DEAN & DELUCA Rainbow jam with seven flavors

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[DEAN & DELUCA] Rainbow jam with seven flavors
Available in limited quantities at market stores and online stores.
Rainbow jam, which is made by stacking jams and creams with different flavors one by one, has been released in limited quantities this year as well for the holiday season.
Rainbow jam is made by carefully layering jams and creams with different flavors and textures one by one. Not only does it look vivid, but it is also a fun jam with a contrast of flavors that changes in your mouth as you eat it. .
[Image 1

Taste and texture that changes as you eat
[Image 2

You can enjoy 7 different flavors of Rainbow Jam every time you eat it. The first mouthful is juicy strawberry and raspberry jam, followed by raspberry cream, the next mouthful is pumpkin cream, and the next is rich pistachio cream… sourness, sweetness, and texture change. Go, it’s a jam of a new experience.
[Rainbow jam from above]
1. Strawberry and raspberry jam
2. Raspberry card
3. Pumpkin cream
4. Pistachio cream
5. Milk cream
6. Lemon blueberry curd
7. Blueberry card
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Tips for painting a rainbow beautifully
It takes a bit of courage to insert a jam knife into the layered beauty, but using a long knife, take the plunge and cut vertically into the bottom of the bottle. If you scoop up the jam from the bottom and spread it on the bread with the whole knife, you can skillfully paint it in a beautiful rainbow.
[Image 4d36230-341-e121fb377e20c97c931b-2.jpg&s3=36230-341-632571e5591a28bd9db7f2602a19d9db-750x500.jpg
gift for the holidays
Rainbow jam, which is gorgeous even in a bottle, is recommended as a small gift for the holiday season. “I’ve never seen jam like this before.” Such conversations and smiles may be born.
Rainbow Jam Sales Overview
□ Price
¥1,836 (¥1,700 excluding tax)
□ Sales period
Now on sale * Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out □Available stores
Market store/online store
*Prices shown include tax including 8% consumption tax.
*Products handled vary by store. Please contact the store for details. About DEAN & DELUCA
Dean & Deluca is a food select shop that collects delicious food from around the world. In 1977, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened a market store in Soho, New York.
It opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo in 2003, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan. In Japan, we have 18 market stores and 31 cafes. We will continue to provide customers with a new experience of food in order to create a place where they can enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking.
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