DEAN & DELUCA 3 types of lucky bags packed with good luck 2023 Pre-order acceptance starts on the WEB

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[DEAN & DELUCA] 3 types of lucky bags packed with good luck 2023 Pre-order acceptance starts on the WEB
Reservations will start from Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

An assortment of delicious foods that are happy to open and happy to eat, suitable for the beginning of a new year. The once-a-year fun “lucky bag” filled with best-selling items will be available again this year. We accept pre-orders online.
Different types of lucky bags are available at market stores, online stores, and cafe stores. Please find your favorite lucky bag. [Image 1d36230-340-bfe30a90bd3f4ea82659-7.jpg&s3=36230-340-e6bbd6257690b619a6f42ae3e0a13d38-1280x720.jpg
A once-a-year fun “lucky bag” packed with best-selling items [Image 2d36230-340-6d7ff07fd559b1dab183-10.jpg&s3=36230-340-eb0bccf5f316bacd8607b092e6c36a95-1850x1520.jpg
Market store limited
Limited to market stores and online stores: Essential Pantry Assortment ¥5,400 (¥5,000 excluding tax)
An assortment of Japanese ingredients perfect for entertaining, pasta, soup, and popular truffle salt. You can easily enjoy the full-fledged taste that sticks to the ingredients and manufacturing method. ・Paper bag S charcoal gray (height 35 cm, width 38 cm, depth 17 cm) ・Setouchi sea bream rice from Ehime sea for 2 cups
・Miso soup with crab, egg and spinach / Miso soup with clams and green onions / Miso soup with sea lettuce
・Vietnamese porridge Beef and onion / Chinese porridge Scallop and bok choy / Korean porridge Chicken and ginger / Japanese porridge Red snow crab and egg
・Beef ragu sauce 130g/Truffle and chicken cream sauce 130g
・RUMMO Spaghettini 500g
*Online store limited RUMMO spaghetti 500g.
・Truffle salt 30g
[Image 3d36230-340-7b2839aa42669577a8b9-0.jpg&s3=36230-340-78f905a40950078b84e1d955a57b5ee9-1850x1520.jpg
Market stores and online stores only Sweets Time Assortment ¥5,400 (¥5,000 excluding tax)
A lucky bag packed with Dean & DeLuca’s standard fruit punch, cookies, and other products that will brighten up your tea time.
・Paper bag S charcoal gray (height 35 cm, width 38 cm, depth 17 cm) ・Rippa birch di dama almond x cacao 8pcs red
・Buttermilk pancake mix 450g
・New Year blend powder 227g
・Pistachio cream 150g
・ Good Morning Tokyo Granola Plain Granola 70g
・Fruit Punch S
[Image 4d36230-340-529e7befe5b0b2c1d8aa-2.jpg&s3=36230-340-cfcda81c15811c3752801c5c7e26c11d-1684x1740.jpg
Limited to cafe stores: Coffee Assortment ¥5,500 (¥5,000 excluding tax) A set where you can enjoy a thermo tumbler and coffee. For coffee, we have prepared a “New Year Blend” made with the hope that you can welcome the beginning of the new year with delicious coffee and a happy feeling. A luxurious blend of flavors from the Gatuani Factory in Kenya and the Buenos Aires farm in El Salvador. It comes with a gift card that can be used at the store.
・Paper bag S charcoal gray (height 35 cm, width 38 cm, depth 17 cm) ・Thermo Tumbler Ice Blue 350ml
・New Year blend powder 227g
・Langue de chat 6pcs
・Dean & DeLuca Blend 1pc/3g 2 pieces
・Rippa birch di dama almond x cacao 8pcs
・Decorative cookie Zodiac (U) 2023
・Gift card ¥1,000
[Image 5d36230-340-2d4fb564fd2b40f7e707-11.jpg&s3=36230-340-5df2bbdd6b6c6cc092aa53bada7b1484-780x780.jpg
* Start the new year with delicious coffee. A special blend to celebrate the New Year “New Year Blend”
A gorgeous and elegant fragrance reminiscent of a bouquet of jasmine, a fruity body of grapefruit and peach, and a lingering aftertaste of the rich sweetness of coconut.
Flavor Jasmine/Peach/Coconut
Country of origin: El Salvador, Kenya
Reusable, eco-friendly paper packaging
[Image 6d36230-340-052f3b1d332ec12ff3a6-5.jpg&s3=36230-340-b8ac64f4ee07c4971d5b084663381167-1792x1792.jpg
We want to reduce the amount of packaging bags that tend to become unnecessary once they are used, so we will continue to provide materials and forms that can be reused without being thrown away immediately, continuing from last year’s favorable reception. This year’s package is a calm color “charcoal gray”. Since it is easy to take home after purchase, it is also a point that you do not need to purchase wrapping materials or put it in an eco bag.
[Image 7d36230-340-943260a98be1b4b60878-6.jpg&s3=36230-340-18bde5f4c3579a184469e9519186ddff-2500x1667.jpg
The package material uses “FSC certified” paper that leads to forest conservation. It is an environmentally friendly material. Made of lightweight yet sturdy and thick material and specifications, after you have enjoyed the contents, you can use it for a little shopping, walking, or as a secondary bag.
Lucky Bag 2023 Sales Overview
□Available stores
Market store / cafe store / online store
Each item is handled differently.
□ Period
November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) ~ Ends as soon as it is gone
□ Precautions for store pick-up and online ordering
・Purchase points
One person can purchase one item per item.
Quantities are limited. Please note.
・Cancellation after ordering
We cannot accept cancellation after ordering due to customer’s convenience. Please be aware of this before placing an order.
・Regarding returns
After receiving the product at the store, we cannot accept returns unless the product is defective.
For other details, please check here
Dean & Deluca is a food select shop that collects delicious food from around the world. In 1977, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened a market store in Soho, New York.
It opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo in 2003, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan. In Japan, we have 18 market stores and 31 cafes. We will continue to provide customers with a new experience of food in order to create a place where they can enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking.
Official app “CLUB PASS” Owned media “Enjoy Good Food”
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