Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. A sustainable sweets brand using Hokkaido ingredients is unveiled for the first time! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
A sustainable sweets brand using Hokkaido ingredients is unveiled for the first time! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets
November 23rd (Wednesday) to November 29th (Tuesday) / Daimaru Tokyo store 1st floor/basement Hoppe Town

A sustainable cheese sweets brand using Hokkaido ingredients – Yamano Cheese – debuts this time! The store opening at Daimaru Tokyo will be the first nationwide debut. In addition, a special chocolate specialty store -Minimal-, which uses cacao carefully selected from cacao farms around the world and makes chocolate by hand in its own workshop in Tokyo, will appear for the first time! Introducing the 3 seasonal sweets brands of Daimaru Tokyo.
A new brand born from the desire to contribute to dairy farming with the power of sweets, amidst the social problem of surplus raw milk due to the corona crisis. (Top) Cheese pie made with carefully selected ingredients grown in the vast land of Hokkaido. The pie crust is folded into 512 layers, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese powder from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and baked. The crispy pie crust and gentle cheese cream with the flavor of milk will spread in your mouth. (Bottom) A two-layered cheesecake with a layer of egg yolk made by adding sugar to fresh cream and mascarpone cheese, and a layer of cream cheese with a hint of lemon sourness.
– Yamano Cheese – (Top) Yamano Cheese Pie 1,188 yen for 4 pieces, 2,200 yen for 8 pieces, (Bottom) Layered Cheesecake 550 yen/1 floor MAP 2.
[Image 1d5342-1733-5bc3260a35598ba57f34-0.png&s3=5342-1733-50544a9b941d0624b296956b9d94e91e-660x823.png
Nationwide first!
[Image 2d5342-1733-bd227bbe06ef3b039011-1.png&s3=5342-1733-483f7edcc029f8f04106992a5cc943e6-517x829.png
Nationwide first!
Craft chocolate brand -Minimal- debuts for the first time. (Upper) Sandwiched ganache with plenty of chocolate between crispy cookies. You can enjoy four taste comparisons depending on the cacao used. (Bottom) No-bake cheesecake that uses sweet and sour fruity cacao to match the mellow sourness of cream cheese. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of cheese, chocolate and cookies.
-Minimal- (Top) 4 types of chocolate sandwich cookies (8 pieces) 2,160 yen, (bottom) 1 chocolate no-bake cheesecake 2,980 yen/1st floor MAP 1.
[Image 3d5342-1733-e1c695f5227855824fd8-2.jpg&s3=5342-1733-802158014b6c4216963bb05c22ffa4f5-448x282.jpg
First appearance!
[Image 4d5342-1733-ab77d6114f58d139aa12-3.jpg&s3=5342-1733-57bb0f8defb4e80a7ffedbd429dd02e1-412x290.jpg
First appearance!
(Top) Chocolate with a new texture made by a special method that includes air. A satisfying chocolate sandwich with thick chocolate and crispy langue de chat. (Bottom) Gama chocolate with a good balance between the rich aroma of cacao and the sweetness of milk. It is a simple and rich grain with just the right amount of sweetness and the flavor of high-quality milk.
-cacaosic- (above) cacaosic pistachio (set of 4) 1,576 yen, (set of 6) 2,365 yen, (set of 8) 3,153 yen, (below) raw chocolate milk (9 grains) 2, 197 yen/basement MAP3.
*During the event until 3/28 (Tue.)
[Image 5d5342-1733-3052afd23534040d5f80-4.jpg&s3=5342-1733-4d5b38f61ce3ec10e2d93139d2f3d505-369x246.jpg
[Image 6d5342-1733-04989b448b582365ebfa-5.jpg&s3=5342-1733-06a5d28cd66630fc4caa6b42ef5e4bdc-369x244.jpg
*All prices include tax.
[Image 7d5342-1733-74b2ed8dbaa480d3a38b-6.jpg&s3=5342-1733-6b089ae1d1c8b696d6808ec707259ab3-630x396.jpg
[Image 8d5342-1733-d5f1b0129529ccdeddc0-7.jpg&s3=5342-1733-c7fce62def68c22f10a3c42afeea5839-644x405.jpg

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