Daisho Co., Ltd. “Itaewon Class” actor Ahn Bo-hyun’s first appearance in a Japanese work! The heroine is Rena Triendl! Shoya 50th anniversary drama “A place where you can always come back” will be released on Tuesday, November 15th!

Daisho Co., Ltd.
“Itaewon Class” starring actor Ahn Bo-hyun’s first appearance in a Japanese work! The heroine is Rena Triendl! Shoya 50th anniversary drama “A place where you can always come back” will be released on Tuesday, November 15th!
A public campaign will be held from November 15th to December 10th at Shoya nationwide!

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Daisho Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryoji Taira) will release the drama “Anytime I made a place where I can come back. The main characters are Ahn Bo-hyun, a popular actor who appears in the Korean drama “Itaewon Class”, and Rena Triendl, an actress who is active as a model and talent. For Ahn Bohyun, this will be her first appearance in a Japanese work. The drama will be released on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) at 7:00 am on Daisho’s official YouTube channel “Sho Tube” for free. In addition, for a limited time from the drama release date to December 10 (Sat), you can enjoy the first drink of your choice for 50 yen for the “50th anniversary 50 yen campaign even if you come every day”. A Twitter campaign will be held to present a commemorative poster with an autograph by lottery. Please see the official special site for campaign details including the commemorative drama.
◆ Official special site ⇒ https://www.daisyo.co.jp/50syoya/
◆ Sho Tube ⇒ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7HuRtCfjynOEH39wgbjJQ Reason for making drama
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Our flagship izakaya, Shoya, will celebrate its 50th anniversary in March 2023. Taking this opportunity, I decided to create a drama that depicts the feelings that have been cherished since our founding, that will never change no matter how the times change, and to deliver them to people. The title of the drama contains the wish that all our group stores, including “Shoya,” should be “a place where everyone can come back anytime” in the connection between people. In that place, each customer and employee has their own life drama, tears and laughter, encounters and partings. That is exactly what Japanese izakaya culture is, and it is also a treasure. Now that we have passed through the long tunnel of corona, this feeling has reached the next generation and foreigners through SNS, and through a small drama with “love” that crosses the sea set in the bar “Shoya” in the town where the chef is. I hope that each person’s new drama will be born.
Casting history
* From Mr. Hajime Ota, CEO of NVRMND Co., Ltd., which we requested drama production, and general producer of this drama
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Starring Ahn Bohyun (left) and Rena Triendl (right)
[Casting process of Ahn Bo-hyun]
While the world is in turmoil due to the effects of the coronavirus, and remote meetings and time spent at home have increased, the Korean drama “Itaewon Class” distributed on Netflix became a big hit in Japan as well. Among the works set in pubs, Ahn Bo-hyun left the biggest impression on me. The success story of the main character’s rival role with overwhelming acting ability, and the growth of a small izakaya, expands from one store and is similar to “Shoya”, which every Japanese person has heard at least once. felt. Due to the coronavirus, not only in Japan but also in South Korea and restaurants around the world, people have disappeared and suffered great damage. “Shoya” is one of them, and as we approach the 50th anniversary, a big milestone that will never come again, we made an offer to the effect that restaurants in Japan and South Korea will regain excitement and become an opportunity to convey the wonders of eating out. When I asked him about it, he sympathized with me and willingly agreed to appear. [Casting process of Reina Triendl]
Reina Triendl was the first person that came to my mind when thinking about casting for this concept. Last year, when I saw Mr. Triendl on a romance reality show during the 2021 corona crisis, I felt pure “healing” from his unadorned words and deeds. I later heard from the manager that Ms. Triendl’s words and deeds in the program at that time were almost “genuine”, and I was impressed by the innocence that can be seen in her unpretentious personality and the warmth that lies within. , was oozing out, which gave me a sense of security. And above all, I made an offer because I thought that she was one of the few precious actresses who could give a moment of “healing” to the people who were working hard in this corona disaster and the restaurant employees.
Overview of Shoya 50th Anniversary Drama Public Campaign
Produced Shoya’s 50th anniversary poster modeled on Ahn Bohyun and Rena Triendl. From November 15, 2022 (Tuesday), the drama release date, we will post various campaigns at Sho and 151 stores nationwide. ◆ Official special site ⇒ https://www.daisyo.co.jp/50syoya/
1) Shoya 50th anniversary drama “A place where you can always come back” free release
◆ Release date: November 15, 2022 (Tuesday)
Public location: Inside Daisho’s official YouTube channel “Sho Tube” Sho Tube⇒https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7HuRtCfjynOEH39wgbjJQ *Precious making-of videos will be released on the same channel as needed! [Image 4

Daisho Official YouTube Channel “Sho Tube”
2) “Commemorative poster with autograph” present Twitter campaign [Image 5

Shoya 50th anniversary poster
Application period: November 15th (Tuesday) to December 10th (Saturday), 2022 How to apply: Follow Shoya’s official account (@syoya_official) on Twitter, like and retweet the target tweet
* Be sure to specify the hashtag of those who want “#Annbohyun” or “#Trendl” * Shoya official account ⇒ https://twitter.com/syoya_official Winning items: A commemorative poster with an autograph will be given to each 10 people by lottery, and a commemorative poster without signature will be given to each of 90 people.
◆Winner announcement: A direct message to the winner will replace the announcement.
* Please make sure that you can receive direct messages (if you refuse, the winning will be invalid)
* Please reply within 1 week after receiving the direct message (If 1 week has passed, winning will be invalid)
3) “50th anniversary 50 yen even if you come every day” drink campaign ◆ Implementation details: 50 yen for the first drink of your choice (excluding large mugs, bottles, and local sake)
Implementation period: Dinner time from November 15th (Tuesday) to December 10th (Saturday), 2022 (excluding lunch time)
Implemented stores: Shoya 151 stores nationwide * You can check the list of implemented stores on the official special site
◆Offer conditions: Just show the drama video screen of “Sho Tube” on your smartphone!
[Inquiries about this matter]
Daisho Co., Ltd. Public Relations Office
TEL: 03-5764-2270
Press release https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d11586-20221112-f9dbdf7f860c3cd4154c4afd340fa6c5.pdf Details about this release:


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