DEAN & DELUCA Connect with art, smiles are born. Sweets that add color to the holiday

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[DEAN & DELUCA] Connect with art, smiles are born. Sweets that add color to the holiday
Available at market stores, cafe stores, and online stores.

Art works will appear as sweets that add color to the holiday this year as well. The art unit “tupera tupera”
For DEAN & DELUCA, we created a “Puzzle Chocolate Box” with a motif of a special original picture that was inspired by the holiday, and a “Holiday Holiday Box” that was designed by a user of “Shobu Gakuen”, a support facility for people with intellectual disabilities. Ornament”, and “Holiday Socks Gift” using fair trade cotton socks embroidered with art. It is an item that you can enjoy while waiting impatiently for the day of Christmas.
Encountering and spending time with people who make your days richer will add a touch of warmth to your calm life. Just being there makes me happy. It’s fun to hold. We are also working on such product creation as part of the “ART CANVAS PROJECT”.
[Image 1d36230-335-96321ac0124528ccfbd1-12.jpg&s3=36230-335-8cebc1d1f0eb21d28135333492051463-2500x1681.jpg

TUPERA TUPERA GIFT BOX “Puzzle chocolate box” that makes you smile [Image 2d36230-335-61256905c89c4783e1dc-10.jpg&s3=36230-335-8cd8fb7c71b1083bb78f8da38ac0900e-1280x720.jpg
This sweet was born from the thoughts of a buyer who became a mother. As a buyer, I want to make sweets that make children smile and that are delicious to eat, play with, and decorate. If I were to make it, I would like to work with the two tupera tupera who work on the picture books I used to read with my children. Thinking about how to make people smile, we decided to make a puzzle-shaped box with a
Christmas-related character motif.
The original picture of the box, which is made by cutting and layering colorful drawing paper, down to the smallest parts. Beautiful, adorable, heart-throbbing, and smiling. We have created sweets that will make both adults and children smile, transcending barriers such as age, gender, and language. This year, a new set of 4 “gift boxes” was also born.
[Image 3d36230-335-8493f7d6d7e4a64accb2-2.jpg&s3=36230-335-edb6e78f4313f3e3f0f01ad5291e9b88-1280x720.jpg
tupera tupera|tupera tupera
An art unit by Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa. Focusing on picture books and illustrations, his activities are wide-ranging, including TV, stage, art direction for spaces, and workshops. Many picture books have been published in Japan and overseas.
Official site
Interview “Continue to be born by making”
[Image 4d36230-335-0d4a415e8d5c3d3aefb8-15.jpg&s3=36230-335-e19f94761b2ebd20a482a753d4a40168-1280x720.jpg
Combining the four boxes…
Combining the illustrations drawn on the side of the box creates a total of 5 patterns and stories. Inside the box is a foil chocolate imitating Santa, a soldier, and a snowman. Let’s enjoy the time waiting impatiently for Christmas day while stuffing our cheeks with chocolate.
“Gift Box” that also serves as a stage
By arranging all four, the fun of the puzzle box, “playing in combination”, will be at its best. It is also a perfect gift for children and families with children.
Moreover, the playfulness of tupera tupera is that this gift box is not just a container. The stage itself becomes a stage, and you can enjoy the picture-story show using the attached paper dolls. In addition, you can draw your favorite face on the paper doll and create an original story. It is a holiday limited sweet that spreads the fun depending on your ingenuity.
[Image 5d36230-335-f09a71e145937e388d31-13.jpg&s3=36230-335-148fa46ff3bacef9fe931e299aff55db-750x366.jpg
ARTWORK BY tupera tupera Holiday Puzzle Box Gift ¥3,024 (¥2,800 excluding tax) Set of 4 puzzle boxes. Comes with 4 paper dolls.
Shobu Gakuen “Ornament” that connects children’s smiles with art [Image 6d36230-335-3448b7cf66ee6f952019-9.jpg&s3=36230-335-ac987bcda3c6d925db495b07b7814769-1280x720.jpg
Every year, I collect my favorite ornaments little by little. And it is an item that was created based on the desire that you can enjoy the holidays while looking at the decorated tree and looking forward to Christmas day.
The ornament cans are drawn by users of “Shobu Gakuen”. Based on the works of the three artists, which express themes such as Christmas motifs and things that make you feel the bright future of the earth and children, we added newly written characters. Inside, there are chocolates with holiday motifs such as Santa Claus and coins. [Image 7d36230-335-a69e3c3e0764ba12ca98-16.jpg&s3=36230-335-3e36561f5b52421d0891e411f57757c5-2500x1855.jpg
holiday ornament tins
(From left) Yukari Mizoguchi / Ryusei Sardine / Yoshifumi Taniguchi ¥972 each (tax included)
“Socks” in fair trade cotton with embroidered art
One of the works created every day at Shobu Gakuen is embroidery. There is no one in the world that is the same as the design that is applied to each stitch, one stitch at a time. I wanted to use this as a holiday ornament, so I made Christmas socks with a specially drawn motif. “First of all, it’s best to have fun. But I thought that if everyday shopping leads to a wonderful future,” the buyer in charge said.
[Image 8d36230-335-b3611621c7ad00de437d-11.jpg&s3=36230-335-dde34181048ee931434bcf022cbfd271-1280x720.jpg
We use a soft fabric that is slowly woven with an old machine in India so that the embroidery can live. This is fair-trade cotton grown by the local historic cotton farmer union “Chetna Organic”. In addition, the socks themselves have the “International Fairtrade Certification Label”, which is a mark that products made with proper labor are traded at a fair price.
Inside, you will be excited while eating, such as “What should I eat next?” A variety of sweets, red for red socks and green for green socks.
[Image 9d36230-335-53587a74d85897b30b70-5.jpg&s3=36230-335-bb48d48f1117b8cf593bfb7efd5d90e8-750x750.jpg
[Image 10d36230-335-4c731d847dee32967561-7.jpg&s3=36230-335-cb5f68234d7cedaa84be72a127c2c108-750x750.jpg
ARTWORK BY SHOBU GAKUEN Holiday Socks Gift Red ¥2,376 (tax included) / Green ¥2,376 (tax included)
A playful gift packed with sweets in a sock embroidered with a Christmas motif. Decorate your room.
[Image 11d36230-335-c33d0f514e1f32ac72a8-0.jpg&s3=36230-335-a9dd61d8f3e09e8c79f7630913721895-750x422.jpg
A support facility for people with intellectual disabilities located in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. We value support according to the individuality and aptitude of our users, and also engage in creative and expressive activities such as woodworking, pottery, Japanese paper, sewing, and other craft work, art activities, and music performances.
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Interview “A place to live as it is”
Puzzle Chocolate Box/Holiday Ornament Sales Overview
□ Period
Puzzle Chocolate Box: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) ~
Holiday ornament cans: From Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Holiday socks gift: November 8, 2022 (Sat)-
*Ends as soon as stock runs out
□Available stores
Market store/Cafe store/Online store
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It opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo in 2003, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan. In Japan, we have 18 market stores and 31 cafes. We will continue to provide customers with a new experience of food in order to create a place where they can enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking.
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