DATUM STUDIO Certified as Google Cloud Data Utilization In-House Support Partner

DATUM STUDIO Certified as Google Cloud Data Utilization In-House Support Partner Supporting the realization of DX led by user companies

DATUM STUDIO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Sohei Takechi, hereinafter referred to as DATUM STUDIO) is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a Google Cloud (*) “In-house Data Utilization Support Partner”. .
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Recently, the promotion of DX (digital transformation) in companies is expanding rapidly, and more companies are working on in-house DX in order to make data-driven management decisions and implement marketing measures more quickly. . However, the current situation is that many companies are facing the problem of not doing well due to lack of knowledge and human resources.
In response to these issues, Google Cloud has certified “data utilization in-house production support partners” and introduces partner companies with know-how in in-house production support to user companies aiming to realize DX. In this way, we promote and support in-house production by supplementing knowledge and resources according to the situation of user companies.
DATUM STUDIO organizes the goals of user companies’ data utilization and the roles and challenges of each team, clarifying policies, and fostering a data-driven business and culture through human resource development and project planning. provides support rooted in the organization.
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Efforts to support in-house data utilization of DATUM STUDIO This time, DATUM STUDIO has been highly evaluated for its advanced initiatives and achievements accumulated through its extensive knowledge of data utilization, as well as its analytical ability to guide and propose the optimal platform for business issues through the use of Google Cloud. We have been certified as an in-house data utilization support partner.
We will continue to do our best to support the realization of DX for user companies under our strong relationship with Google Cloud. For details on Google Cloud’s in-house production support partners, please see below.
https://cloud.google.com/blog/en/topics/partners/introducing-our-in-house-development-support-partners/ *Google Cloud is a trademark of Google LLC.
DATUM STUDIO’s Google Cloud Service Efforts
As a Google Cloud Sell and Service partner, DATUM STUDIO is an end-to-end platform from building CDP (customer analysis platform) utilizing cloud architecture to analysis and visualization using data and marketing execution platform in realizing DX for user companies as a Google Cloud Sell and Service partner. We help build.
DATUM STUDIO Google Cloud Partner Page
About DATUM STUDIO Co., Ltd. https://datumstudio.jp/
DATUM STUDIO Co., Ltd. is a company that provides sustainable growth and new possibilities for business with data and technology. We provide appropriate support such as tool introduction, employee training, analysis consulting, etc. according to the customer’s situation and needs on how to use data and tools to create business value. In particular, we have extensive experience and technical capabilities in the data mining field, and we are strong in building and customizing our own algorithms according to data.
Business: Data utilization consulting, commissioned analysis, system development, human resource development, seminars, etc.
Location: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 27th floor, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Sohei Takechi, President and Representative Director

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