Daifuku Shoji Co., Ltd. Mr. Strong Multi-Training Bar Funding project has started posting on MAKUAKE from today!

Daifuku Trading Co., Ltd.
[Mr. Strong Multi-Training Bar] The funding project has been posted on MAKUAKE from today!
Get the Mr. Strong Multi-Training Bar and turn your home into a gym!
Small and lightweight, easy to carry, easy to assemble, and easy to start exercising.
It supports various training movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. With [Mr. Strong], you can do a full body workout at home.
MAKUAKE project page↓↓↓
Product: Mr. Strong Multi-Training Bar
Project URL: https://www.makuake.com/project/mrstrong
Project posting deadline: 2022/11/21- 2023/11/30
Pre-sale is available at [up to 39% OFF] for 6709 yen!
[Image 1

Even just walking becomes painful. Severe back pain and stiff shoulders due to sedentary work. Immunity drops, tiredness is hard to get.
I want to exercise, but I don’t have a place to do it. I can’t keep running or walking.
Don’t worry about that, first get [Mr. Strong] easily and create an environment where it’s easy to exercise.
[Image 2

It supports various training movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Lightweight, space-saving, no complicated installation required, and can be stored immediately when not in use. When you feel like exercising, you can start in your living room or in a corner of your home. You can use the fragmented time efficiently and feel free to continue.
How to use one, push-ups!
When training push-ups with bare hands, the burden on the elbows and wrists is large, and it is easy to injure the elbows and wrists. With [Mr. Strong], you can do push-ups in various positions without straining your wrists.
[Image 3

How to use the second, sit up!
When it comes to abdominal training, the easiest and most effective exercise is the sit-up. However, it is quite difficult to practice at home without having someone hold your feet. At that time, [Mr. Strong] comes into play. Affix the bottom suction cup to the ground and you’re ready to sit up.
[Image 4d92140-9-c2169520a14361c19cee-4.gif&s3=92140-9-8f5cb3014f614e38a9927dd306419d11-1380x776.gif

How to use the third, abdominal muscle roller!
After removing the handle, you can use it as an abdominal muscle roller. Hidden roller design, more stable, less risk of injury for beginners, safer training.
[Image 5d92140-9-3d30728ee7e435973160-5.gif&s3=92140-9-8355145d4538b830c5609669216007f3-1380x776.gif
How to use the fourth, exercise band!
By attaching the attached exercise band (approximately 11 kg), you can do various training depending on your ingenuity.
[Image 6d92140-9-7c65415000953b763abb-6.gif&s3=92140-9-69584a27e6bffd89ebfd1add028f0c27-1380x776.gif

[Image 7d92140-9-7b5a8fb5094a75df759c-1.jpg&s3=92140-9-7595cdef64a0e9225c38b7d84fcff9d3-1380x776.jpg

MAKUAKE project page↓↓↓
Project URL: https://www.makuake.com/project/mrstrong
*The project is being posted from November 21, 2022 to January 30, 2023.

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