CyberZ Co., Ltd. Da-iCE Toru Iwaoka and DOBERMAN INFINITY SWAY, a new program “Bar where Toru and SWAY’s goisy people gather” in which the two unique people welcome “goysoo” guests and grow up on Start decision!

CyberZ Inc.
Da-iCE Toru Iwaoka and DOBERMAN INFINITY SWAY, the unique duo, will welcome “goysoo” guests and grow up, and the new program “Toru SWAY’s Goesoo People Gather Bar” will start on!

The video distribution platform “” provided by CyberZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Yamauchi) will start from 19:00 on Thursday, November 17, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that the program “Toru & SWAY’s Bar Where Goisu People Gather”, presented by Da-iCE Toru Iwaoka and DOBERMAN INFINITY SWAY, will be streamed.
This program is set in a members-only bar that exists somewhere, where master Toru Iwaoka and regular customer SWAY welcome guests from various genres to learn new things and discover new things. It is a program that challenges you. Please take a look.
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■ Distribution platform
Please check the program Twitter for details.

[Overview of the bar program where Toru and SWAY’s gossipy people gather] Date and time: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) 19:00-
Delivery URL:
Subscription monthly fee: Face familiar plan 550 yen, regular plan 1,100 yen (tax included)
Channel URL:
Subscription URL: Toru Iwaoka profile
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Born June 6, 1987.
Active as a performer of the 5-person male artist “Da-iCE” formed in 2011. He is the only member who has graduated from university and has experience working as a working adult, and is actively involved in acting activities such as dramas and movies.
-Person’s comment-
I’m looking forward to meeting some nice people. I would like to create a good atmosphere with SWAY-kun as a bar. looking forward to! ■ SWAY profile
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Formed in June 2014, he is in charge of MC as a member of 4 MC and 1 Vocal male group “DOBERMAN INFINITY”. He is also a member of Gekidan EXILE and also works as an actor.
As a solo artist, he belongs to the world-famous label Def Jam, has participated in many big artists as a guest performer, and is not only active as a rapper, but also as an actor as a member of the theater company EXILE. MOVIE” and CM “Yofuku no Aoyama”.
-Person’s comment-
I was really looking forward to it! ! Together with Toru-kun, I would like to spend an intense time with many goisu people! Please look forward to it! !
■ What is “”?
“” is a video distribution platform operated by CyberZ. In 2018, we opened “OPENREC STUDIO” in Tokyo, which is equipped with one of the largest e-sports studios in Japan. Enjoy live streaming of e-sports competitions, special programs, live music, professional gamers, entertainers, and voice actors with full HD image quality and ultra-low latency. We have released “SUPERLIVE” to support the live activities of artists in 2020.
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Representative Director and President: Takahiro Yamauchi
Established in 2009 as an advertising marketing company specializing in smartphones. Developing a wide range of marketing businesses such as operation and effectiveness verification of smartphone
advertisements, production of transportation advertisements and web commercials. In addition to Japan, we also have branch offices in San Francisco, South Korea, and Taiwan, and support the overseas expansion of domestic advertisers and the expansion of overseas advertisers into Japan.
As a media business, we operate “”, the largest live distribution media in Japan, and as an e-sports business, we operate “RAGE”, one of the largest e-sports events in Japan. As a 100% subsidiary of CyberZ, we operate “eStream Co., Ltd.”, an online entertainment business such as figure sales and online lotteries, and “CyberE Co., Ltd.”, an advertising marketing business specializing in e-sports.
In addition, through the development of multiple businesses with businesses in the entertainment field, we have made use of our knowledge and strengths that have been striving to revitalize the industry and create new businesses. ] has started.
■ Company Profile
Company nameCyberZ Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Head Office 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Scramble Square 23rd floor
Representative Takahiro Yamauchi, President and Representative Director Business description Smartphone advertising business, smartphone media business, e-sports business
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CyberZ, Inc. Public Relations: Kido E-mail: Details about this release:


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