December 2022, latest bulletin Announcement of popular function ranking “1st to 142nd” in online salon dev elopment Build Salon Co., Ltd.

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[December 2022, latest bulletin] Announcement of popular function ranking “1st to 142nd” in online salon development [Build Salon Co., Ltd.]

Build Salon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Tokachi Uemura), which specializes in the production and development of corporate online salon purchases, is a popular function in the latest online salon development as of December 1, 2022. announced the statistical survey results (ranking). Build Salon Co., Ltd. has announced a popularity ranking of the requirements currently required for online salons, based on the latest online salon development and production estimate request data. ■ Data overview
Number of quote requests: 662 (system), 362 (post-production service), 726 (social login)
(Only estimate requests from the estimate form are counted. Estimate requests by official LINE/Chatwork/email are excluded.)
Aggregation period (system): June 16, 2020 to November 30, 2022 Aggregation period (post-production service): February 22, 2021 to November 30, 2022
Aggregation period (social login): April 16, 2020 to November 30, 2022 Survey items: Percentage of requests for estimates for standardized systems and services (excludes unique requirements).
Research organization (research subject): Build Salon Co., Ltd. Survey method (aggregation method, calculation method): Calculated from the estimate request form.
Remarks: Calculated from the start date of standardization. Only the latest one request for quotation from the same person in charge is counted.
■ Remarks
・Only customers who requested a quote from our website are reflected in the statistics.
・Some items with a small number of samples are excluded.
・Since the application rate is based on the start date of acceptance, the application rate may be unstable for new services. Please contact the Build Salon Marketing Department for details.
・From the press release after August 2, 2022, “ZOOM / external meeting tool linkage” will be abolished as it will be integrated as “live video distribution function”.
■ Popular system development (ranking)
[Image 1

