Cut off frustration and moyamoya! Released “Moyadaru-san’s Reset Switch” taught by a Zen monk

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
Cut off frustration and moyamoya! Released “Moyadaru-san’s Reset Switch” taught by a Zen monk

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Naomi Taniguchi) published “Moyadaru-san’s Reset Switch” (written by Toryo Ito) on November 18, 2022. .
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Why does the moyamoya of “Moyadaru-san” continue?
Exhausted from stressful days…
Human relationships tend to be hazy…
I’m so frustrated and unmotivated…
I think there are a lot of “moyadaru-san” who feel uneasy and feel sluggish. From the perspective of neuroscience, it is said that humans have a cognitive system that makes it easier to pay attention to negative information than to positive information, and it is said that humans tend to be unconsciously negative. This seems to be the reason why unpleasant and anxious things are easy to notice and easy to remember. Nonetheless, negative states such as irritability, moyamoya, and sluggishness do not always continue.
Listening to the voice of your favorite idol, singing together in your heart, eating the sweets of your dreams at the cafe, remembering your friends, etc. must have gone.
Negative emotions are transient.
Despite this, Moyadaru’s mood doesn’t clear up because a mass of negative emotions remains in his heart.
The difference between Mr. Moyadaru and someone who is always happy and energetic is whether they are good or bad at switching.
Our emotions are either positive or negative.
Can you reset your mind as quickly as possible when you swing negatively? That’s how you get out of Mr. Moyadaru.
You can do it in 3 seconds! “reset switch”
In order to cut off negative emotions and reset the mind, this book introduces the “reset switch”.
Among them, the “3-second reset” is a switch that allows you to quickly cut off and return to the “now” so that negative emotions do not continue when an event that causes haze occurs.
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The point of the 3-second reset is to move your body and stimulate your five senses.
Stimulate your senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste to bring your consciousness back to the present. You can stimulate one sensory organ or two. It’s a simple action that can be done in about 3 seconds.
What Moyadaru needs to do is to extinguish the flames of Moyadaru as quickly as possible. That’s why you need a reset switch in a short time of about 3 seconds.
-Reset switch example introduced in this document-
1. Clapping snap
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The “hand clapping snap” of the “3-second reset” is just a single snap, just like the one-chome tightening. That’s all, the snapping sound in your ears will bring your negative emotions back to the “now”.
2. Gassho
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“Gassho” is also one of “3 seconds reset”.
The trick is to focus on where your palms are touching. The point is to feel your left hand with your right hand and your right hand with your left hand.
I don’t think we usually feel our bodies very often. That’s why it’s easier to return to the “now” by concentrating on the palm of your hand.
3. Finger candle
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Imagine lighting a candle with one fingertip and extinguishing it by blowing on it. Gaze firmly at your fingertips, imagine a flame, and blow slowly. It is also important to feel the breath you blow with your fingertips.
It takes about 3 seconds to extinguish the flame that you imagined on your fingertips, but if you have a little time, blow until you can exhale, and you can concentrate more and return to the present. An original method taught by a Zen monk at a popular Zen temple The author of this book, Toryo Ito, is the deputy chief priest of Ryosokuin, a popular Zen temple where you can experience Zen meditation.
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Mr. Ito himself says that he was able to switch his feelings even though he was annoyed and depressed because there were many reset switches every day at the temple.
When entering a room, put your feet together, put your hands together, light a candle, burn an incense stick, and so on.
In other words, by repeating the etiquette of the temple, it became a habit to change one’s mind and reset one’s mind, and that habit kept moyadaru away.
In this book, Mr. Ito introduces a wide variety of “reset switches”, such as “3-second reset”, which instantly switches negative moods, and “petit meditation”, which calms the turmoil of the mind.
book outline
【table of contents】
Chapter 1 “Moyadaru-san” is bad at resetting
Chapter 2 Anytime, Anywhere “Reset for 3 Seconds”
Chapter 3 Create your own “Original Moyadaru Reset”
Chapter 4 Tips to keep “Moyadaru-san” away and have a good day [Author information]
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Toryo Ito
Deputy Chief Priest of Ryosoku-in, Kenninji School of Rinzai Sect Born in 1980. After training at the Kenninji-ha specialty dojo, he was in charge of teaching zazen at Ryosokuin for 15 years. Focusing on contemporary art, he continues to try to connect with tradition beyond the walls of the territory. International activities such as holding Zen seminars at Facebook headquarters in the United States and teaching Zen in France, Germany, and Denmark. In 2020, we released the global meditation community “Unze” and the app “InTrip” that incorporates Zen into your life. He is also in charge of well-being mentors for overseas companies and executive coaches for domestic companies.
[Book information]
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Title: “Moyadaru-san’s Reset Switch”
Release date: November 18, 2022
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 176 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2904-7
List price: 1540 yen (tax included)
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