Dadway Co., Ltd. THE ROCKET GOLD STAR x DADWAY 2nd, the first toy debuts

Dadway Co., Ltd.
THE ROCKET GOLD STAR x DADWAY 2nd edition, the first toy debuts ―A cute design that resembles the long-selling toy “Okiagari Mukkuri” as a merry-go-round―

Dadway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hiroto Ohno) is the second collaboration with illustrator THE ROCKET GOLD STAR (The Rocket Gold Star), “Okiagari Mukkuri / Enjoy! Merry-go-round / Multi” will be released from November at DADWAY stores nationwide and online stores only.
Following on from the ROCKET GOLD STAR designed apparel, bibs, and swaddles released on October 1st, a long-awaited new toy will be released. It is an original design that looks like a merry-go-round of the popular DADWAY toy “Okiagari Mukkuri”.
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■ Product features
It is an egg-shaped toy with a beautiful tone and gentle, swaying movements. The secret of the “soothing” sound that is played when it is swayed is the skill and experience of skilled craftsmen. Handmade one by one in a factory in Japan. It is easy to rock even with the gentle strength of a baby, and can be played from sleep to sitting.
THE ROCKET GOLD STAR x DADWAY’s “Okiagari Mukkuri” expresses a deep and beautiful world that makes you want to look into it. Realized transparency for the first time. It is a discerning clear design that shines with craftsmanship.
THE ROCKET GOLD STAR and the DADWAY team designed a fun merry-go-round that sways and twirls. We named it “Enjoy! Merry-Go-Round” because of the smiling faces of the characters peeking out from the central pillars and the characters riding on the carousel as they sway. The mustard-colored package that stands out with the collaboration logo has stars and flowers on the saucer. The package design that harmonizes the design of the merry-go-round and the core pillar creates a sense of excitement. Recommended as a gift.
When designing the okiagari and mukkuri, I used clear lines and colors so that even babies could recognize them.
I think that colors, sounds, and shapes are very important elements for development, so I would be happy if I could be of some help. The animal characters are also enjoying themselves on the
merry-go-round, so I’d be more than happy if my baby feels the same way.
■ Product overview
Product Name: Okiagari Mukkuri / Enjoy! merry-go-round/multi Tax-included price: 4,620 yen
Target: Otanjokara
Size: W15×D15×H20cm
Country of Origin: Japan
Dadway Online Store: [Image 2d37140-64-5e4d65f1c73c850db503-1.png&s3=37140-64-7b2e33f67be4c4ea63a974f3a8765cd7-1800x600.png
A collaboration project with Kobe-born illustrator “THE ROCKET GOLD STAR” as a project commemorating the 30th anniversary of DADWAY. We are developing baby and kids items that are attractive with vivid colors and cheeky expressions of characters that seem to have jumped out of a picture book.
Special page: What is THE ROCKET GOLD STAR?
Illustrator. Since 1997, he has created character designs and advertising designs. Activities such as picture books and mural paintings are diversified. He has worked on various designs for major companies, such as chain store opening visuals and looking for mistakes in family restaurant kids menus.
■Company profile
Company name: Dadway Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2-15-12 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Hiroto Ohno, President and Representative Director Established: October 1, 1992
Capital: 30 million yen
“Every day to be excited with a child”
Since 1992, we have been planning, importing and selling excellent baby products from all over the world. In addition to manufacturing and selling original products that meet the needs of Japanese child-rearing families, domestic as an authorized general agent in Japan for educational toys Sassy, ​​baby bottles NUK, baby slings Ergobaby, etc. We are selling. In addition, we have 29 stores nationwide, including the select shop “DADWAY” for families and the parent-child cafe “VITAL MEALS BY DADWAY”.
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