Popular system development (ranking)
Rank / item name / application rate (in the case of 10%, 1 out of 10 companies requested a quote)
1st place Automatic membership fee payment function 61.3%
2nd place Management screen creation 54.2%
3rd place Video posting function 47.0%
4th I want to decide while interviewing 46.2%
5th Live video distribution function 45.2%
6th Making terms of use, personal information protection policy, etc. 43.9% 7th Chat room function 43.4%
8th Contact page 43.2%
9th Member community creation 42.8%
10th notification function 41.5%
11th direct message function 40.5%
12th place Comment function 40.2%
13th place age limit function 37.5%
14th place Email magazine delivery function 35.8%
15th YouTube collaboration 35.4%
16th Membership information export function 35.3%
17th Desire for optimal functions within budget 35.0%
18th Event management function 33.8%
19th place Point store use 33.3%
19th Pre-enrolment confirmation item creation agent 33.3%
21st Holding member meetings 33.1%
22nd Question system 32.9%
23rd Survey function 29.9%
24th Security Package 29.1%
25th place Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 28.7%
26th File sharing 27.6%
27th Convenience store payment, ATM payment, introduction of various PAY 27.1% 28th Carrier payment for membership fees 26.9%
29th Content Copy Prevention 26.8%
30th One-shot sales function 26.8%
31st ZOOM webinar collaboration 26.7%
32nd Reservation/payment reception and management 26.1%
33rd Server/Domain Acquisition Agency 25.8%
34th Follow/favorite addition function 25.5%
35th Bank account transfer implementation 25.2%
36th place Audio live distribution 25.0%
37. Automatic backup 24.9%
38th PayPay payment 24.3%
39. Content Post Notification 24.2%
40th Push Notification (PWA) 24.2%
41st Membership information import function 24.1%
42nd post by admin only 24.1%
43rd Writing blog articles 23.8%
44th SNS automatic posting 22.3%
45th App Release (PWA) (Native) 21.9%
46th Production of company profile pages, etc. 21.5%
47th Bank account transfer implementation 21.4%
48th Invitation code introduction 21.4%
49. Captcha authentication 21.3%
50th Hierarchical Category 20.8%
51st withdrawal schedule 20.0%
52nd step mail function 19.7%
53rd Placed advertisements in salons 19.2%
54th Manual permission by administrator 19.1%
55th Discord collaboration 19.0%
56th member rank badge 19.0%
57th Member introduction page creation 18.4%
58th User Manual 18.3%
59. E-learning (LMS) 18.1%
60th Point system function 17.8%
61st Receipt of tips 17.1%
62nd Keyword Collection/Analysis 17.0%
63. NFT game development 16.7%
63rd NG word setting 16.7%
63rd Opensea cooperation 16.7%
63. Virtual currency tipping 16.7%
63. Design for people with developmental disabilities 16.7%
68th Pay-as-you-go payment/management 16.5%
69th Signing contracts with members 15.9%
70th NDA conclusion (free) 15.9%
71st Platform construction 15.5%
72nd Posting stories 15.4%
73. Logo production 15.2%
74th Anshin Pack 14.4%
75th Administrator notification function when member login fails 14.3% 76th Hashtag Management 14.1%
77th Merchandise sales (tangible product sales) 13.8%
78th Metaverse (VR) cooperation 13.6%
79. Step mail automatic delivery 13.1%
80th Design 12.9%
81. [Everything is up to you] 12.8%
82nd Receipt of content tips 12.5%
82nd Member Rank Schedule Limit 12.5%
84th member review (mutual evaluation) 12.0%
85th Rakuten Pay 11.6%
86th ID presentation/examination 11.5%
87th Article split publication (free/paid) 11.5%
88th Basic Authentication 11.4%
89th Timeline display 11.4%
90th Certification mark application/grant 11.1%
91st Receipt of donations 11.0%
92nd Membership fee coupon 10.8%
93. Discount function 10.5%
94th Podcast 10.3%
95th Pre-registration 10.2%
95. Corporate (Group) Account Management 10.2%
97. Blockchain protection 10.0%
98th IDS (Intrusion Detection System) 9.9%
99th Matching system construction 9.7%
100th Multilingual support 9.7%
101. Vimeo integration 9.7%
101st membership card display 9.7%
101st lottery system 9.7%
104. Deferred payment (BNPL) 9.6%
105th Recommendation function 9.5%
106th member age confirmation 9.4%
107th In-house payment 9.1%
107. Design for the elderly 9.1%
109. Amazon Pay Implementation 9%
110th place AI chat bot 8%
111th Foreign currency settlement 8%
111. Multiple counters installed 8%
113. Introduction of online identity verification (eKYC) 8%
114. Email Security 8%
115. Post location information 7%
116. Security Self-Assessment 7%
117th job posting 7%
118th Design Competition 6%
119th Others (unique requirements by operators) 6%
120th NFT-related development 6%
121st QR code development 6%
121. Crowdfunding function 6%
123. Content gacha 6%
124. Recruit Easy Payment 6%
125th Proposal for approval (provisional)/Business plan preparation 6% 126th member memo pad 6%
127th place NFT special membership card 6%
127th Cryptocurrency wallet linkage 6%
129th NFT Art Sales 5%
130. Cryptocurrency payment 5%
131st MP3 Distribution 5%
132. DAO Development 5%
133. Salesforce integration 5%
134th NFT card distribution 4%
134th Content NFT 4%
136. Overseas expansion package 4%
137. NFT Marketplace 4%
138th NFT content sales 3%
139th CBT (online exam) 3%
140th parent-child account 3%
141. Live commerce 3%
142. Leave everything to me 2%
System list:
* TM (trademark) notation is partially omitted.
■ Popular post-production services (ranking)
[Image 2d48988-584-abe5d28bab695fdaab7d-5.png&s3=48988-584-9179bb7647bf5317c80ad646754da4ed-2628x2068.png
Popular post-production services (ranking)
Rank / item name / application rate (in the case of 10%, 1 out of 10 companies requested a quote)
1st I want to decide while interviewing 37.4%
2nd Place Introduced on Build Salon’s SNS 33.3%
3rd Undecided 23.0%
4th Maintenance/Inspection 21.8%
5th Troubleshooting 16.7%
6th place LP production 16.0%
7th Side-by-side support 14.3%
8th Outsourcing member trouble handling 13.5%
9th face-to-face meeting 12.5%
10th Consulting 12.1%
11th place LINE official account opening 11.7%
12th Vulnerability scan (ASV scan) 10.6%
13th press release agent 8.5%
14th place Google Ads 7.7%
15th Legal check 6.5%
16th Crowdfunding agency 5.6%
17th User manual creation 5.1%
18. Leave everything to me 5.1%
19th place YouTube ad placement 4.9%
20th System Copy 4.0%
21st Others (unique requirements by operators) 1.8%
List of services:
* TM (trademark) notation is partially omitted.
* Due to the small number of samples, services that set up a member-only inquiry counter are excluded this time.
■ Popular social login development (ranking)
[Image 3d48988-584-3b9d7e213cb3722b9176-6.png&s3=48988-584-31f26a9418597fea2e35ac431878f0ba-2628x2068.png
Popular social login development (ranking)
Rank / item name / application rate (in the case of 10%, 1 out of 10 companies requested a quote)
1st LINE 39.8%
2nd place Facebook 39.4%
3rd place Google 29.2%
4th I want to decide while interviewing 28.2%
5th Twitter 26.7%
6th Add a popular SNS registration function within the budget 21.6% 7. Instagram 17.3%
8. TikTok 8.2%
9. Amazon 7.9%
10th Yahoo! 7.7%
11th Unnecessary 5.3%
12. Leave everything to me 5.1%
13.Apple 4.9%
14th Other (unique requirements by operators) 1.5%
15. LinkedIn 1.4%
16th mixi 1.2%
17. Github 1.1%
About the online salon social login system:
* TM (trademark) notation is partially omitted.
* Product names and service names mentioned in this press release are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies in Japan or overseas.
■ Estimate for online salon development and production
[Image 4d48988-584-24685ec4e92a509b46e0-2.png&s3=48988-584-676590e73ec49ed898e3d148c2dd6ed1-3582x2132.png
Build Salon Free Quote Form
Please access Build Salon’s free estimate form
(, fill in the required items, and submit.
You can get an estimate for online salon production development immediately. Estimates are free. Please feel free to use.
We are accepting reservations for free meetings for online salon development and production services.
You can make a reservation from here.
*Please contact us if you do not see the date and time you want.


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