Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd. Compatible with the new mutant strains “Griffon” and “Basilisk”-High-precision “nasopharyngeal swab” specialized bamboo shoot antigen test kit-Shipped on the same day with payment by 13:00 noon! We ship every day except Sund

Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd.
Compatible with the new mutant strains “Griffon” and
“Basilisk”-High-precision “nasopharyngeal swab” specialized bamboo shoot antigen test kit-Shipped on the same day if payment is received by 13:00 noon! We ship every day except Sundays and holidays! If you pay by 13:00 noon, we will ship the same day! “If you’re in the Kanto area, the product will arrive the next day!”

Infection by the new mutant strain has entered the early stages of the 8th wave, and if the infection spreads at the current pace, it is possible that the peak of the 7th wave will be exceeded in 10 days. Towards the end of the year, the number of year-end parties and homecomings has increased, and in order to protect your family and friends from infection, it is important to perform a rapid antigen test every day to understand your own infection status.
At the Takesho Shop, we will temporarily come to work on Saturdays and carry out the shipping work so that we can deliver the test kits to everyone as soon as possible.
In addition, we will extend the shipping time by one hour and ship the same day to customers who have completed payment and payment by 13:00 noon. In the Kanto area, the product will be delivered the next day after placing the order.
The infection continues to spread nationwide, and all of us at the company will work together to do our best. Thank you for your continued support.
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◆ Our test kit can be used not only with swabs of the nose and pharynx, but also with saliva for those who are not good at pain. ◆ Sales record of 200 million tests in 120 countries around the world ◆ Anyone can easily test in 15 to 30 minutes (test results after 30 minutes are invalid)
◆Can be tested with this kit alone, no special test equipment required ◆ Only 4 steps to detection
◆ As a result of numerous clinical trials, it can be determined with 99% accuracy.
(Sensitivity 98.16% Specificity 100% Accuracy 99.08)
◆Both positive and negative tests can be performed on the first day of virus infection (the day of contact with an infected person). This antigen test kit detects antigens specifically produced by virus-infected cells.
Samples are taken from the oropharynx, nasopharynx, or saliva. [Image 2

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The number of users of the [CORONAVI] site with which we are affiliated exceeded 300,000 in just three months after its release. CORONAVI issues its own test result notification free of charge within the same day at the earliest.
Please use it for everyday life and business scenes.
It does not contain personally identifiable information.
◆ Click here to order products http://ec.takesho.shop/
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◆ Click here to issue a notice https://coronavi19.jp/
*This test kit has obtained CE certification, and in Europe and the United States, it is used for self-use or as an in-vitro diagnostic drug at medical institutions, etc. However, please do not use it for diagnostic purposes in Japan. We are currently preparing to obtain approval for in-vitro diagnostics for this antibody test kit in Japan. This product is basically intended for medical personnel.
■ Ordering products
Order: https://ec.takesho.shop/
CORONAVI: https://coronavi19.jp/h/
Questions: info@takesho.shop

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