Daiwa Resort Co., Ltd. “Online Shopping Rezoket” Customer Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the 2nd anniver sary of the site opening will start on Friday, November 11th.

Daiwa Resort Co., Ltd.
“Online Shopping Rezoket” Customer Appreciation Festival to
commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the site opening will start on November 11th (Friday)
Rizoket official website ➤ https://www.resoket.daiwaresort.jp/
At the customer appreciation festival commemorating the 2nd
anniversary of the site opening, there are many deals such as a campaign where you can win accommodation tickets for DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL by lottery and Black Friday sale. (November 11th to November 30th) Click here for campaign details ➤
https://www.resoket.daiwaresort.jp/hpgen/HPB/entries/100.html [Image 1d89513-16-70e9267d493d9811fdf4-0.png&s3=89513-16-03401f515686dd8328f798f47ccf01a2-1200x628.png

Campaign 1. Twitter gift campaign (November 11th to November 18th) Follow the official Rizoket Twitter and retweet the target tweet to complete the application!
We will present “Matsusaka beef 100% hamburg steak about 120g x 5 pieces” to 6 people by lottery from those who applied.
Resoket official Twitter is here ➤ https://twitter.com/Resoket_DRH Campaign 2. DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL Accommodation Voucher Gift Campaign (November 11th to November 30th)
From those who applied for the accommodation ticket gift campaign during the period, 3 groups of 6 people will be selected by lottery. We will give you a “DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL common pair accommodation ticket (1 night with breakfast)”.
-Application conditions-
Those who have purchased a total of 5,000 yen (tax included) or more in one order at “Online Shopping Rezoket” during the period. * Please check the campaign page for details such as how to apply. Campaign 3. Black Friday Sale (November 11th to November 30th) 15% off your bill when you purchase 2 or more sale items at “Online Shopping Rizoket”!
The discount will be applied to everyone during the period. Please enjoy shopping at this opportunity♪
Campaign 4. Members-only Rezoket DAY (November 20th to November 30th) On the 20th of every month, we hold a members-only Norizoket DAY! To celebrate our 2nd anniversary this month, we’re giving away a 5% off coupon from our Black Friday sale!
Coupons will be sent to members-only e-mail magazines.
◆◇ Click here for the 2nd Anniversary Customer Appreciation Festival with lots of great deals◆◇


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