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Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. Hawaiian cookies that were very popular last time are back in a Christmas package! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
The Hawaiian cookies that were very popular last time are back in a Christmas package! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets
November 30th (Wednesday) to December 6th (Tuesday) / Daimaru Tokyo store basement/1st floor Hoppe Town

From November 30th (Wednesday), popular sweets from overseas will appear at the Daimaru Tokyo store for a limited time. The classic Hawaii souvenir -Honolulu Cookie Company-, which was very popular when it opened in October, is back with more size variations! Also pay attention to the Christmas package. In addition, -Garup- will introduce the Italian Christmas fermented confectionery “Panettone” for the first time. You can taste the holiday mood of northern Italy. Introducing 4 brands of seasonal sweets from Daimaru Tokyo.
Hawaii’s popular pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies will be available in more sizes than last time, from packages that are perfect for holiday gifts to Hawaii’s ever-popular signature gift box series. 12 to 14 types are available every day.
-Honolulu Cookie Company- (Top) Mele Pineapple Gift Can (9 pieces) 2,484 yen, (Bottom) Mele Gift Box (L) (24 pieces) 5,184 yen / 1st floor MAP 2.
*Until 12/13 (Tue.)
[Image 1d5342-1736-b81f0efa0dd3bc1ea5d4-0.jpg&s3=5342-1736-14ea11573f29af3c082b4068f949c498-260x346.jpg
[Image 2d5342-1736-9ac0def69e128fb5e790-1.jpg&s3=5342-1736-fbc9f0ec4647483ee88e5ddec3392a00-433x347.jpg
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in Northern Italy -Garup- is here for the first time! Christmas fermented panettone is a moist and fluffy dough coated with hazelnut icing. (Top) A unique 4-type assortment of 3 types of mini-sized panettone, traditional, wild strawberry, and chocolate chip, with the traditional northern Italian confectionery “Torta Paradiso”. (Bottom) Plenty of dried fruits and raisins in a fluffy panettone dough.
-Garup Panettone- (Top) Panettone Mignon Christmas Package (400g) 5,120 yen, (Bottom) Panettone Traditional 100th Anniversary (100g) 1,280 yen, (500g) 3,980 yen/1st floor MAP 4.
[Image 3d5342-1736-f4cbb348678bd824f726-2.jpg&s3=5342-1736-af492d5b96386f6fcae81ded05704bcc-291x87.jpg
First appearance
[Image 4d5342-1736-6d19fa3a7a54999c167c-3.jpg&s3=5342-1736-898f33fffe5260fada1835b7217a12f8-188x143.jpg
First appearance
It’s been 50 years since Godiva landed in Japan. Introducing collaboration products with long-established Japanese sweets. -Godiva- (Top) Purindora Chocolate (1) 496 yen, (Bottom) Eggs (2) 399 yen / 1st floor MAP 1.
[Image 5d5342-1736-85309dd41d28c4388a0b-4.jpg&s3=5342-1736-d973f70e88a620c541bed064f10acb7f-346x346.jpg
[Image 6d5342-1736-c301d6536079974d2af1-5.jpg&s3=5342-1736-f975a7d5117f28700c69cb710fbc9fb7-346x346.jpg
(Top) A chocolate sandwich with thick chocolate and crispy langue de chat. (Bottom) Gama chocolate with a good balance between the rich aroma of cacao and the sweetness of milk.
-cacaosic- (top) cacaosic pistachio (set of 4) 1,576 yen, (set of 6) 2,365 yen, (set of 8) 3,153 yen, (bottom) raw chocolate milk (9 grains) 2, 197 yen/basement MAP3.
*During the event until 3/28 (Tue.)
[Image 7d5342-1736-3f36f96a77f0c4f8be94-6.jpg&s3=5342-1736-f00a62472c6f27644e31d59b9c4b19a6-348x262.jpg
[Image 8d5342-1736-2d83a4517cdf02344099-7.jpg&s3=5342-1736-5c90a1adecad7d8762f0dd965c768052-347x260.jpg
*All prices include tax.
[Image 9d5342-1736-553244dcca2327deebfa-8.jpg&s3=5342-1736-a596778763385180b560618fabb0d87b-640x404.jpg
[Image 10d5342-1736-64738acfbd353aeffd30-9.jpg&s3=5342-1736-3cb86a5b11f149f487a43f97d4284bac-647x408.jpg

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