Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd. “DAISO”, “Standard Products” and “THREEPPY” opened on one floor Daiso Sangyo opened a three-brand store in Acos Soka on December 9

Daiso Industry Co., Ltd.
‘DAISO’, ‘Standard Products’ and ‘THREEPPY’ open on one floor Daiso Sangyo opens 3-brand store in Akos Soka on December 9

Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Seiji Yano, hereinafter referred to as “Daiso Sangyo”) will move to Akos Soka in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture on December 9, 2022 (Friday). The store will open simultaneously on one floor as a three-brand complex store of the main brands “DAISO”, “Standard Products by DAISO (hereinafter referred to as “Standard Products”)”, and “THREEPPY”.
The Acos Soka store will open as a large store with a total area of ​​476 tsubo for three brands in a convenient location in front of Soka Station. DAISO, which deals with daily necessities full of ideas that make life fun, Standard Products, which focuses on developing environmentally friendly products and collaborations with domestic industries, and THREEPPY, a rebranded brand that adds color to your life with trendy colors. increase. We contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives through exciting shopping that makes people think, “There are even things like this!” We will continue to disseminate the fact that we are
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Standard Products Acos Soka store image
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THREEPPY Akos Soka store image
■ What is Standard Products?
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Based on the concept of “a little better, a lot better”, this brand responds to the growing need for high-quality, comfortable products that can be used for a long time. We aim to develop environmentally friendly products and stores. We will open our first store in Tokyo in March 2021 and our first overseas store in Singapore in May 2022. We will continue to actively contribute to the realization of a prosperous society through our store openings, aiming to provide high-quality and comfortable products, as well as products that are conscious of sustainability and environmental issues.
At the Standard Products Akos Soka store, we plan to sell the 2022 Good Design Award-winning “craftsman pencil” made by a craftsman from a long-established stationery manufacturer.
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It is a brand based on the concept of “Ai-like and like me.” We handle accessories, interiors, tableware, fashion goods, etc. that incorporate dull trend colors such as gray, pink, and mint. About 90% of the approximately 2,400 products are original products, and we aim to make all products original in the future.

■ Acos Soka store store overview
Name and sales floor area:
 DAISO Acous Soka store 306 tsubo (approximately 1,011 square meters)  Standard Products Akos Soka store 125 tsubo (approximately 413 square meters)  Threeppy Akos Soka store 45 tsubo (approximately 148 square meters) Business hours: 10:00-20:30
Closed days: None *According to Acos Soka
Address: 2-7-1 Takasago, Soka City, Saitama Prefecture Acos Specialty Store Street (South Building) 4F
Opening: Friday, December 9, 2022 *3 stores will open at the same time. [Image 5

Open privilege: To commemorate the opening, we will present a cypress smartphone stand using thinned wood to the first 600 customers who purchase 1,200 yen or more including tax.
It will end as soon as the stock runs out. (3 stores can be combined) ■ About Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd.
With the slogan “Daiso! Daiso”, Daiso Sangyo handles about 76,000 items that enrich your life, from daily necessities to hobby items. With “DAISO”, “Standard Products”, and “THREEPPY” as the three pillars, as of August 2022, there are 6,440 stores in 26 countries and regions around the world, including Japan. (4,152 stores in Japan and 2,288 stores overseas. Of these, DAISO has 3,842 stores in Japan and 2,269 stores overseas.)
We develop about 1,200 types of new products every month, with sales of 549.3 billion yen. (From March 2021 to the end of February 2022) Location: 1-4-14 Saijo Yoshiyuki Higashi, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
[Inquiries from general customers]
Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd. Customer Service (Representative)
TEL: 082-420-0100 9:00-18:00 (except Sundays)
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