December 11th (Sun) Hair and makeup artist nasu will hold a winter makeup advice session at Shiseido Beauty Square!

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
December 11th (Sun) Hair and makeup artist nasu will hold a winter makeup advice session at Shiseido Beauty Square!

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, which offers various beauty proposals as a brand that freely blooms charm and transforms into a gorgeous daily life, will hold a makeup advice session by hair and makeup artist nasu on Sunday, December 11th. I will.
With nasu’s one-on-one makeup counseling, we will propose colors and makeup that suit each person for Dolce & Gabbana Beauty’s eyes, cheeks, and lips according to your concerns.
[Image 1

Overview and application
・Date and time: Sunday, December 11, 13:30-16:30
Part 1 13:30-15:10 1.13:30-/2.13:50-/3.14:10-/4.14:30-/5.14:50- Part 2 15:10-17:20 1.15:10-/2.15:30-/3.16:10-/4.16:30-
・ Contents: nasu’s eye & lip makeup counseling (shooting allowed) After that, the sales staff will give you advice. Touch-ups are eyeshadow and blush only.
・Time required: about 50 minutes (counseling time about 20 minutes) ・Place: Shiseido Beauty Square (WITH Harajuku 1F) Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Counter
・Participation fee: 18,500 yen (tax included) *Comes with an original kit souvenir worth 23,340 yen (tax included)
*On the day, please pay at the counter after counseling.
“Original makeup advice meeting set”
・”The Only One Luminous Color Lipstick” 1 color 4,840 yen (tax included) ・”The Only One Cap to Complete 2 Races / 3 Damask” 2 types 1,760 yen each (tax included)
・”Feline Eyes Intense Eyeshadow Quad” 1 type 8,580 yen (tax included) ・”Dolce & Gabbana Brush of Rose Luminous Cheek Color” 1 type 6,300 yen (6,980 yen including tax)
[Image 2

*You can choose your favorite color for lipstick, eyeshadow, and cheeks.
An original pouch and original notebook will be presented to those who purchase 20,000 yen (tax included) or more, including the
participation fee.
[Image 3

■ Application flow
Reservation method: advance reservation lottery system
Reservation acceptance period: November 16th (Wednesday) 20:00 to November 20th (Sunday) 23:59
How to apply: Please apply from the URL below.
▶ Click here for the application page: Winning result display: Scheduled for around 15:00 on Monday, November 21, 2022 *After completing the application, an automatic reply e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.
*The winning results will be sent by email. You can also see the results from the URL below. (released from 15:00 on November 21st)
*Please check the application page for other notes and details regarding application.
* Due to the spread of infection in the future, touch-ups by artists who come in direct contact with the skin may be restricted.
*The planned event may change due to travel restrictions due to the new infectious disease.
Profile of nasu
Independently runs the popular salon “SHIMA” and is also active as a hair and makeup artist in parallel with a private hair salon. He is familiar with Korean culture and specializes in makeup that keeps the air of the season in check. He has worked with many celebrities, models, and idols, and has a wide range of activities such as hair and makeup for magazines, commercials, and concerts.
Introduction item information
High color development as seen with one coat. Moisturizing and beautiful finish lasts for a long time
The Only One Luminous Color Lipstick
32 colors / 4,400 yen each (4,840 yen including tax) / 8 types of separately sold caps 1,600 yen each (1,760 yen including tax) [Image 4d34058-603-7f2d0ba9b2504f83ed79-1.jpg&s3=34058-603-e1fd9d89cd990600c8f0759c564576ca-2032x2038.jpg
A lipstick representing the Dolce & Gabbana brand. Achieves a vivid silky color with one coat, and the rich color development lasts for a long time. Contains care ingredients that keep your lips moisturized for a long time, even though it is light and comfortable to wear. And you can find your own one by combining a wide variety of caps with brand icon motifs and a total of 32 colors that you can find your favorite color.
With 4 colors, you can use a single color or a gradation. Creates vivid yet elegant eyes that leave a lasting impression
Ferrin Eyes Intense Eyeshadow Quad
8 types in total 7,800 yen (8,580 yen with tax)
[Image 5d34058-603-954e503c81b7d90eef08-3.jpg&s3=34058-603-692538fd26340b64eb738b0e0001152d-1333x1333.jpg
A 4-color eyeshadow palette that creates impressive eyes for any occasion. Combining two types of textures, matte with good color development and shiny with shine, it is possible to use not only single color but also layering. The powdery eyeshadow will fit better if you dip the tip in water and use it. Beautiful finish lasts for a long time. The package has a captivating leopard print design. Both transparency and complexion are achieved. Teak with a soft texture and color like petals.
dolce & gabbana blush of rose luminous cheek color
12 types in total 6,300 yen (6,980 yen including tax)
[Image 6d34058-603-b7a51abd65f726adbff7-2.jpg&s3=34058-603-99302ba012420418690828cc9f5c602c-1289x1289.jpg
Inspiration is the color of delicate roses. A powder blush with a petal-soft, velvety-smooth texture. Gives a healthy and fresh complexion. Inspired by the delicate color of roses, the color gives you a healthy and fresh complexion. The package is designed with an iconic rose pattern.
*Prices are reference retail prices, which may differ depending on the store


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