DEAN & DELUCA Winter Gift 2022 Delicious winter gift

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[DEAN & DELUCA] Winter Gift 2022 Delicious winter gift
We have a selection of recommended gifts for New Year’s and New Year’s greetings. We are accepting reservations at online stores and market stores.

At the end of the year, “winter delicious gifts” have been prepared. With gratitude for this year. Please enjoy the selection of gifts that you want to give along with the feeling that you want to spend a relaxing time surrounded by delicious food at stores and online stores.
ARTISAN SELECTION ONLINE STORE EXCLUSIVE Gifts sent directly from the farm [Image 1d36230-332-c86588276254ee60c86a-1.jpg&s3=36230-332-7495e385ef4b9da5ac3031c9f594eb6a-1280x720.jpg
Delicious gifts from creators all over Japan, made with unique techniques and with a commitment to quality ingredients. A set of fatty aigamo hot pot delivered from the home of the duck, Kagoshima’s Shakutari that brings out the maximum deliciousness of the ingredients of rare breeds, a set that allows you to recreate a dish at a restaurant where you can’t make a reservation at home. We have fresh flavors for you to enjoy. How about having a hot pot with your family and friends during the year-end and New Year feast?
JAPANESE FINE FOOD Give a Japanese dining table
[Image 2d36230-332-6b62b60b309017af3154-2.jpg&s3=36230-332-0fa1f6ff5d12673f745429a638b76781-1280x720.jpg
We have a wide variety of Japanese gifts such as rice accompaniment, miso soup, and rice porridge. Goto hand-stretched udon made with domestically produced wheat, salt, and camellia oil, as well as pickled plums and tsukudani that you want to eat with freshly cooked rice. Because it is a familiar item in every household, it makes a nice gift. We also have a selection of recommended gifts.
WORLD DISHES Presenting the world’s feast
[Image 3d36230-332-a3a5ef97d13b234acb26-3.jpg&s3=36230-332-34174581cbf11678db8d07db174d8973-1280x720.jpg
For those who love to travel and are full of curiosity, we will surprise you with cuisine from around the world that will give you an extraordinary sense of exhilaration. We have a full-fledged taste prepared by discerning buyers and up-and-coming chefs. We recommend the “Chef’s Pasta Sauce Collection”. A unique pasta sauce made with a popular restaurant that has a commitment to cuisine and beliefs. Just warm it up to revive the professional taste. The chefs of three Italian restaurants, Tokyo Gakugei University’s “Re Carlica”, Kamakura Hase’s Enogastronomia “Ortrevino”, and Tokyo’s Ushigome Kagurazaka meat-based Italian restaurant “Antica Osteria Carneya”. I waved.
STANDARD GIFT Year-end gift, ham gift
[Image 4d36230-332-88e61d7fd6ea942829a3-6.jpg&s3=36230-332-2cf41bd5415d80f7e4e98cc3cfed0620-1280x980.jpg
Speaking of the standard of the year-end gift, “ham”. Easy to store and popular with everyone. If you get lost in seasonal gifts How about a slightly extravagant gift of ham? We offer special sets such as Kagoshima’s “Fukudome Kobokujo” and “Jambon de Noel” baked in an orange-scented glaze, and the only rare pig breed in Japan, Saddleback and Happy Pig’s “Shakutari Selection”. Did.
GIFT CATALOG A gift catalog that gives you the pleasure of choosing [Image 5d36230-332-d61ffb910fbed7943b80-5.jpg&s3=36230-332-9d62f35f12eb6eb2923362c13b5a65c3-1280x720.jpg
A “gift catalog” packed with DEAN & DELUCA’s products and world view. A gift catalog filled with delicious items unique to food select shops can be used in various gift situations.
WINTER GIFT Winter delicious gift
□ Reception period
From Tuesday, November 1, 2022 to late December
□Available stores
Online store
All market stores
Roppongi / Shinagawa / Yurakucho / Shinjuku / Ebisu / Hiroo / Kichijoji / Yaesu / Atre Kawasaki / Tama Plaza / CIAL Yokohama / Sogo Yokohama / Nagoya / Sakae / Kyoto / Osaka / Okayama / Fukuoka / Amu Plaza Hakata
* CAMPAIGN free shipping campaign held
During the period, we will deliver free shipping for purchases of ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) or more per delivery.
Period: November 4th (Friday) – November 30th (Wednesday), 2022 Target: All market stores *Yaesu store and Sogo Yokohama store are excluded About DEAN & DELUCA
Dean & Deluca is a food select shop that collects delicious food from around the world. In 1977, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened a market store in Soho, New York.
It opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo in 2003, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan. In Japan, we have 18 market stores and 31 cafes. We will continue to provide customers with a new experience of food in order to create a place where they can enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking.
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