. Yamawaki’s introduction of three carefully selected picture books.

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About the new project “Do you know the dog dog?”
“Do you know what a dog is?” announced this time is a project to spread the reading dog program, which is being carried out all over the world. This project is part of Project SOS, one of the projects of the Christel Vie Ensemble (hereinafter referred to as the “Christelle Foundation”). At the same time as being an enlightenment activity to foster compassion for animals, it is also the slogan of the activity, and the public interest incorporated association Japan Animal Hospital Association (hereinafter referred to as “JAHA”). It is also a proposal of one form toward the realization of a society that “lives together.” [Do you know the dog dog? About the activity]
This activity combines JAHA’s traditional practice of reading to dogs who are active as therapy dogs and time to learn how to properly interact with dogs.
[Regarding the place and time]
As the first step, with the cooperation of Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, which continues to provide services that emphasize added value, we will start on November 10, 2022 and officially start activities from the spring of 2023. For the time being, the activities will be in Tokyo, but we plan to expand the activities nationwide. Details will be released on the Foundation website and SNS in due course.
[About future goals]
We would like to have as many children as possible participate in these activities and to verify their effectiveness. In addition, our medium- to long-term goals are to support the development of reading dogs and handlers, and to create a team of rescue dogs (rescue cats), which our foundation has long been engaged in educational activities. We would appreciate it if you could support this activity.
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What is a reading dog
[What is the Reading Dog Activity?]
The Reading Dog Activity is an activity in which a dog that is apt to be a reading dog is paired with a child, and the child is read aloud in an environment where the child is not evaluated by others. In 1999, the US non-profit organization Intermountain Therapy Animals started the “R.E.A.D. Program” with the aim of improving reading and communication skills and increasing motivation to read. Volunteer activities at schools, libraries, bookstores, etc. as a reading partner for children.
Currently, this activity is being adopted in many countries around the world, including Lukukoira in Finland, which is famous for having the world’s best library and high educational standards.
[How to become a reading dog]
Not every dog ​​can be a reading dog. First of all, it is necessary to be judged to have aptitude in terms of health, safety, and
personality. Then, paired with a handler, through constant training and evaluation, they become reliable therapy dogs.
Not every dog ​​can be a reading dog. First of all, it is necessary to be judged to have aptitude in terms of health, safety, and
personality. Then, paired with a handler, through constant training and evaluation, they become reliable therapy dogs.
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(Sunny/Golden Retriever)
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(Paris/Bichon Frise)
By interacting with a reading dog, you can not only learn about the warmth of animals and the preciousness of life, but also read to dogs who do not laugh at their misreading or warn them of their misreading. It is said to have effects such as budding self-confidence and understanding the joy of reading.
“According to Intermountain Therapy Animals, all elementary school students who participated in the R.E.A.D. S.2003)
[Sponsor General Incorporated Foundation Christel Vie Ensemble] The Christel Foundation is active under the slogan “Together, live.” And, based on the idea that the symbiosis between humans and animals cannot be achieved by any one of the following: improved animal welfare, a rich natural environment, and human happiness, 1. Including the issue of culling dogs and cats. Project Zero, which conducts activities to improve animal welfare, 2. Project Red, which protects the natural environment and ecosystem of the area by saving endangered species that stand at the top of the ecosystem, and 3. Animals, which started last year We are working on three projects, Project SOS, aiming for a world without abuse and violence, including abuse. [Co-organizer Japan Animal Hospital Association]
Established in 1978, JAHA is an organization centered on veterinarians who operate animal hospitals. We are promoting veterinary hospitals and veterinary medicine, and social contribution projects through veterinary hospitals. Since 1986, we have been practicing
“human-animal contact activities” by visiting elderly care facilities, medical facilities, educational institutions, etc. with animals, and since 2016, we have also been practicing reading dog programs at libraries in Tokyo.
With the help of Dr. Naoko Yoshida, the Christel Foundation and JAHA have collaborated on various projects in the past.
Intermountain Therapy Animals homepage Bueche, S. (2003) Going to the dogs: Therapy dogs promote reading. Reading Today, 20(4), 46.
Mary Renck Jalongo, Terri Astorino, and Nancy Bomboy (2004) The Influence of Therapy Dogs on Young Children’s Learning and Well-Being in Classrooms and Hospitals. Early Childhood Education Journal, Vol.32, No1, August 2004.

Reading with Children ~Recommended Book List~
Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore KIDS concierge Yoko Yamawaki
[3 books carefully selected by Yoko Yamawaki]
“Bakery Bear” Written by Phoebe Worthington, Illustrated by Selby Worthington, Translated by Ruriko Masaki, Fukunkan Shoten
“Where the Kaiju Live” Written by Maurice Sendak Translated by Teruo Jingu Fuzanbo
“Town thief” junaida Gospel building bookstore
We also have recommended picture books for each age group.
[Read-aloud picture book -for ages 0 to 3-]
“Rachitorion” written and illustrated by Marek Veronica, translated by Yasumoto Tokunaga, Fukunkan Shoten
“Hana no Sukinaushi” Munro Leaf Story, Illustrated by Robert Lawson, Translated by Natsuya Mitsuyoshi, Iwanami Shoten
“Nezumi no Hon 1 Finding the Home of a Mouse” by Helen Pearce, translated by Kyoko Matsuoka Dowaya
“Nezumi no Hon 2 Mouse’s Friend Search” by Helen Pierce, translated by Kyoko Matsuoka Douwaya
“Nezumi no Hon 3 Yokatta Nezumi-san” written by Helen Pierce, translated by Kyoko Matsuoka Dowaya
“A Wonderful Season” by Tasha Tudor, Translated by Chieko Suemori, Contemporary Planning Office
[Storytelling ~For ages 3 to 6~]
“Pele’s Atarashii Fuku” by Elsa Beskoff, translated by Yuriko Onodera, Fukunkan Shoten
“Papa’s Baked Apple Pie” Written by Laura Thompson, Illustrated by Jonathan Biehn, Translated by Shuntaro Tanikawa, Holp Publishing “A Little House” Written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton, translated by Momoko Ishii, Iwanami Shoten
[For lower grades of elementary school]
“Yukanna Irene” by William Steig, translated by Etsuko Ogawa, Rankasha “Chim to Yuukanna Sencho-san” by Edward Ardizzoni, translated by Teiji Seta, Fukunkan Shoten
“Orani, the island in the middle of the world” by Claire V. Nivola, translated by Akiko Kojima, published by Kijitora Publishing [For upper elementary school students]
“The world is so beautiful” Amy Novesky Julie Morstad Translated by Kazue Yokoyama Yamako’s picture book engineering books
“Shackleton’s Great Drift” by William Grill, translated by Shigeki Chiba, Iwanami Shoten
“Oimo sometimes disappears” by Tetsuya Tanaka, pictured by Kuji Kato, Fukunkan Shoten
[Books to think about reading dogs, facility dogs, and protected animals with children]
“Be by my side” by Lisa Papp, translated by Mariko Kikuta, WAVE Publishing “What I Can Do Now” by Lisa Papp, translated by Mariko Kikuta, WAVE Publishing “With the dog. ] Written by Setsuko , supervised by Yuko Shibauchi, Akane Shobo
“Nurturing Children’s Empathy” by Yuko Shibauchi and Atsuko Otsuka Iwanami Booklet 777
“Inu no Sensei” by Jane Goodall, Illustrated by Julie Littie, Translated by Misa Fushimi, Granmamasha
“A cat without a name” written by Fumiko Takeshita and illustrated by Naoko Machida Komine Shoten
-Introduction to the Christel Foundation-
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