CT Spirits Japan Co., Ltd. The winner of “CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” has been decided!

CT Spirits Japan Co., Ltd.
“CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” winner decided!
~The winner is Koji Esashi (SPIRITS BAR Sunface SHINJUKU/Tokyo)~
CT Spirits Japan (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will hold the “Campari Group Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” semi-final and final tournament at Roppongi Hills Club on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, with Koji Esashi (SPIRITS BAR Sunface SHINJUKU/Tokyo) won the championship.
[Image 1d58608-59-aa991791e3a024724337-0.jpg&s3=58608-59-d94d3f8154f7224b9255a0e9afd0a002-1000x667.jpg
The 12 semi-finalists who passed the first round of selection performed passionate performances with the theme of “aperitivo”, and 3 of them advanced to the final competition. In addition, signature cocktails were demonstrated by three finalists, and the winner of the prestigious CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022 was decided. You can see the live broadcast archive of the semi-final and final tournament from Campari official Facebook
The results of the competition and the cocktail details of the finalists will be released on the Cocktail Grand Prix official website (https://ctspiritsjapan.co.jp/cocktailgrandprix/) at a later date. -3 finalists>
“CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” winner (1st place)
Koji Esashi SPIRITS BAR Sunface SHINJUKU (Tokyo)
[Image 2d58608-59-74d6a5adb971e98ec7ab-1.jpg&s3=58608-59-958cb502cf79c5660ad052867d28d938-995x1000.jpg
Winning cocktail name: Calavera Espresso Margarita
[Image 3d58608-59-58bb62b51904688d3df6-2.jpg&s3=58608-59-fa79a1d3240d1d51b5bc59b955fb21cf-1000x1000.jpg

“CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” 2nd place
Shun Kosaka Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo)
[Image 4d58608-59-271916bf8981f19e48cb-8.jpg&s3=58608-59-7f0d21cf82f97a1d8595d29ec4db3ad5-988x988.jpg
Cocktail name: Cambiare
[Image 5d58608-59-d550d16285dbc23a3630-4.jpg&s3=58608-59-e43d3c4d6e4960e2d412e245184b1a80-1000x1000.jpg
“CAMPARI GROUP Cocktail Grand Prix 2022” 3rd place
Shunsuke Ieda ark BAR GRANDE (Aichi Prefecture)
[Image 6d58608-59-b35f02e1b051176b0b4d-5.jpg&s3=58608-59-40de8343b2f67b801c7bd2dd6a1e862a-1000x1000.jpg
Cocktail name: Chill Wave
[Image 7d58608-59-ce7a56faa73c26291c9c-6.jpg&s3=58608-59-b20ab80a4498b43a3d289eae04c1043f-1000x1000.jpg
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