Deadline December 1 Conduct a familiarization trip for educational travel-related businesses in Miyama-cho, Kyoto!

Nantan City Miyama Tourism Town Development Association
A familiarization trip was held in Miyama-cho, Kyoto for business operators related to educational travel!
~Connecting Local Treasures 100 Years Ahead~ Miyama ESD Program
A one-day familiarization trip was held for the media and travel agencies to experience the ESD program set in Miyama Town’s Miyama Kayabuki no Sato, which was selected as the “Best Tourism Village” last year by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. increase. Miyama Town, Nantan City, has a population of approximately 3,500 people and is located in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture, approximately 80 minutes by car from Kyoto Station.
Miyama-cho has virgin nature and is a habitat for rare animals and plants. It is home to the Ashiu Forest and the northern village, which is an important traditional preservation area of ​​the country. The original scenery remains, and the entire area is designated as a quasi-national park.
In addition, in 2021, the United Nations World Tourism Organization selected it as one of the “Best Tourism Villages” in 44 regions around the world, in recognition of its longstanding efforts in ecotourism, farm stays, and community development by local residents.
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We are developing an ESD program* so that students visiting Miyama-cho on educational trips can experience traditional culture and a sustainable lifestyle, represented by thatched roofs.
*ESD is an abbreviation for Education for Sustainable Development. In collaboration with local residents and local guides, we refined local resources such as nature, culture, and traditional foods into an ESD program.
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For students in the upper grades of elementary school, we have newly created an illustration map for on-site learning, a guide sheet for walking through Kayabuki no Sato, and a collection of materials for post-learning.
As an opportunity for business operators related to educational travel and members of the media to see the site, we will carry out a one-day familiarization tour in Miyama-cho with the theme of educational travel this time.
In addition to the ESD program at Kayabuki-no-Sato, you will also visit accommodation facilities, hands-on facilities, and seminar rooms.
Organizer: Nantan City Miyama Tourism Town Development Association Date: Thursday, December 8, 2022
Target audience: Educational travel professionals, media professionals Contents:
Application deadline: Thursday, December 1, 2022
Capacity: 10 people
Participation fee: Free
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Nantan City Miyama Tourism Town Development Association

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