CUVEYES Co., Ltd. Styling Life Holdings, 2,000 employees walk and work on decarbonization

StylingLife Holdings, 2,000 employees walk to decarbonize
-Aiming to reduce corporate CO2 emissions through Scope 3 Category 7 offsets-
CUVEYES Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yasuyuki Natsume, hereinafter “our company”) has announced that StylingLife Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Hiroyuki Kitamura, hereinafter “StylingLife Holdings”) We will introduce the “Corporate version – SPOBY decarbonization walk” to support
decarbonization activities by commuting 2,000 employees.
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StylingLife Holdings has a management philosophy of giving
consideration to environmental conservation throughout the group, and as part of that activity, we will work on decarbonization by commuting 2,000 employees.
Among supply chain emissions, commuting that falls under Category 7 of Scope 3 (CO2 emissions of other companies related to business activities) is a matter that is essential due to the nature of business operations, even in these days when remote work is
widespread. is.
StylingLife Holdings, which has more than 100 related stores in Japan, including “PLAZA”, is a representative company. By accumulating the small efforts of each individual, we will reduce CO2 emissions greatly and face social pain on a global scale.
StylingLife Holdings expresses its enthusiasm for environmental conservation activities in order to contribute not only to the realization of a decarbonized society but also to the enlightenment and awareness of society through this initiative, aiming to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 13 of the SDGs. increase.
Employees increase their motivation by exchanging “decarbonization points” and “jewels”, which are given as rewards for decarbonization activities, with incentive prizes, and the amount of decarbonization is ranked among departments and business sites. Through events, etc., we will experience environmental consideration activities while having fun.
We aim to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 of the SDGs by walking and bicycling, which is expected not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to improve health and contribute to improving employee engagement.
“SPOBY” is the only application service that calculates and visualizes the amount of carbon dioxide suppression when walking or bicycling the distance that should be traveled by vehicle.
By scoring the amount of decarbonization during working hours and the amount of emission reduction during remote work, it is possible to calculate the amount of CO2 offset in corporate environmental performance data (Scope 3 Category 7).
Since it leads to an increase in the amount of human activity, it is a solution tool that contributes not only to “decarbonization” but also to “health.”
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Timely visualization of activity data and emission control data Data on the amount of activity and the amount of carbon dioxide emission reduction measured by the app is aggregated in a timely manner and displayed on the management screen. As a result, it becomes possible to set targets for environmental load improvement and to review them periodically, enabling employees to carry out
environmental conservation activities on a daily basis.
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[Service overview]
Service name: SPOBY
App compatible models: iOS/Android
Service URL:
[About CUVEYES Co., Ltd.]
CUVEYES is a company aiming to realize SDGs with the power of smartphone apps. Name of Representative Yasuyuki Natsume Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer
Head office location: Nihonbashi DM Building 5F, 6-14 Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Health promotion and decarbonization promotion business URL:
[About Styling Life Holding Co., Ltd.]
In any era when values ​​change, we will continue to propose and create valuable new products and create products that are comfortable and enjoyable for our customers to create their own lifestyles and new, free lifestyles. It is a company that strives to provide spaces and services such as shops and salons.
=StylingLife Holdings is a group consisting of four operating companies= – Styling Life Holdings Plaza Style Company Co., Ltd. –
Household goods retail, directly managed store business, franchise business. We constantly introduce new products and things that cannot be found elsewhere, and disseminate information from a unique perspective and style. With the development of various store brands such as PLAZA, we are supported by customers of a wide range of age groups, mainly women.
-Stylin Life Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Company-
Development, manufacturing, and sales of basic cosmetics, makeup cosmetics, and quasi-drugs.
We are actively expanding our business to include general
distribution, department stores, mail-order sales, and overseas markets.
BCL proposes a comfortable lifestyle by creating new beauty. -Light Up Shopping Club Co., Ltd.-
Mail-order and store sales of clothing, electrical appliances, household goods, watches, shoes, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Under the three brands of LightUp, Zekoo, and Shokusai Club, we introduce truly valuable products to our customers.
-CP Cosmetics Co., Ltd.-
Development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, etc. Nationwide expansion of “CP salons” operated by agencies with exclusive contracts.
We aim to make women more beautiful and realize people’s limitless “dreams”. Representative Director, President Hiroyuki Kitamura
Head office location Shinjuku Front Tower, 21-1 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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