December 1st start Last year’s popular winter wedding campaign Snow White Wedding will be held again this year! Create a romantic wedding scene with a chapel-like background and original bouquet.

Lakan Studio Co., Ltd.
[December 1st start] Last year’s popular winter wedding campaign [Snow White Wedding] will be held again this year! Create a romantic wedding scene with a chapel-like background and original bouquet.
This winter, we will deliver a wedding full of transparency under the theme of “Snow White”. Also pay attention to snow-processed photos, campaign-limited photo books, and greeting cards with winter-like designs.

Rakan Studio Co., Ltd. (Location: 1-4-11 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo, Representative Director Kan Suzuki), which operates 26 photo studios nationwide, leaves many couples with wonderful memories and photos. I’m putting in the effort. From December 1, 2022 (Thursday), a wedding campaign [Snow White Wedding] with the theme of transparent winter snow will be held. Create a romantic winter wedding scene with original bouquets, accessories, and fantastic studio decorations.
The concept is a candle light that makes you feel the transparency of winter and the holy night.
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Rakan Studio attracts attention for its wedding campaigns with different concepts for each season, such as [Summer! Summer! Summer! [Snow White Wedding], which will start on December 1, follows the popular winter wedding campaign of last year, with the theme of transparent winter snow, scenes that image a white world like a chapel, and classic weddings. Shoot with a background set. In addition, the fantastic LED candle light, original bouquets, accessories, etc. will create a romantic atmosphere for just the two of you. This is a campaign where customers can shoot while enjoying the world view of Snow White.
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A special photo completed with a snow effect [You can put a romantic photo in the album and campaign limited frame]
You can combine snow with the photo you have taken to create a romantic photo full of winter scenery. When shooting, I devised the composition and pose to make it easier to synthesize the snow. Snow-processed photos can be included at the end of the album only for those who purchase the 3-course platinum set or diamond set. In addition, a campaign limited frame (with a snow-processed photo) will also be presented.
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[Image 8


Campaign limited design appears in the popular photo book “Photomarriage”

[Image 9

In the seasonal wedding campaign, a limited design appears in the A4 size photo book “Photomarriage” where you can use your favorite image cut as the cover. It is gaining popularity every time as a book full of special feeling only for the campaign period. [Snow White Wedding] sells a special template with a snow motif on a warm greige base color. Furthermore, during the campaign period, the additional charge for the 1st and 2nd course on weekends and holidays will be 0 yen. In addition, on weekdays only, we have prepared nice benefits such as free rank-up fees for campaign costumes and free addition of second costumes for those who wear one course. We will continue to enliven your wedding anniversary with attractive themes and benefits. Share a special one with “dGreeting”
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