Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. Additional release of a new theme template Winter for the digital stamp rall y production support service “go to town”

Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.
A new theme template [Winter] for the digital stamp rally production support service “go to town” has been released.

A new theme template “Winter” has been released for the digital stamp rally production support service “go to town” provided by Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.
[Image 1d56322-163-20cafb7d904c516e25d7-0.jpg&s3=56322-163-3538593da08a779ec870bcd20ad26601-1170x2007.jpg

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We will continue to add new theme templates such as “Christmas”, “New Year’s Eve, New Year”, “Valentine”, etc., so you can use them according to your occasion.
[Image 2d56322-163-107825f54cc7775fcea9-1.jpg&s3=56322-163-ddba7f1fdbc7959090b33acf8f73aec5-2000x1125.jpg
*This theme is under development. From the left “Christmas” “New Year’s Eve, New Year” “Valentine’s Day”
“go to town” is a digital stamp rally production support service for the purpose of regional revitalization and attracting customers to facilities such as shopping streets, theme parks, amusement parks, commercial facilities, zoos, aquariums, museums, etc. . Utilizing the know-how of our leading service “NAZOTOWN”, which has produced many excursion events, we support event production with low unit price and short delivery time.
We have many achievements such as grants, subsidies, and public offerings, so please feel free to contact us.
[Image 3d56322-163-8dec4ca22cb426615006-2.png&s3=56322-163-ead722b21b72c2bc95946e0d7f3519f6-400x125.png
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