Dadway Co., Ltd. New products appear one after another from “PolarB”! 8 items of wooden toys that you want to give in various gift scenes, including Christmas gifts

Dadway Co., Ltd.
New products appear one after another from “PolarB”! 8 items of wooden toys that you want to give in various gift scenes, including Christmas gifts

Dadway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hiroto Ohno) sells 8 new items for the 2022 holiday season from “PolarB”, which is imported and sold as an authorized Japanese distributor. It was started.
PolarB is a wooden toy brand based on Scandinavian taste. With a wide variety of decorations that tickle the curiosity of children and pale tone colors that blend well with the room, it is often chosen as a gift.
The new products released this time have a lineup of items in various price ranges, such as a luxurious 92-piece train rail set and puzzles for learning numbers. It has become easier to choose not only for special days such as birthdays and Christmas, but also for small gifts such as souvenirs.
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New product overview
■ Train rail set 92 pieces
A set of rails and accessories such as tunnels, buildings, trains and cars. Build a city where animals live! Depending on the combination, it is possible to create multiple courses.
Price: 9,680 yen
Target: 3 years old ~
Size: Rail W133×D8.8×H20cm (When all parts are assembled) Total length 490cm [Image 2d37140-65-aaf322c6ae3a3933ded6-1.png&s3=37140-65-0ec04045f19c0b82525b7d0eb24b28c7-2100x1005.png
■ Katakata Walker
A baby walker whose elephant and fox panels move up and down with a rattling sound as you move forward. Gears and beads are included, so you can sit down and play slowly.
Price: 7,150 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: W32.5×D28.3×H42.5cm
[Image 3d37140-65-5b0412eabd79ea1036ba-2.png&s3=37140-65-eff57af119a4ab43b7a976e93eac391a-2100x1005.png
■ Activity table
A table with a lot of devices such as looping, gears, building blocks, molding, xylophone. Play with your hands and fingertips skillfully. Price: 5,830 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: W29.5×D29.5×H13.3cm
[Image 4d37140-65-5b68f6b68b4170e0295c-3.png&s3=37140-65-19888e336f2f954360b5e4af1c01b6c7-2100x1005.png
■ Activity box
Five tricks: looping, matching numbers and illustrations, gears, fitting, and mazes. It is a nice point that you can play for a long time without getting tired by changing the side.
Price: 5,830 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: W18×D20.2×H31.7cm
[Image 5d37140-65-5a530de24429721ba7dc-4.png&s3=37140-65-357092fb0e8cde765bf37ba286d410ce-2100x1005.png
■ Car slider
A set of colorful slides and 4 cars. Put the car on the highest place, good start! It’s a fun toy to watch the car slowly slide down. Price: 3,850 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: W23.5×D8.5×H25cm
[Image 6d37140-65-9182f47b19e5def0ec7c-5.png&s3=37140-65-3c3e7ada003148edc0687638c40f59a1-2100x1005.png
■ Shirokuma xylophone
Colorful keyboard xylophone. Enjoy playing with a gentle tone! It has a handle that is easy to hold even for small hands of children. Price: 2,530 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: W25.5×D17.5×H2.4cm
[Image 7d37140-65-ea82b20405275f379912-6.png&s3=37140-65-633cd0d87b989d4a422affb1130a7953-2100x1005.png
■ Fish fishing game
A set of fishing ponds, 12 fish, 2 fishing rods, and dice. Fish can be caught easily with a magnet, so it’s perfect for the first time playing fishing. You can also enjoy the game of catching fish with the same number as the dice.
Price: 2,530 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: Pond diameter 22 x H5.2cm, fish W4.6 x D1 x H3.4cm
[Image 8d37140-65-5326d8cb3b77f4a99cf4-7.png&s3=37140-65-ac9261110e8dc1a890bd50baa9c4b44b-2100x1005.png
■ Suuji Puzzle
A wooden puzzle with animals and numbers on it. Connect pieces with the same number as the number of animals, or try making an animal train in the order of 1 to 10. Learn numbers while playing.
Price: 1,430 yen
Target: From 18 months
Size: Animal puzzle W9×D4.5×H0.6cm, animal and vehicle puzzle W5.5×D4.6×H0.6cm, Number puzzle W4.8×D4.6×H0.6cm
[Image 9d37140-65-af0e3b058160bf1cdb91-8.png&s3=37140-65-1396bd49e08e1af822d4af6a630ca836-2100x1005.png

“PolarB” brand overview
Pale tone color wooden toy brand based on Scandinavian taste. We have a wide range of items, from rattles that can be played by babies, to pretend play toys recommended for ages 3 and up. This collection is perfect for gifts.
DADWAY Online Store:
Company Profile
Company name: Dadway Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2-15-12 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Hiroto Ohno, President and Representative Director Established: October 1, 1992
Capital: 30 million yen
“Every day to be excited with a child”
Since 1992, we have been planning, importing and selling excellent baby products from all over the world. In addition to manufacturing and selling original products that meet the needs of Japanese child-rearing families, domestic as an authorized general agent in Japan for educational toys Sassy, ​​baby bottles NUK, baby slings Ergobaby, etc. We are selling. Also select for families
We have 29 stores nationwide, including the shop “DADWAY” and the parent-child cafe “VITAL MEALS BY DADWAY”.
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