Daiwa Trust donates to Katariba, a specified non-profit organization, through the issuance of “Gogin SDGs Priv ate Placement Bonds”

Daiwa Trust Co., Ltd.
Daiwa Trust donates to Katariba, a specified non-profit organization, through the issuance of “Gogin SDGs Private Placement Bonds”
Daiwa Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Osaka-shi, Osaka CEO: Masaaki Fujiwara, hereinafter “our company”), which develops an asset management consulting business that utilizes profitable real estate, announced on February 25, 2022. On March 20, the San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. (head office: Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture; hereinafter referred to as “San-in Godo Bank”) acted as the financial agent and underwriter, issuing the 7th unsecured corporate bonds and raising funds. In addition, part of the issuance fee is donated to Katariba (Location: Suginami-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Kumi Imamura, hereinafter “Katariba”) through Sanin Godo Bank. The presentation ceremony was held on November 8th. [Image 1

          ▲From the left, our representative Fujiwara, Mr. Katariba Maebayashi, Mr. Otani of Sanin Godo Bank
[Image 2

Overview of Gogin SDGs Private Placement Bonds
In addition to the financial soundness of a company, it evaluates the “CSR activities” of the company. In recent years, companies are required not only to continue their business and generate profits, but also to fulfill their responsibilities (CSR) as members of modern society.
CSR-type private placement bonds with bank guarantees are private placement bonds that evaluate companies that actively undertake social responsibilities.
■ About Katariba
We are an educational NPO that has been active since 2001 with the aim of creating a society where teenagers born and raised in any environment can develop their motivation and creativity to create their own future.
Starting with a visiting class program for high schools, since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we have been working on various educational activities in response to social changes, such as providing children with a place to learn and a place to belong. URL: https://www.katariba.or.jp/
■Company Profile
Company name: Daiwa Trust Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: [Tokyo] 30th Floor, Shibuya Cross Tower, 2-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    TEL 03-6805-0325 / FAX 03-4333-7721
[Osaka] Osaka Umeda Twin Towers North 29th floor, 8-1 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka      TEL 06-6147-4104 / FAX 06-6147-2103
Established: July 2013
Business: Asset management consulting utilizing profitable real estate URL: https://yamatozaitaku.com/
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