Daio Paper Co., Ltd. Incorporating the popular “dull color” to express individuality and fashion with a ma sk! New colors “Dull Pink” & “Rich Gray” appear in non-woven color mask “Erikara”

Daio Paper Co., Ltd.
Incorporating the popular “dull color” to express individuality and fashionability with a mask! New colors “Dull Pink” & “Rich Gray” appear in non-woven color mask “Erikara”
Expanded variations to a total of 6 gentle colors that blend well with the skin
Daio Paper Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which develops “Elleair”, the No. 1 brand of sanitary paper products *1, has added a new color to the high-performance non-woven fabric color mask “Hyper Block Mask Erikara” (30 sheets). Two colors, “Dull Pink” and “Rich Gray,” will be added to expand to a total of six color variations and will be released nationwide from December 20, 2022 (Tuesday). [Image 1

“Elleair Hyper Block Mask Erikara 30 pieces” (Regular/small size) Dull pink/Rich gray
[Image 2

■ Aim of release
The color mask composition ratio*2 in the non-woven mask market has increased by 10.2 points from 14.0% in September 2021 to 24.2% in September 2022. Even in the latest survey data of the “mask awareness survey * 3” that we regularly conduct, the rate of experience purchasing color masks has increased to 70.4% for women and 56.6% for men. When asked about the colors they have used, 88.1% of women answered “pink” and supported it highly, while “gray” was chosen by both men and women, with 51.8% of men and 48.4% of women. I
understand. In addition, the value that consumers seek in masks tends to increase in importance from “functional value” such as quality and performance to “emotional value” such as how it is seen by others and fashionability. Therefore, this time, the fashionable color mask “Erikara” series, which adds “fun to choose” as well as functionality and comfort to the daily life of the mask, is based on pink, which is popular among women, and gray, which is highly supported by both men and women. , Added two new colors, “Dull Pink” and “Rich Gray”, which adopt the “Dull Color” trend in the fashion and beauty industry. The lineup will be expanded to a total of 6 colors that are gentle on the skin and blend well.
■ About the product
The concept of “Erikara”, which is based on the concept of “gently colored, light and comfortable to wear”, is a non-woven fabric color mask series that is popular for its high functionality and gentle colors. Adopting “soft fit ear hooks” that apply the stretch technology of disposable diapers, highly breathable materials that reduce stuffiness inside the mask, and filter performance that firmly blocks virus droplets and pollen, etc., all at a reasonable price. . This time, as new colors, “Dull Pink”, which has an elegant color that is not too sweet, and “Rich”, which has a deep impression with a charcoal color that is softer than black. Gray” appears. Combined with the already lined up natural “Pink Beige” that blends well with the skin, “Rose” that tone up the skin color, “Gray” that gives a chic impression, and “Natural White” that does not whiten the skin, Available in 6 color variations that can also express fashionability. *1: Total of INTAGE SRI+ tissue market, toilet paper market, kitchen paper market, and paper towel market (FY2021 sales by manufacturer) *2: Estimated by our company based on INTAGE SRI + sales composition ratio of major manufacturers by non-woven mask segment (September 2021, September 2022)
* 3: Our research “Awareness Survey on Masks (Purchase and Usage of Masks)” (7th: Conducted in August 2022, n = 1,000)
― “Elleair Hyper Block Mask Erikara” New Colors “Dull Pink” and “Rich Gray” Product Overview ―
[Product name] Elleair Hyper Block Mask Erikara 30 pieces (dull pink/rich gray) [Release date] Nationwide release from Tuesday, December 20, 2022 [Product details] 2 new colors (dull pink/rich gray), 2 sizes each (normal/small)
Quantity: 30 pieces per box Price: Open price Country of origin: Japan Size: Normal size: about 17.5cm x about 9.0cm (width x length) Small size: about 15.5 cm x about 9.0 cm (width x length)
Shape: non-woven pleated type (disposable type)
[Official website] Dull pink
https://www.elleair.jp/product/detail/mask_erikara_dullpink/ Rich Gray https://www.elleair.jp/product/detail/mask_erikara_richgray/ [Inquiries] Elleair Customer Service Office Toll Free: 0120-205205 ​​(reception 9:30-16:30 / excluding weekends and holidays)
Email: https://www.elleair.jp/inquiry/rules
― Product Features ―
■Two colors of popular “dull colors” come up! Expanded variations to all 6 colors with gentle colors that blend well with the skin [NEW] Not overly overstated, casually, but with a total of 6 color variations that can express both individuality and fashion, it matches a variety of situations! Add “fun to choose” to the daily life of the mask.
◎ New color “Dull Pink”: An elegant color that is not too sweet and has a mature look in its cuteness.
◎ New color “Rich Gray”: A charcoal color that is softer than black and gives a deep impression.
[Image 3

[New color] Dull pink, [New color] Rich gray
◎ “Pink Beige”: A color with a natural feel that makes foundation stains less noticeable.
◎ “Rose”: Naturally tone up skin color. Bright, bright, and soft. [Image 4

pink beige, rose
◎ “Gray”: Clean, sharp and smart. Gives a chic and calm impression. ◎ “Natural White”: Blends well with the skin and does not leave a white cast. Any scene or place.
[Image 5

gray, natural white
[Image 6

[New color] Dull pink, [New color] Rich gray, pink beige, rose, gray, natural white
■ With “soft fit ear hooks”, your ears won’t hurt even if you wear them for a long time.
The stretchy, wide, soft material that makes use of disposable diaper technology is in contact with the ears, making it easy on the ears even when used for a long time.
■Breath is hard to be stuffy by “mouret exhilarating filter” adoption, and it is hard to be stuffy
Highly breathable material is used to reduce stuffiness inside the mask. Compared to “Hyper Block Mask Zutto”, the breathability of the middle layer (meltblown nonwoven fabric) is increased by 20%. Reliable and reliable Elleair brand non-woven mask made in Japan An ultra-fine, high-performance filter (meltblown nonwoven fabric) is used in the middle layer of the three-layer structure to prevent virus droplets, colds, pollen, PM2.5, etc. from entering. →Obtained conformity number* for uniform mask standard “JIS T9001”
[Image 7d1310-490-7cbb22fbbea2c04b0331-6.jpg&s3=1310-490-2fa71aa3719eab1d106552219038bd40-714x274.jpg
* “JIS T9001” is a Japanese industrial standard for “Performance requirements and test methods for medical and general masks.” “JIS T9001” is a standard for masks for general sale, and specifies collection functions (PFE, BFE, VFE, pollen), pressure loss
(breathability), and safety and hygiene items.
(PFE: fine particle collection efficiency, BFE: bacterial droplet collection efficiency, VFE: virus droplet collection efficiency, pollen: pollen particle collection efficiency)
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