Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. “Shadankun”, “WafCharm” and “SIDfm” both won the ASPIC IoT/A I/Cloud Awards 2022

Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
“Shadankun”, “WafCharm” and “SIDfm” both won the ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards 2022
Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshihiro Koike, hereinafter “our company”), a global security manufacturer that develops anti-hacker services, is a specified non-profit organization ASP / SaaS / IoT cloud. At the “ASPIC IoT / AI / Cloud Award 2022” sponsored by the consortium (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Teruyoshi Kawai, hereinafter “ASPIC”), “Attack Shadan-kun” won the “support business ASP / SaaS category”. “Social Contribution Award”, “WafCharm” received the “Advanced Technology Award” in the “AI Category”, and “SIDfm” received the “ASPIC Chairman’s Award” in the “Support Service ASP/SaaS Category”.
■ About “Attack Shadan-kun”
Cloud-based WAF “Shadankun” is a web security service that visualizes and blocks cyber-attacks on websites and web servers. Utilizing the attack detection AI engine “Cyneural” that uses deep learning, it not only detects general attacks, but also discovers unknown attacks and false positives at high speed. With the leading threat intelligence “Cyhorus”, we can quickly respond to the latest threats. The number of companies and sites that have introduced it is No. 1* in Japan, and it is used regardless of the size of the company.
■ About “WafCharm”
“WafCharm” is the number one*2 service in Japan in terms of the number of installed users that can automatically operate a WAF provided in the public cloud using “AI” and “big data”. Equipped with an AI engine “WRAO *1 (Patent No. 6375047)” that automatically operates the optimal WAF rules using machine learning, it is the No. 1*3 The cloud-based WAF “Shadankun”, which has a track record of 1*3, utilizes a cumulative total of more than 2.3 trillion big data, and automatically applies the optimal rules for each customer. Our cyber threat intelligence team “Cyhorus” responds quickly to the latest threats, and we also provide technical support*4 based on our signature customization know-how, which is one of the best in Japan.
■About SIDfm
Vulnerability information collection and management service “SIDfm” is a comprehensive solution service brand related to software
vulnerability management. Among them, “SIDfm Biz” and “SIDfm Group”, which are “vulnerability information distribution services”, have been the first commercial information provision services in Japan since 1999. It has been used as an “information base for vulnerability management” by customers.
“SIDfm” provides detailed technical information, risk indicators, related information, patch information, workarounds, etc. after the vulnerability analysts scrutinize the vulnerability information officially announced by domestic and foreign software vendors every day. We send information on countermeasures, etc. to our customers through various means in an easy-to-understand format in Japanese. About the ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Award
The ASP/SaaS/IoT Cloud Consortium (abbreviated as ASPIC), a specified non-profit corporation, is an ASP/SaaS/IaaS/PaaS/IoT/AI service and data center provided in Japan with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. User companies that use these technologies are screened, and in the “ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards,” excellent cloud services that are “beneficial to society” and “safe and secure” in Japan are commended.
*1 Source: Survey by Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey Overview: Fiscal Year Ending October 2021_Actual Survey
*2 Source: Survey by Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey Overview: Fiscal Year Ended July 2020_Actual Survey
*3 Only compatible with AWS WAF classic
*4 Only some plans are eligible.
■ About Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
Company name: Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
Location: JR Tokyu Meguro Building 13F, 3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
Representative: Toshihiro Koike, President and CEO
Established: August 2010
Cyber ​​Security Cloud has the philosophy of “creating a safe and secure cyber space for people around the world”, and utilizes the world’s leading cyber threat intelligence and AI technology to provide web application security services, vulnerability information collection and We provide anti-hacker services such as management tools. We will continue to contribute to the promotion of the information revolution as one of the leading global companies in cyber security, with a focus on WAF.
Main deployment services:
Cloud-based WAF “Shadan-kun”:
Public cloud WAF automated operation service “WafCharm”:
A curated set of rules for AWS WAF “Cyber ​​Security Cloud Managed Rules for AWS WAF”: Vulnerability information collection and management service “SIDfm”:

Details about this release:


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