Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd. Notice of new introduction campaign for portable real-time PCR test equipment rental service

Da Vinci Line Co., Ltd.
Portable real-time PCR test equipment rental service Notice of new introduction campaign
For medical institutions – You can easily start a PCR test with an initial cost of 0 yen.

Due to the increase in the number of new infected people, the number of inquiries regarding the PCR test equipment rental service has increased considerably.
Our company received a contract for 30 units of real-time PCR test equipment per month until November 30th.
This device can simultaneously test multiple samples in a short time. It has been introduced in health research institutes, testing companies, clinics, etc., and is small and easy to carry. .
Please consider introducing the “portable real-time PCR test equipment rental service” before the peak of the 8th wave comes.
* We also have an “Automatic Certificate Issuance System” that collectively manages everything from inspection application to certificate issuance.
Please feel free to contact us for details. info@davinciline.jp -Introduction campaign overview-
・ Campaign period: December 1st (Thursday) to December 30th (Friday) ・Campaign details: Reagents will be presented with a new rental service contract during the campaign period
           For details, please contact info@davinciline.jp.

-Overview of Rental Service-
[Image 1d58530-325-6a2a049051d74c1b8e68-5.jpg&s3=58530-325-07d5c3bc8436ac6be6081064b71d3f73-1600x1000.jpg

[Image 2d58530-325-c9f634f736730de27792-3.png&s3=58530-325-2fcb43e6ff258d7b6113bd5c98f0fc6c-732x157.png
* PCR testing service can be introduced from 10,000 yen per month by purchasing reagents in bulk.
[Image 3d58530-325-f9711309c2212e511e83-2.jpg&s3=58530-325-460cd848c136383d88ce0bd8296cdfde-1045x510.jpg
– Automatic certificate issuance by PCR test management system – *The automatic certificate issuing system is an option and will be charged separately.
-Product Summary-
・Real-time PCR amplification analyzer
[Image 4d58530-325-568cf323c3f83a445cf5-4.jpg&s3=58530-325-59df1df703c01d780ab57d4f750340d1-1600x800.jpg
・New coronavirus detection reagent kit
[Image 5d58530-325-6974307e877b980b7e43-6.jpg&s3=58530-325-52d4e3452ebd1f581a4c383c6d6c26e6-1600x800.jpg
-Rental Service Inquiries-
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