Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. DNP and Maruzen CHI Holdings held a workshop “Meet and connect with books” at “Yokohama Co-Creation Expo 2022”

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
DNP and Maruzen CHI Holdings held a workshop to “encounter and connect with books” at the “Yokohama Co-Creation Expo 2022”

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and Maruzen CHI Holdings Co., Ltd., a member of the DNP Group, will collaborate with the general incorporated association All Nippon Renovation (ANR) in planning and holding a ceremony in Yokohama from October 21 to 28, 2022. At the “Yokohama Co-Creation Expo 2022” held in 2020, we held a workshop “Encountering and connecting with books”.
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At the “Yokohama Co-Creation Expo 2022” held at the Yokohama City Hall to promote “co-creation” and “open innovation” through public-private partnerships, more than 100 organizations such as companies, schools, NPOs, and local groups exhibited. and held workshops. To foster and sustain a free and diverse publishing culture, the DNP Group will focus on maximizing the value of published content, creating an environment where everyone can enjoy books whenever they want, and creating motivation and opportunities for reading. doing. Using the know-how cultivated through these efforts, we held the following workshops with the aim of creating new opportunities for people and books to meet and connect through co-creation with consumers. ■”Reading Skills Experience Using Information Editing Book Band Making Workshop” that leverages the strengths of the Maruzen CHI Group A workshop was held in which participants made a book “obi” using the “table of contents reading method” developed by Editing Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. of the Maruzen CHI Holdings Group. “Obi” is a thin piece of paper wrapped around the bottom of the cover of a book to be noticed at bookstores, etc. This time, focusing on how to see information and how to find relationships, using the “table of contents reading method” that leads to improvement of imagination and thinking power, participants find keywords from the table of contents of one new book of their own choice, In a short time, I grasped the content, wrote a catchphrase and a summary, and created a “belt” for the book. The book wrapped in the obi that was created in this workshop is displayed and sold at the Maruzen HAMARU Raxis Front Store on the 2nd floor of the Yokohama City Hall operated by Maruzen Junkudo Bookstore.
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■ DNP Seminar & Workshop “Books to meet and worlds to meet”
DNP believes that “encounters with books are important things that can change people’s lives.” We are working on publishing and distribution reforms with the aim of realizing “a world where you can meet books that you should meet.” . In the seminar held this time, in addition to explaining changes in reading demand and current trends, along with a concept video of “The book you should meet and the world you can meet”, on-demand manufacturing realizes small quantities and short delivery times to prevent shortages. Introduced efforts to reform book manufacturing, distribution, and sales. A workshop was also held, where participants formed groups and discussed how to encounter books. Mr. Mikito Taguchi of NPO Reading Time cooperated with this seminar and workshop.
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■ “To the world where you can meet the book you should meet.” Image movie
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